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| Save-Mod =  
| Save-Mod =  
| Frequency =  
| Frequency =  
| Effect = {{Ability-Dmg}} [[Ability Damage|DEX damage]] and {{Special-Standard-Dmg}} [[non-lethal damage]] per interval
| Effect = {{Ability-Dmg}} [[Ability Damage|DEX damage]] and {{Special-Standard-Dmg}} points of {{dmg|poison}} damage per interval
| Fruition = Victim becomes [[Drowsy]]
| Fruition = Victim becomes [[Drowsy]]
| F-Duration = 1 hour
| F-Duration = 1 hour

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Drow Fencer

Drow Fencer (CR 15)

Lawful Evil - Medium - Fey (Drow)
There are many Drow males who are trained in the arts of the blade for various purposes. Over the long years of their immortal lives, Drow Fencers have gained incredible skill with their blades, and are as all Drow men, immensely loyal to the Matriarchs who rule their society.
That said, Drow Fencers are often overlooked by the Matriarch's, in favor of the much more powerful, flashy, and interesting Drider's and Dragloth's. Fencers are often kept around more as toys and baubles than as significant additions to their martial forces, a state of affairs which quietly irks every Fencer ever born.
As a result, Fencers tend to be quite aggressive when they are allowed into battle. They will plunge to the attack fearlessly, looking to land a Stop-Thrust, get an opponent disarmed and alone, and kill them mercilessly with their Blademaster skills.
Fencers are always exceptional specimens of Drow manhood, and move with balletic grace and speed at all times. As a result, they are quite popular with the Matriarch's, even if they lack the sheer army-shattering might of the Driders or the flashy, scary powers of the Dragloths.


Lore Check: Know (Nature) (Basic: DC 29; Full: DC 47)
Init: +30
Ambush Chance: 10+ on d20 (req's 1 minute prep)
Senses: Standard Senses, Darkvision 60 ft.
Passive Perception: 39 (Spot: +29, req's move action)


AC: 37
Maneuver Defense (MD): 39
Hit Points: 328     (Bloodied Value: 164)    Hit Dice: 29
Fort: +16    Refl: +18    Will: +14
Special Defenses:
  • Combat Artifice: If a Reflex save is allowed to take half damage, instead takes no damage on a successful save.
Strong Against:
Weak Against:
  • (Fey 1) Vulnerable (1.5x damage): Cold Iron


Movement Types: Walk 50 ft.
Space / Reach: 5 ft. / 5 ft.
Standard Attack:
  • 1x Drow Rapier +26 (2d8+11/19-20 x2) as piercing (physical, common); plus: Blademaster, plus: Languishroot Poison
Full Attack:
  • 3x Drow Rapier +26 (2d8+11/19-20 x2) as piercing (physical, common); plus: Blademaster, plus: Languishroot Poison
Standard Ranged:
  • 1x Hand Crossbows +26 (2d8+11/19-20 x2) as piercing (physical, common) (Increment: 30 ft.; Max Range: 300 ft.) ; plus: Languishroot Poison
Full Ranged:
  • 3x Hand Crossbows +26 (2d8+11/19-20 x2) as piercing (physical, common) (Increment: 30 ft.; Max Range: 300 ft.) ; plus: Languishroot Poison
Maneuver Offense: +24
Siege Damage: Not siege capable
Special Attacks: Blademaster, Stop-Thrust, Venom Sheathe, Languishroot Poison
Action Points: 0


Str: 22    Dex: 21    Con: 16    Int: 14    Wis: 17    Cha: 19
Languages: Common, Undercommon, Awnsheghlien

Special Abilities

Blademaster (Ex)

Any time the fencer is only threatened by a single enemy, he gains a +4 martial bonus to his attack rolls and a +4 martial bonus to his AC. The to-hit bonus applies only to melee attacks. If no enemies threaten the fencer, or more than one enemy threatens the fencer, this bonus is lost.

Stop-Thrust (Ex)

Stop-Thrust is a testament to the incredible martial skill of the Drow Fencers, as they wrong-foot their opponents and cause them to stumble drunkenly about the battlefield. Once per round as a swift action, the fencer may attempt a Disarm maneuver against a foe they can reach with their Drow Rapier. They get +2 on their Maneuver Offense of 24 for this roll and do not provoke attacks of opportunity due to their Improved Disarm feat. If the Disarm roll is successful, the fencer may Slide their victim in any direction up to three squares, possibly putting the dropped weapon out of their reach. Unlike most Slides, they may elect to Slide their victim through their own space, if desired, and as a free action, may also Slide themselves up to three squares, but only to remain adjacent to their target.

Venom Sheathe (Ex)

As a swift action, the fencer can reapply poison to his rapier. This is done with a practiced flourish, as the blade is slid through a slotted cup-like device on his belt, near the sword's sheath. The cup-like device contains 10 doses of Languishroot poison (see below), and can be refilled outside of combat.

Languishroot Poison (Ex)

The first successful hit with a Drow Fencer's sword after it has been poisoned has a chance to inflict a moderate poison:
Languishroot Poison    (Injury vector; Poisoned intensity)
Save: Fort DC 28;     Frequency: 1/round for 3 rounds
Effect: 1d4+1 DEX damage and 2d8+11 points of poison (physical, uncommon) damage per interval
Fruition: Victim becomes Drowsy
Fruition Duration: 1 hour
In addition, any creature which is already Drowsy or Sluggish suffers a -2 penalty to saving throws made to resist the effects of Languishroot Poison.

Combat Tactics

Drow Fencers are smart and dangerous melee combatants. In all cases, they will try to maneuver into melee combat as fast as possible, and then they will use their Stop Thrust ability to disarm their victims and move them away from their allies, following along as they go, so they gain the benefits of their Blademaster ability. Fencers will always try to break up clusters of opponents in this fashion, acting the opposite of most melee foes who are looking for flanks. Note that if they are having trouble getting their Blademaster ability to work, they will seek and use flanks without hesitation.
If there are significant ranged attackers, and especially area of effect ranged attackers, they will trust to their Combat Artifice ability to keep them fighting. If a ranged attacker is able to pierce their Combat Artifice ability, some or all of them will attempt to poison them with their hand crossbows, using full attacks if possible just for the extra damage.
Once combat is begun, Fencers will seek to spread out their foes, poison, and kill or capture them. If the combat goes poorly, Fencers will not hesitate to retreat as long as there is no compelling reason to remain in the battle. If there is a reason to fight to the death, Fencers will do so, and seek to spend their lives fruitfully.

Out of Combat

Drow Fencers are a more rugged, no-nonsense sort of fellow, who have solid real-world skills on top of the usual Drow courtly manners. Fencers yearn to be useful to the Shadowed Beauties, but in a world where their incredible combat skills are discounted in favor of manufactured beasts, it is difficult. As a result, Fencers are VERY motivated, and if given a chance to fight, they are very aggressive indeed.
If they are given a chance to fight before a Matriarch? They will do literally anything to prove their worth in battle.
Most of the time, however, Fencers are kept around as decorative handy-men, good to look at and tasked with keeping the plumbing in good order. Which is...difficult for them.


XP: 51,200
Treasure: Sellable Goods worth 32,125 gp.
Weight: 150 lbs.     Volume: 6 cu. ft.
Optional Treasure Rules: Roll on the following table once per encounter (NOT per creature). Any items discovered are in addition to the normal treasure for the encounter.
Table 1: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant Found (If Any)
1 - 10 Nothing Found
11 - 14 1 Languid Remnant (tier 1)
15 - 17 1 Pale Remnant (tier 2)
18 - 19 1 Bright Remnant (tier 3)
20 Roll on Table 2
Table 2: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant(s) Found
1 - 5 3 Languid Remnants (tier 1)
6 - 10 3 Pale Remnants (tier 2)
11 - 14 1 Intense Remnant (tier 4)
15 - 17 1 Blazing Remnant (tier 5)
18 - 19 1 Vital Remnant (tier 6)
20 Roll on Table 3
Table 3: Roll a d20:
Result Remnant(s) Found
1 - 5 3 Bright Remnants (tier 3)
6 - 8 3 Intense Remnants (tier 4)
9 - 11 3 Blazing Remnants (tier 5)
12 - 14 3 Vital Remnants (tier 6)
15 - 17 1 Prime Remnant (tier 7)
18 - 19 1 Mythic Remnant (tier 8)
20 1 Empyrean Remnant (tier 9)