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Condition Severity: Strong

   Dread forces have severed your fate from all positive events. Only despair awaits you.


  • You cannot spend any action points, except to get rid of the Cursed condition.
  • You cannot use any ability, either granted or your own, to re-roll any die roll.
  • Any time you roll a critical hit, it is resolved as a regular hit instead.
  • The first attack you make each round automatically misses.
  • The first attack made against you each round automatically hits.

Ended By

  • You must spend a total of 5 action points to remove the Cursed condition from yourself. These action points need not be from the same encounter. (No, you can't accept donations. It's your karma you're trying to fix, not theirs.)
  • Spending an action point is a free action that does not provoke.
  • Alternatively, cursed can be removed with a Greater Restoration spell, a Wish spell, or an ability which emulates the effects of one of these spells.
  • Unlike most status conditions, Cursed persists even if a creature is killed. Even after being raised from the dead (or resurrected, etc.), the creature comes back with the curse intact, and must still cure it, or wait for it to expire on its own.
  • If not cleared, Cursed automatically ends on the night of the next full moon.