Demolisher (Feat)

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Your bull rushes leave your foe a bloody heap in the far corner of the room.

Prerequisites: <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31> Power Attack (Feat), Smash (Feat), heavy adamantine armor

Benefit: Up to once per encounter, if you are proficiently wearing heavy adamantine armor (or any other adamantium-based dweomermetal) when you use Smash (Feat) to perform a Bull Rush on an enemy, on a successful hit you inflict a number of points of damage upon that foe equal to your DR/- value per square you move them with your Bull Rush. If you Bull Rush a foe into another foe, this bonus damage applies to all foes you manage to move.

For example, if you have DR 10/- and bull rush an opponent 3 squares, you would inflict 30 points of damage from this feat, in addition to the damage you normally deal with bull rush. If that first foe moves into a second foe's space after their first square of forced movement, and your roll is sufficient to also move the second foe, the shattering force of your impact inflicts bonus damage to both of them. If they then hit and move a third, all three suffer, etc. The damage suffered by each affected foe is based on the number of squares that particular foe moved.