Wax, Sealing

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  • Cost: 1 gp
  • Weight: 1 lbs.
This is wax used for sealing letters, scrolls, tubes, and bottles. The wax must be heated to melting and then dripped onto the surface to be sealed. If sealing a paper product, like a letter or scroll, the wax can be imprinted with an insignia ring or stamp, if desired. If sealing a bottle, scroll case or other container, the wax seal makes the sealed area watertight (though it can't make the whole object watertight without using a LOT of wax). Once cooled, the wax becomes hard and somewhat brittle. Anyone who wishes can break off the wax or split the seal with only a little effort. Once the seal is broken, the area must be cleaned of the old wax before it can be resealed with new wax.