Brass Knuckles (Weapon)

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Brass Knuckles Light (1-Hand) / Simple [edit]
Brass Knuckles
Cost Sm Dmg Med Dmg Large Dmg Crit Range Wt Type
1 gp 1d2 1d3 1d4 x2 - 1 lb Bludgeoning (physical, common)
Weapon Qualities: Awkward, Battering, Concealable, Monk-Usable
Brass knuckles deal lethal damage, allow you to threaten adjacent squares, take opportunity attacks, and flank. You may hold objects in a hand wearing brass knuckles. You may not wield weapons in a hand wearing brass knuckles. You may cast spells with somatic components while wearing brass knuckles if you make a Caster Check with a DC of 10 + quadruple the spell level. Brass Knuckles belong to the "Monk" and "Close" weapons groups.