Short Spear (Weapon)

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Short Spear 1-Hand / Simple [edit]
Short Spear
Cost Sm Dmg Med Dmg Large Dmg Crit Range Wt Type
1 gp 1d4 1d6 1d10 x3 20 ft 4 lbs Piercing (physical, common)
Weapon Qualities: Finesse, Melee Capable, Primitive Availability
A short spear is a bit of an odd duck. Many of them are made out of daggers and ruined swords. Take an appreciable bit of a knife blade, maybe six inches to a foot or more, and pop it onto a nice, handy three foot long stick. You now have a surprisingly useful gadget! You can throw it a good long way with reasonable accuracy. You also can use the long grip to stick frogs and nasty neighbors, and the extra length gives you enough leverage to do some serious damage. The short spear belongs to the "Spears" and "Thrown" weapon groups.