Outfit, Elegant Cold-Weather Clothes

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  • Cost: 180 gp
  • Weight: 16 lbs.
Where most cold-weather clothing uses layers, padding, and down fill to keep the wearer warm, elegant cold-weather clothes go in another direction. By wrapping the wearer tightly in thick, but conforming fabrics, the wearer is shielded from any wind, while having the added benefit of being so uncomfortable that they barely notice the cold any more. As everyone knows, the only thing you need to remember about surviving cold weather is that you should look great all the time. And really, "surviving"? Come on. You have people for that.

Cold-weather clothing provides 4 points of ER to the wearer, but only to resist the effects of environmental cold. Damaging effects caused by creatures, hazards, magic, or other phenomena completely ignore this resistance. In addition, the cold-weather clothing provides a +1 circumstance bonus to saving throws made to resist effects caused by environmental cold.

Wearing Cold Weather clothes in Hot Weather, or Hot Weather clothes in Cold Weather, makes the character Vulnerable to all environmental damage they would normally suffer. So don't do that.

Elegant clothing provides a +2 circumstance bonus to a single Bluff, Diplomacy, Intimidate, or Sense Motive check you make with anyone of the Lesser Nobility, Middle Nobility, or Upper Nobility lifestyles, if this is the first time they have seen you wear this particular outfit. Furthermore, elegant clothing is the only clothing that nobles and the elite accept as 'normal' — anything less suggests you are an outsider, unable or unwilling to fit in. Even a brunch or a brief meeting for tea might necessitate a new outfit, for those who take their social lives seriously.

While elegant clothing offers no penalties when worn in lower-class neighborhoods, you had best have quite a few guards with you if you venture into the bad parts of town dressed like this. An entire gang could stay drunk for a month, simply by pawning a single outfit of elegant clothing, assuming there's not too many blood stains on it.

Many tailors have realized that noblemen and wealthy merchants rarely wear the same outfit more than once or twice, and as a result, they construct these outfits with more delicate fabrics, or intricate, if fragile, stitching. These tailors are by no means skimping on the quality of the clothes, they are focusing their efforts on improving the clothes' appearance, instead of spending time reinforcing seams, padding areas of high wear, or allowing for broader ranges of motion. If the wearer looks great, they'll return to the tailor's shop to purchase more clothing. If the embroidery frays, stitching comes loose, or seams pull apart after wearing it a few times, well, the clientele they seek would never know, since they'll have long since thrown it away in favor of something new.

Note: Outfits that are actively being worn weigh nothing. The listed weight is only applicable when the outfit is being carried or stored. Characters may only wear one outfit at a time.