Giant Serpent (Mount)

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  • Cost (Combat Trained): 15,000 gp
  • Cost (Riding Trained): 7,500 gp
  • Weight: 550 lbs.
Snakes! Why did it have to be snakes? A giant serpent is a long, scaly sinuous thing, large enough for a medium creature to ride around on its back, given the appropriate saddle. Giant serpents are not lightning fast, but they are quite maneuverable on any solid ground, including walls, or tree limbs.
This mount grants its rider the following bonuses:
Mounted CR: 13
Size: Large (can carry up to sized-Medium riders)
Intelligence: 2
Movement: Walk 50 ft., Lesser Climb 50 ft.
Bonus Damage:
(if Combat Trained)
+3 bonus damage to all of the rider's melee attacks made while riding.
Carrying Capacity: 1,000 lbs.
Unlockable Special Abilities:

Rear Up

  • Requires: 1 point(s) of CR
  • Benefit: The giant serpent with this special ability can rear up, lifting its rider to a higher position. The giant serpent can trigger this ability as a swift action during any round in which it has not already moved. When it does so, it is treated as being one size category larger for purposes of determining whether or not its rider gains a 'higher ground' to-hit bonus. Furthermore, the rider is treated as being in a space one square higher than normal, for purposes of reaching and threatening enemy targets in melee.
— OR —

Flexible Form

  • Requires: 1 point(s) of CR
  • Benefit: This special ability allows the mount to move through spaces up to one size category smaller than itself without suffering any penalties to its movement or AC. However, the mount cannot end its turn in a space that is too small for its normal size. If it does, it suffers squeezing penalties as normal.