Summoning II, Incredible (Feat)

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You are able to summon extra creatures to be your allies.

Prerequisites: Level 21, Summoning I, Incredible (Feat)

Related: Summoning III, Incredible (Feat)

Benefit: Whenever you cast any summoning spell you possess (which may include use of a magic item), you may summon up to two additional monsters per casting. However, when you do so, the base CR of all the monsters summoned is reduced by 1 per additional monster summoned after the first (i.e. -2 to the base CR of all monsters if you summon three monsters).

This feat's benefit replaces (does not stack with) the benefit from Incredible Summoning I.

Normal: Monster summoning spells normally only summon a single monster. Since these spells lay a charge on the caster, you can only have one summoned monster at a time.