Reforging, Brine Quench

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  • Cost: 16,000 gp
  • Weight: 0 lbs.
You employ an armorsmith to reforge your armor, shield, or weapon(s). Doing so completely retempers and reforges the item, using a brine quench, resulting in a tougher version of itself. This service is only offered in small towns or larger-sized settlements, and takes a full day of work.

A brine quench reforging can be applied to any of the following:

  • light armor
  • medium armor
  • heavy armor
  • any item that fits in your armor slot, such as Finemail Smallclothes, even if that item doesn't normally provide any AC.
  • light shield
  • heavy shield
  • war shield
  • tower shield
  • weapons (to a smaller degree)

Once applied to an armor or shield, the AC granted by the item is permanently increased by +1, either as an Armor Bonus (if applied to an armor slot item), or a Shield Bonus (if applied to a shield). This process permanently increases the base armor value of the item. This is a non-magical process, and stacks with magical enhancement bonuses to the armor or shield. While you can reforge an item as many times as you want, the AC bonus never stacks with itself, and can never exceed +1 from a Brine Quench.

Note that non-armor items, such as Smallclothes, which do not normally grant any AC that are altered by this process do not suddenly become armor via this process, they simply provide a point of Armor AC. They are still ineligible for enhancement bonuses, armor magic properties, etc. unless they were already able to employ those bonuses.

During this process, you may also choose to alter the dweomermetal used (or add a new one, if your existing armor, shield, or weapon does not have a dweomermetal already). This is the only benefit of reforging a weapon. Even if the weapon adds an AC bonus (such as through the Blocking quality), reforging does not add any AC bonus to the weapon. However, changing your weapon's dweomermetal can be very nice indeed, so its often worth the effort.

You must pay the cost for the new dweomermetal in addition to the cost of the reforging. This step is optional, you do not need to change the dweomermetal of your armor if you do not wish to do so.