Club (Weapon)

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Club 1-Hand / Simple [edit]
Cost Sm Dmg Med Dmg Large Dmg Crit Range Wt Type
2 sp 1d4 1d6 1d10 x2 10 ft 3 lbs Bludgeoning (physical, common)
Weapon Qualities: Concealable, Melee Capable, Primitive Availability, Stout
A club is a heavy blunt object, usually two to four feet long. Clubs are often made of bone or wood, and rarely have much in the way of work applied to them. A handy branch with a knot at one end makes a dandy club. Despite their sturdy simplicity clubs are not bad weapons. They do appreciable damage and can be thrown to reasonable distances, especially considering the price. The Club belongs to the "Hammers" and "Thrown" weapon groups.