Light Mace (Weapon)

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Light Mace Light (1-Hand) / Simple [edit]
Light Mace
Cost Sm Dmg Med Dmg Large Dmg Crit Range Wt Type
5 gp 1d4 1d6 1d10 x2 - 4 lbs Bludgeoning (physical, common)
Weapon Qualities: Stout, Intimidating
A light mace is a sturdy stick roughly two feet long with a striking head on one end. They can be made of many different materials. A light mace is perhaps the least complex, yet quite 'serious' weapon. No great skill is required to use a light mace, but it is a surprisingly effective piece of armament. They are often made from hard woods, or reinforced with metal bands to provide them extra durability, and they can be quite difficult for an opponent to sunder. Given their ease of use, great affordability, and reasonable effectiveness, these humble hitting sticks are much more common than you might suspect. The Light Mace belongs to the "Hammers" weapon group.