Cunning Ogre (Basic Lore)

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Cunning Ogre

Cunning Ogre (CR 10)

Chaotic Evil - Large - Humanoid (Giant)
Ogres, along with trolls, are the 'least' of the giantkin tribes, although 'least' is a subjective term for creatures that easily reach ten feet in height and weigh close to a ton. They are thick of feature, massively fanged, and naturally inclined to be horrendously evil, delighting in tormenting the weak and exploiting the timid.
Ogres are notable for their horrible tastes. If it is vile or grotesque to other humanoids, then Ogre's probably love it. Ogre's are remarkably stupid, but still display an uncomfortable level of low, mean cunning. Ogres come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but are uniformly large, thick, and sturdy. Ogres tend to be more muscular and broad than trolls, and usually lack claws on their fingers.
Ogres use weapons, wear clothes, and generally enjoy the trappings of 'civilization', but everything about them is awful. They get along poorly with all civilized races smaller than them, have an uneasy competition with trolls over who is more nasty, and tend to get along swimmingly with larger giants, whom they usually regard with respect that can border upon fawning the more powerful the giants become. Ogres tend to be good at crafts, believe it or not, and will frequently make and use various items and equipment.
Cunning ogres are similar in looks and disposition to regular old ogres, but cunning ogres have low, mean deviltry glinting in their eyes. Cunning ogres are the ones pushing for more raids, and "'ittin' 'em where they LIVES." Cunning ogres delight in ambushes and hostages, kidnappings and torments, poisoning wells for spite and maiming a pet rather than killing it, just for the look in their victim's eyes when poor Fido is discovered "with 'is innards outed".
Needless to say, cunning ogres need to be put down as fast as you can find them.