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Stanching, Improved (Armor Magic Property)

Enchant Cost: +3

An Improved Stanching suit of armor helps stop the flow of blood from the wearer's wounds, automatically tightening like a tourniquet in the appropriate places while also magically reducing the severity of the wound. Improved Stanching armor reduces hit point damage, ability damage, or ability drain by an amount equal to its enhancement bonus if the damage or drain was from a bleed or ruptured effect. The wearer also adds the armor's enhancement bonus to Might checks to stabilize from dying (but not for any other uses of Might).

In addition to the above effects, up to once per day, when the wearer is reduced below their bloodied value in hit points, the armor will heal the wearer automatically (even if they are helpless) by an amount equal to a Cure Light Wounds (Cleric Spell), using the wearer's character level as the casting level. This healing may cause other effects to trigger, such as certain dweomermetals effects. The hit points healed are added instantly, even if the character's hit points are reduced in one large effect, and may suffice to keep the wearer conscious.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 32), a pale remnant (tier 2), and an item symbolic of the enchantment.