Hyena (Basic Lore)

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Hyena (CR 2)

Neutral - Medium - Animal
Hyenas are primarily scavengers, preferring to eat prey someone else when to the trouble of killing. However, they are also comfortable in the role of predator, and are quite capable at doing so. Between their eerie calls to each other, which sound like a mockery of human laughter, their fast speed and their powerful jaws, hyenas are dangerous foes.
Hyenas stand about 2 1/2 feet tall at the shoulder, have golden brown fur with darker brown spots, not unlike a leopard. The males have a raised mane along their spines which are also dark brown in color.
Hyenas travel in packs and make use of their numbers and speed to surround and disable their foes. They are also excellent at hiding and ambushing unsuspecting prey.