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Condition Severity: Weak

   One or more of your limbs as become trapped, grabbed or otherwise impaired.


  • All squares are considered difficult terrain for you (except impeded or blocked squares, which remain impeded or blocked).
  • You take a -2 penalty to AC
  • You take a -2 penalty to attack rolls.
  • You suffer a -2 penalty to all concentration checks.

Ended By

If the ability, trap, or effect description includes specific directions for how the condition is ended, then that is the primary means of ending this condition. In many cases, it is the only way to end the condition. If nothing is specifically listed for ending the condition, then the following methods can be used to end it, instead:

  • As a move action, you can make a Might check or an Escape Artist check, versus an Average DC for the CR (challenge rating) of the creature or effect which inflicted the condition. If successful, the Hindered condition immediately ends. You may attempt this more than once per round, as long as you have a move action available to do so.
  • If not cleared, Hindered automatically ends at the end of the encounter.
  • Alternatively, an adjacent ally can spend a swift action to help you disentangle yourself, costing you an immediate action as well, ending the Hindered condition.