Goblin Berserker (Basic Lore)

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Goblin Berserker

Goblin Berserker (CR 2)

Pure Evil - Small - Fey (Goblinoid)
Small green humanoids with oversized heads, brimming with sharp teeth, goblins are known for being aggressive, and, above all, a bit crazy.
Goblins can be found nearly anywhere that food can be had, but like caves, ruins and abandoned areas since they prefer not to have to build stuff if they can avoid it. That is not to say that goblins are stupid, merely lazy. In fact, goblins have been known to lay traps so elaborate that they forget how they work and fall prey to them themselves.
Goblins are not welcome in civilized areas, as they behave somewhat like drug-addled children on their best days. However, they have a fondness for elaborate, tricky things such as clocks and wagons, so they are often found around the edges of towns hoping to steal something interesting when no one is looking. Goblins rarely make massive raids against villages, nor are they prone to large-scale warfare. Instead, they count thievery, stealth, traps and ambushes to be the most honorable way to gain status.
Goblins have a love-hate relationship with fire. Goblins adore fire, but no matter how much it is worshiped, it keeps biting them. That doesn't prevent them from trying, of course. Most goblins will take any opportunity to play with fire, and believe fire to be the greatest of all forces in the Universe (it makes food tasty AND can destroy things!).
In addition to fire, Goblins can be quite manic about any number of things, individually, and can take these ephemeral obsessions to such extremes that they will forget to eat or sleep for days in their quest to master their new fancy.
Born to be wild, Goblin berserkers have imbibed fire potions and other tinctures given to them by the fire-tamers until they are in a constant state of primal rage. The homes they are provided in the goblin camps are frequently locked from the outside to prevent unfortunate accidents. They still show the occasional signs of cleverness, and are still deeply impressed and entranced by fire, but mostly, they want to smash stuff.