Blood Armor (Ranger Poultice)

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Level: Ranger 2
School: Transmutation


Casting Time: Standard Action, or the first attack of a Full Attack Action
Components: V, S, M (The poultice, smeared on a small iron medallion, worth 1 gp.)


Range: Self
Target or Area: You
Duration: Until the end of your next full night's rest
Saving Throw: Harmless (Will negates)
Save DC: 10 + caster stat modifier + spell level
Spell Resistance: Yes


This poultice is brewed from restorative and strengthening herbs, spices, and plants. The holder of the plaster embeds a small iron medallion in the balm, then applies the poultice to their skin. As the poultice takes effect, their blood becomes as hard as iron soon after it leaves your body. Each time the holder takes physical damage equal to or greater than their Bloodied Value, they gain a +2 Arcane Bonus to their Natural AC. An outfit of regular clothing counts as armor that grants no AC bonus for the purpose of this spell.
The maximum bonus AC you can gain from this spell is +4. Naturally, to gain this bonus you must have some form of healing during the spells duration.
This spell lays an arcane charge on its target(s). If the targets are something other than you or another creature (such as an object or area), the spell lays an arcane charge on you, the caster. Targets which already have an arcane charge present must choose which to keep if the new spell has the same charge type. Only one arcane charge can ever be present on a target at a time.