Reach Spell (Feat)

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Your spells go farther than normal. Increasing a touch spell to close range is very handy, indeed.

Prerequisites: Caster Level 1

Benefit: You can alter a spell with a range of touch, close, or medium to increase its range to the next higher range category, using the following order: touch, close, medium, and long.

Spells modified by this feat that require melee touch attacks instead require ranged touch attacks.

Spells that do not have a range of touch, close, or medium do not benefit from this feat. This feat may only increase a spell's range by one range category, and cannot be taken more than once, but it can be used more than once per round, if desired, when more than one spell is cast per round.

Level Increase: +1 (A reach spell uses up a spell slot one level higher than the spell's actual level, to increase range by 1 range category.)