Body Bludgeon (Rage Power)

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Body Bludgeon (Ex)

Requires: Barbarian 1, Urban Mien
Benefit: Once per round as a standard action, you can activate Body Bludgeon to make a melee touch attack against an adjacent foe, as long as you have at least one hand free. If the touch attack hits, you may then use the foe as an improvised weapon (and thus gain any benefits from a feat that boosts improvised weapons, such as Catch Off-Guard (Feat)). The standard action to make the melee touch attack (to grab the adjacent enemy) also includes one melee attack with the seized foe against another foe you can reach, against its normal AC. The standard action required to activate Body Bludgeon may be used as either a standard attack, or as the first attack of a full attack action, but may not be used as part of a charge.
A creature may be used for Body Bludgeon as long as it is no more than two sizes smaller than your current size or one size larger than your current size. A creature smaller than your current size may be used as a one-handed improvised weapon. A creature equal to your size or one size category larger may only be used as a two-handed improvised weapon (requiring that both of your hands be free to use this power).
A creature two sizes smaller than you deals 1d4 of bludgeoning damage as base weapon damage. Creatures one size category smaller than your current size do 1d6 base damage. Creatures equal to your current size do 1d8 base damage and creatures one size larger than your current size do 2d6 base damage. In addition to base damage, you may add all other bonuses to damage you would apply to an improvised weapon (e.g. ability score modifiers and feat bonuses, etc.).
All damage inflicted by body bludgeon is suffered by both the attacked creature and the creature used as a weapon.
At the end of this standard attack, you drop the hapless creature you used as your improvised weapon back into its original space. This means you must be able to reach the creature's original space at the end of your attack action. The creature is not knocked prone, although it will have certainly undergone an interesting experience, to put it mildly. While being used as a weapon, a creature does not provoke attacks of opportunity but it may be targeted by your allies (e.g. with a held/readied action, etc.) at its normal Armor Class as if it were in its original space.


  • 10th Level: You may also add your CHA modifier to the damage dealt by Body Bludgeon.
  • 20th Level: At the end of your turn, you may place the seized foe in any unoccupied, unblocked space within your reach, instead of returning it to its original space. This is considered forced movement.
  • 30th Level: You may attempt to seize an enemy creature within your reach who is up to two sizes larger than you. Such a creature inflicts 3d6 base damage if you are able to hit with it.