Deadly Aim (Feat)

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Your ambitions are too vast to be contained by traditional limitations. Why be excellent at one thing when you could be excellent at EVERYTHING!?!

Prerequisites: Level 1

Benefit: Upon selecting this feat, you suffer a permanent -1 penalty to all to-hit rolls, but you also only use the better of your base melee to-hit chance or base ranged to-hit chance as the basis for all of your to-hit rolls, whether melee or ranged. If you were better at melee than ranged before this feat, you use your melee to-hits as the basis for all to-hit rolls going forward (but with a -1 penalty added in), or vice versa.

In effect, this lets you use the ability modifiers of your best to-hit style (ranged or melee) for your class, for both types of attacks, instead of performing each calculation separately.

This feat applies to all to-hit rolls you make, including ray attacks. This allows wizards to have a genuine hope of smacking bad guys with their staff when they make an attack of opportunity (for example).

The -1 penalty inflicted by this feat cannot be removed or mitigated, even by feats that seemingly remove to-hit penalties (such as the Furious Focus (Feat)). You must find other ways to bolster your to-hits to make up for this shortfall.