Repulsive Ochre Jelly (Basic Lore)

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Repulsive Ochre Jelly

Repulsive Ochre Jelly (CR 13)

Neutral - Huge - Ooze
Ochre Jelly is a vile, magical form of unnatural existence. It's not truly alive, nor is it properly dead. It is a hungry thing that creeps about in an eternal quest for food. When it has grown large enough, it splits into two new jellies, which each continue their mindless ways. Repulsive Ochre Jellies are ochre jellies which have grown nearly to the point of this meiosis, and will split any day now.
An Ochre Jelly has no mind, it is simple and direct. It senses warmth and vibration, it moves toward the warmth and vibration and eats whatever it finds until it is large enough to split. If it does not sense warmth and vibration, it oozes about at random, usually moving five feet every five minutes or so. It will slime its way right up walls and across ceilings without trouble, and will enter water without even knowing it's no longer in air.
Repulsive Ochre Jelly is big. Really big, like a large pool or small pond worth. If you run into a whole swarm of them, it can feel like fighting an ocean of deadly, corrosive goo that vanishes from blows and eats away at everything around them. If you can get a glimpse of one sitting still, you will see it is covered in horrible boils which glisten wetly and seem on the brink of popping with the slightest touch.