Iron Grip (Feat)

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You can confidently wield pretty much any weapon, no matter how big, small, or weird.

Prerequisites: BAB +16, Vice Grip (Feat)

Related: Desperate Battler (Feat), Exploit Lore (Feat), Grudge Fighter (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat), Wrecking Pick (Feat)

Benefit: You have an incredibly strong, capable grip, regardless of your actual size or strength. Characters with this feat may wield unusually large or small weapons, or weapons designed for two hands with one hand, or vice versa, with much greater ease than most.

All penalties assessed on the 'Relative Weapon Sizes' table are reduced by 4 when you have this feat. Note that if this feat reduces a weapons penalty to less than 0, you instead may wield that weapon with a +1 bonus to-hit, which will stack with other feat bonuses to-hit. See the Weapons page for details.

The bonus from this feat replaces (i.e. does not stack with) the bonus provided by Vice Grip (Feat).