Summoning, Superb (Feat)

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Your incredible talent at calling for creatures to serve you means you bring forth only the most mighty when you cast your spells.

Prerequisites: Level 26, Summoning Perfection (Feat)

Benefit: Any time you summon a creature with a spell you cast yourself, regardless of the listed base CR of the summoning spell you are using, it has a CR equal to your Character Level + 1.

The effects of this feat replace (do not stack with) the effects of the Summoning Perfection feat. This feat explicitly allows you to break the rule against ever summoning a monster with a CR greater than your level, but only up to one CR higher than your level. Any other effects which alter the listed CR of a summoned monster cannot be stacked with this feat, and are subject to the "can't be higher than your level" rule, as normal (and thus, this feat will always be superior to those mewling imitators.)

This ability only applies to magic items (rods, scrolls, etc.) if the Creator Level of the magic item is within 10 levels of your character level. If the Creator Level of the item is less than this, you cannot apply the benefits of this feat to creatures summoned by that item (though you may apply the effects of Summoning Perfection instead).