Weapon Focus (Feat)

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You have dedicated yourself to a combat style, and the use of weapons. You are far from a master, but you have an undeniable set of skills.

Prerequisites: Level 1, proficient with a melee weapon of your choosing, and proficient with a ranged weapon of your choosing.

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Benefit: Choose one melee weapon and one ranged weapon that you are proficient in. You must choose one of each weapon type: one melee, and one ranged (which can be either a projectile or a thrown weapon). You gain a +1 feat bonus on all attack rolls you make when wielding either of the selected weapons. This benefit is applicable to any weapon, whether that be a melee, thrown, projectile, unarmed attacks, or even ray attacks. Once selected, the two chosen weapons may not be changed, except through the re-selection process.

Special: When wielding the chosen ranged weapon, while within 30 feet of your target, you take no penalties for making a ranged attack (thrown, projectile, or ray), when that target is already engaged in melee with an enemy (this normally inflicts a -4 penalty to-hit). In addition, intervening creatures (allied or enemy) do not provide cover if they are between you and your target (this normally inflicts a -2 penalty to-hit per intervening creature). To gain these benefits beyond 30 feet, see Precise Shot (Feat) and Precise Shot, Improved (Feat).

Special: You can gain this feat multiple times. Its effects do not stack. Each time you take the feat, it applies to two new weapons: one of which must be melee and one of which must be ranged.

Special: Weapon Focus and all subsidiary feats that rely upon it are designed such that if a player re-trains Weapon Focus to a different weapon or pair of weapons, all subsidiary feats will change to apply to the new weapons, rather than requiring every feat to be re-trained individually.