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Condition Severity: Strong

   Something major has been cut inside of you, and you are bleeding out rapidly. You have only seconds to live.


  • You take the listed amount of damage from the Rupture condition at the beginning of each of your turns.
  • Unlike Bleed, abilities which inflict the Rupture condition stack with themselves, meaning that a creature which inflicts a 5 point Rupture that hits the same character three times increases the Rupture to 15 points per round.
  • Some Rupture conditions cause ability damage or even ability drain instead of hit point damage (or even in addition to hit point damage!).
  • The damage caused by a Rupture remains after the Rupture is removed, and must be separately healed.

Ended By

  • The Rupture condition can be ended by the application of any effect that cures hit point damage or grants temporary hit points (even if the Rupture is dealing ability damage/drain).
  • Effects intended to stop the Rupture must restore or apply a quantity of hit points (temporary or otherwise) greater than or equal to the amount of Rupture damage being inflicted per round or the healing effect fails to remove the Rupture effect, and provides no hit point benefits.
  • Healing effects of sufficient size to end the Rupture only end the condition, but do not restore or apply any hit points (temporary or otherwise) to you.
  • Damage inflicted by the rupture cannot be healed until the rupture condition is removed.
  • Rupture does not end at the end of the encounter, instead persisting until cleared, as described above.