Absolute Spell (Feat)

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Your invincible magics destroy everything you face.

Prerequisites: Caster level 31, Enhance Spell (Feat), Maximize Spell (Feat), Perfect Spell (Feat)

Benefit: The spell becomes charged with magical energy, gaining the following benefits:

  • All variable, dice-based effects of an Absolute spell are maximized. This affects both damage and healing. That is, any non-d20 dice rolled to determine the effect use their maximum possible result, instead of the rolled result, plus any adders you are capable of adding to the amount, including any dice-based secondary effects, such as ability damage.
  • Any non-d20 effect dice rolled for spells you cast gain a +3 modifier. D6's become d6+3, d6+9's become d6+12's, d8's become d8+3's, etc. This feat has no effect on spells that don't specifically deal damage or grant healing via random die rolls.
  • Spells that grant a fixed, level-based amount of healing (such as Heal), have that amount increased by 50 percent, dropping fractions.
  • All non-random numbers (size of effect, distance to and number of creatures affected, maximum hit die affected, etc.) are doubled. This does not double creatures summoned, or any other effects the GM deems unbalancing. This means (for example) that an " Absolute Canopic Conversion " can affect up to eight creatures within 60 feet of each other with one casting. An " Absolute Mass Heal" affects twice as many targets (up to 10), twice as far apart (up to 60 feet), and heals each of them for 50 percent more curative effect (up to 450 points). The GM adjudicates all unusual circumstances.
  • Any DCs associated with the spell gain a +1 training bonus.
  • Any attempts to overcome Spell Resistance gain a +1 training bonus.
  • Attempts to dispel or counterspell the spell receive a -2 penalty.

Note that the effects of this feat do not stack with the effects of the Enhance Spell, Maximize Spell, and Perfect Spell feats.

Level Increase: +8 (An absolute spell uses up a spell slot eight levels higher than the spell's actual level.)