Elephant (Mount)

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  • Cost (Combat Trained): 500 gp
  • Cost (Riding Trained): 250 gp
  • Weight: 12,000 lbs.
This massive pachyderm has grey, wrinkly skin that is very thick and tough. They have trunk-like legs that end in a sort of toe-nailed stump that looks like someone forgot to give them feet. They have large, flappy ears, long trunks, a bristly mane, and the males have long tusks. They are ponderous creatures that appear to move slowly, but can carry a number of people and their gear with no trouble at all.
This mount grants its rider the following bonuses:
Mounted CR: 4
Size: Huge (can carry up to sized-Large riders)
Intelligence: 3
Movement: Walk 30 ft.
Bonus Damage:
(if Combat Trained)
+4 bonus damage to all of the rider's melee attacks made while riding.
Carrying Capacity: 3,500 lbs.
Unlockable Special Abilities:

Load Bearer

  • Requires: 1 point(s) of CR
  • Benefit: When this ability is unlocked, this mount's carrying capacity is permanently doubled (to 7,000 lbs).