Barbarian Rage Powers

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Table: Rage Powers

Rage Power Mien Req'd Lvl Other Req's Benefits
Ambush Predator Feral 1 Deal precision damage to an unsuspecting enemy.
Arcing Strike Primal 1 Lance a bolt of lightning through several enemies
Avalanche Strike Primal 1 Add bonus damage to your next attack and slide your target if you hit
Battle Madness Urban 1 Become immune to fear and get a bonus to all saves
Beast Heart Feral 1 Gain bonuses to-hit with your second and third attacks in a full attack action.
Berserker 1 Add CHA or WIS modifier to attacks you hit with during your turn this round.
Bestial Climber 1 You gain Lesser Climb with a speed of 30
Bestial Leaper 1 Gain the ability to make incredible jumps
Bestial Swimmer 1 Gain Lesser Swim with a speed of 30
Blistering Rage Primal 1 Scald the flesh of an adjacent opponent
Bloodfang Feral 11 Change the next Bleed attack you make into a Ruptured attack instead
Bloodspatter Feral 1 Inflict Dazzled on a foe after you hit an adjacent foe
Bloodthirst Urban 1 Add your CHA modifier to your DR and to the damage of your next attack
Bloody Wrath 1 Sacrifice hit points to gain to-hit bonuses on attacks.
Body Bludgeon Urban 1 Hit a foe with another foe, dealing damage to both
Born Under A Bad Sign Superstitious 1 Add +1d6 to any one d20 roll you make before the start of your next turn
Buffeting Vortex Primal 1 Pull a creature within 15 feet of you into an adjacent square.
Caustic Froth Primal 21 Cover nearby enemies in acidic froth, preventing stealth
Clear Mind Urban 1 Grant yourself or an ally a bonus Will save to try to shrug off a condition that required a Will save.
Come and Get Me Urban 1 Lower your defenses to get attacks of opportunity on foes who strike at you
Crippling Blow Urban 11 Inflict the Impaired status condition with your next attack
Dead-Eyed Stare Superstitious 1 Make a magic-using enemy Unsteady
Deadly Accuracy Urban 1 Increase your critical multiplier by 1.
Deathless Frenzy Superstitious 1 Gain a bonus attack against undead or constructs
Defy Death 1 The next attack made against you deals only half damage.
Desperate Rage Superstitious 1 Add a bonus to-hit equal to the number of magical enemies you are adjacent to
Devastation 1 Your next attack decreases the target's AC if it hits
Disruptive Superstitious 1 Increase the DC of Caster Checks to cast defensively on adjacent spell-casting creatures.
Distrustful Gaze Superstitious 11 Gain an immediate save against an illusion, charm, enchantment or mind-affecting effect while raging
Doodlebug Superstitious 1 Know the exact square of a creature regardless of line of sight or line of effect
Downing Strike Urban 1 Add a Trip maneuver to your next attack of opportunity
Eater of Magic Superstitious 1 Save twice against the next spell, spell-like, or supernatural ability that targets you
Elbow Strike Urban 1 Gain a bonus attack during a full attack action
Elemental Strike Primal 1 Empower your attacks with elemental damage
Epic Fixation 26 Improve your Furious Fixation class feature to +2 to-hit per attack instead of +1.
Erratic Charge Feral 1 Change course during a charge attack action
Expert Throw Urban 1 Use your STR modifier on your next thrown weapon attack
Explosive Charge Primal 21 Deal fire damage to your foes at the end of your charge
Final Stand 1 Increase your DR for the round
Ghost Step Superstitious 1 Become incorporeal and take only half damage during your next move action
Gore Hound Feral 21 Slide an enemy into any unoccupied square you threaten
Gutting Wrench Feral 11 Your next attack also inflicts Sickened on your target
Haunt Superstitious 1 Call a haunt to assist you with flanks
Howling Charge Feral 1 Deal sonic damage to your charge target and all creatures adjacent to it
Hurling Charge 1 Make a free thrown weapon attack during a charge attack action
Infernal Core Primal 1 Deal a burst of fire damage to all nearby creatures as a free action.
Knuckle Dragger Urban 1 Perform a free Reposition maneuver with your next attack
Land's Obeisance Primal 1 Force rough terrain to become smooth for your passage
Let Them Try 1 Make an attack of opportunity against the creature that attacks you next
Magic Bane Superstitious 1 Add your WIS modifier to damage against any magical creatures
Mana's Red Bane Superstitious 21 Suppress a creature's ability to use a spell, spell-like or supernatural ability
Mauler Feral 1 Gain a bonus bite attack when you make a full attack
Menacing Growl Feral 1 Inflict the Humbled condition on the next creature you successfully hit.
Penetrating Blow Feral 11 Your next attack can ignore DR
Primal Soul Primal 1 Gain ER x/- equal to your WIS modifier
Rampage 1 Walk 10 feet as a free action after your next attack
Rancor 16 Activate multiple rage powers this round without using your Frenzy class feature.
Red Haze of Madness Superstitious 1 Gain a bonus to saves vs. spells, spell-like and supernatural abilities
Relentless Urban 11 Next round, recover a portion of the damage you take this round
Renewed Vigor 1 Heal yourself for either your WIS or CHA modifier's worth of hit point damage
Roots of the Mountain Primal 1 Reduce forced movement by 2 squares
Savage Intuition Urban 1 Gain Blindsense in a 5-foot radius
Scattering Charge Feral 11 Slide the target of your charge, and all creatures adjacent to it
Scent Feral 1 Gain Scent with a 30-foot radius
Shatterbones Primal 1 Your next attack decreases the target's AC if it hits
Shoving Shoulder 1 Shove one of the enemies you hit this round
Sin Eater Superstitious 21 Reduce the severity of a condition on you or an ally
Slipstream Primal 1 Walk 10 feet as a free action that does not provoke attacks of opportunity.
Smasher 1 Perform a Sunder combat maneuver as a swift action
Solarian Cloak Primal 11 Become Hardened to (suffering only half damage from) one energy type
Spellbreaker Superstitious 1 Use Sunder maneuver to suppress a spell effect
Sudden Assault 1 Gain a +4 bonus when performing a Charge maneuver.
Surprise Accuracy Urban 1 Gain a bonus to-hit on your next attack
The Gods Look Away Urban 21 Your attacks originate from a space other than your own
Threatening Snap Feral 1 Bite an enemy that tries to 5-foot step away
Tirade Superstitious 1 Inflict rugosic (physical, uncommon) damage and Jinxed on a nearby enemy.
Unstoppable Rush 1 Increase your movement speed by 10 feet until the start of your next turn.
Untouchable 11 Immediately end a weak status condition that is affecting you
Vicious Slice Urban 1 Inflict Bleed with your next attack action
Violent Revel 1 Perform an attack that hits all enemies within your melee reach.
Whipsaw 1 If your next attack hits, gain a bonus attack action at your highest attack value.