Strike Back (Feat)

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You can strike at foes that attack you using their superior reach, by targeting their limbs or weapons as they come at you.

Prerequisites: BAB +11, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Mobility (Feat)

Related: Let Them Come (Feat)

Benefit: If a foe that has reach makes an attack of opportunity against you as you close to melee range with it, you may respond with an opportunity attack of your own. Your attack is resolved after the foe's attack of opportunity is resolved, and your attack uses up one of your attacks of opportunity for the coming round.

Special: Up to once per round, if you are targeted by a melee attack from outside your own threatened area because your foe has greater Reach than you do, you may make an attack of opportunity against that foe, temporarily gaining enough reach to do so. If the Attack of Opportunity succeeds, you inflict normal damage upon the foe. This attack of opportunity is resolved before the foe's melee attack is attempted/resolved, but after it is declared.