Haunt (Rage Power)

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Haunt (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Superstitious Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a free action, you can call a haunt to your aid. Once activated, haunt creates an imaginary (or is it?) friend in an unoccupied square you can see, until the start of your next turn. This haunt cannot attack or move from this space, but threatens adjacent enemies for purposes of establishing a flank with you or your allies. The haunt does not block movement or provide cover.


  • 10th Level: Enemies may not pass through the space your haunt occupies (it is considered blocked terrain for them). Your allies can pass through its square, but cannot end their movement in its space.
  • 20th Level: Enemies which are threatened by the haunt become Flat-Footed until they move away, or the haunt expires.
  • 30th Level: The haunt gains an inclusive reach of 10 feet, providing flanks for allies, and causing any enemies it threatens to become Flat-Footed.