Caster Check

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Caster check is a general term used to describe making a skill check in order to use a magic spell to 'do something' against a bad guy. This can be wrestling your magical effect through a monster's spell resistance, using a grease spell to disarm an orc, or making tentacles do... stuff... to a whole roomful of demons.
This is mechanically similar to a Concentration Check.
See Spellcraft, Divinity, Reason, or Naturalism for details.
Some feats, such as Combat Casting (Feat) and Spell Penetration (Feat), can be selected to improve your caster checks in certain situations.
The target DC of this check is usually the creature's Maneuver Defense, but it can sometimes be a Challenging skill DC, or (in the case of defensive casting) 10 + (spell level x 4).