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Condition Severity: Moderate

   You are so sleepy you are nodding off in the middle of combat.


  • You suffer a -10 penalty to all skill checks.
  • You are treated as being flanked and flat-footed for purposes of effects that require a flanked or flat-footed creature (such as sneak attack). However, you do not actually suffer any of the penalties of these conditions.
  • Any concentration checks you make automatically fail. While it is still possible to cast spells while sluggish, it is not possible to combat cast from a threatened square.

Ended By

  • Spend a move action to slap yourself, jump up and down, shake your head and limbs vigorously, etc., to make yourself more lucid, and reducing Sluggish to Drowsy. This action does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
  • Sluggish is also automatically reduced to Drowsy if any single attack reduces your current (or temporary) hit points by an amount greater than or equal to your current level.
  • You can spend a move action to attempt an Escape Artist check against the Maneuver Defense of the creature who inflicted this status. If there is no creature involved, the target is a challenging DC based on the CR (challenge rating) of the effect. If you succeed on the check, you shrug off the condition entirely. You may only attempt this once – if you fail the Escape Artist check, you may not try again, and must recover by some other means.
  • If not cleared, Sluggish automatically ends at the end of the encounter.