Summon Companion (Feat)

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You can call forth creatures that become your companions.

Prerequisites: Level 31, Summoning Perfection (Feat), Prolonged Summons (Feat)

Benefit: Whenever you summon a creature or creatures with a summon spell you cast yourself (which may include the use of a magic item), you may grant it the following abilities:

  • Once per encounter as a free action during the summoned creature's turn, the summoned creature gains a Move Action and a Swift Action, in addition to the Standard Action it normally gets. It must use these actions before the end of its current turn or they are lost. These actions are in addition to any actions the summoner may gift to the summoned creature.

Special: A Druid of at least 31st level may take this feat and apply its effects to their Animal Companion, even if they have not taken either the Summoning Perfection (Feat) or the Prolonged Summons (Feat). They must meet all of the prerequisites if they also wish to apply it to any summoned creatures they cast themselves. Applying, changing, or removing the effects of this feat to their Animal Companion may only be done after a full night's rest, and once applied, the effects persist until removed. Only one Summons-based feat may ever be applied to an Animal Companion at a time.

Special: You may take this feat more than once, to a maximum of three times. Each time you take the feat, it may be used one additional time per encounter, but never more than once per round. If you take the feat 3 times, it can be used every round of each encounter, even if the encounter lasts more than 3 rounds.

Normal: A summoned monster only has a Standard action, unless the caster 'gifts' them one or more of their own actions.