Base Weapon Damage

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Example – Longsword
Character Level Base Weapon Damage
1 – 5 1d8
6 – 10 2d8
11 – 15 3d8
16 – 20 4d8
21 – 25 5d8
26 – 30 6d8
31 – 35 7d8

Base Weapon Damage

The damage listed for a weapon is considered its "original base weapon damage". This amount is increased at every experience tier beyond courageous (i.e. beginning at 6th level, and every 5 levels thereafter), by an amount equal to the original base weapon damage. This means, at 6th level through 10th levels (intrepid tier), the weapon's base damage is double what it was from levels 1 through 5 (courageous tier).

This does not double any ability score modifiers a character normally adds to their weapon damage, nor does it double feat, precision or other modifiers to the weapon's damage, just the base damage of the weapon. This applies to melee, ranged, and thrown weapons alike. This does not apply to classes with fixed damage, such as the monk or brawler unarmed damage, nor does it apply to spell damage. For example, a longsword deals 2d8 base weapon damage after 6th level. This bonus increases to triple (x3) weapon dice damage at 11th level, quadruple (x4) at 16th level, quintuple (x5) at 21st level, sextuple (x6) at 26th level, and septuple (x7) at 31st level and above.

Base weapon damage improvements are also applied to a weapon's critical hit damage. For example, an 1st level character wielding a longsword who critically hits (longswords deal double damage on a crit) would deal 2d8 + double their strength modifier. The same character at 6th level would deal 4d8 + double their strength modifier on a critical hit. (Notice that the "double their strength modifier" did not change, but the number of dice did change.)

High-level magic enchantments exist that can alter a weapon's base damage (such as the Lacerating weapon property), though they are rare. Since this damage is also base damage, it is multiplied as described above, along with the weapon's own base damage. For example, a lacerating longsword, at 6th level, would deal 2d8+2d6 base weapon damage. Unless an enchantment explicitly states it alters the weapon's "Base Weapon Damage", it does not increase with experience tier.

Base weapon damage always stacks with any other source of base weapon damage.

See also: Bonus Damage and Precision Damage.