Touch (Quality)

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When used as described in the weapon's description, attacks with this weapon are resolved as touch attacks. If the weapon is used to perform a melee touch attack, it does not include the user's Strength ability modifier in any damage calculations. Character classes that specifically state that they use a different ability score in place of Strength for purposes of calculating melee damage, may not include that ability modifier either. In cases where the wielder has a strength score less than 10, this may be beneficial, since the penalty their strength would normally apply to damage is also ignored. The wielder's to-hit calculations are unchanged, regardless of whether they make a melee touch attack or a standard melee attack with the weapon, except for the bonuses normally granted to melee touch attacks (namely +4 to hit, and automatically hitting on a natural 17 or better on the die (but still only threatening a critical hit as per the weapon's critical range)).