Comprehensive Component Pouch

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Comprehensive Component Pouch

CL 25 Slotless Item • Strong Conjuration
Cost: 390,000 gp
Weight: 2 lbs.
Family: Component Pouch

These tiny leather pouches attach easily to a belt or sash, and allow casters to draw spell components quickly, as part of the same action as casting the spell. Component pouches contain every component needed to cast any spell that has a material component worth 1 gold piece or less. The pouches never run out of these materials, they simply pull more from whatever magical space they occupy.

Very few people know how these pouches actually work, or why there is a seemingly inexhaustible quantity of every inexpensive spell component possible, at all times. Some have speculated that an ancient, and particularly lazy, wizard conjured thousands of unseen servants to perpetually gather more resources and stuff them into some enormous, shared extra-dimensional space, and that all the pouches draw from this magical warehouse. Others suppose that lesser demons are making the materials available, subtly enabling more magic to be applied to the Prime Material for some dark design no one has yet figured out.

Regardless of the truth behind their operation, they are inexpensive, they work great, and they're far too convenient to live without.

Component pouches can be used to create inexpensive material components for arcane spells, divine spells, extracts, or poultices. Non-spellcasters attempting to draw a component from the pouch, or anyone attempting to do so without also casting a spell that requires a material component find that the pouch is empty. Even if you somehow manage to draw a component without immediately using it up in the casting of the spell, the component will disappear at the end of the round.

A comprehensive component pouch contains an unlimited supply of spell material components for spells of any spell level, including True Dweomers, as long as those material components have a gold value of 1 gp or less. Drawing the correct material component from the pouch can be done as part of the same action as casting the spell. There is no limit to the number of times you can draw material components from this pouch per round, other than your own ability to cast spells that quickly (i.e. it can be used with abilities that allow more than one spell to be cast per round, such as Quicken Spell).

The owner of this magic item must wear it continuously for 24 hours to attune it to their aura, and until that time has passed, it provides no benefits to the wearer.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Epic Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 60 (10 + double CL)), Intense (tier 4) remnant, An item symbolic of the enchantment, 195,000 gp (minus cost of symbolic item).