Elemental Body II (Alchemist Extract)

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Level: Alchemist 5
School: Transmutation


Casting Time: Standard Action, or the first attack of a Full Attack Action
Components: V, S, M (A prepared example of the element you plan to assume, worth 1 gp.)


Range: Self
Target or Area: you
Duration: Until the end of the current encounter, the end of the next encounter, or until the start of a full night's rest, whichever is sooner
Saving Throw: Harmless (Will negates)
Save DC: 10 + caster stat modifier + spell level
Spell Resistance: Yes


You mix an extract, the demeanor of which changes based upon which Elemental Aspect you infuse into it. You drink it down, the sensation blasting through your entire body with shocking suddenness, and your physical form suddenly transmogrifies. When you imbibe this extract, you change yourself into an elemental creature associated with one of the four classical Elements. You must choose at the time of imbibition one of the four Elements, Fire, Air, Water, or Earth. Once chosen, you may not change this form unless you change back to your normal form and mix this extract again. When you imbibe this extract, your body is utterly consumed by the element you choose, and all of your abilities become those of your new form.
The base abilities of your new, elemental, form are based upon the template below. You gain all of the abilities of the template whose CR (challenge rating) matches your character level at the time you imbibe this extract.
Melee Attacks (Some Ranged)
CR 1 CR 2 CR 3 CR 4 CR 5 CR 6 CR 7 CR 8 CR 9 CR 10
CR 11 CR 12 CR 13 CR 14 CR 15 CR 16 CR 17 CR 18 CR 19 CR 20
CR 21 CR 22 CR 23 CR 24 CR 25 CR 26 CR 27 CR 28 CR 29 CR 30
CR 31 CR 32 CR 33 CR 34 CR 35
This elixir converts you completely and utterly into the form of the elemental creature you choose, and grants you a one-time bonus to a Disguise Skill roll if you wish to blend in with others of that sort (see the Blend In ability in the template you choose for details). Regardless of which element you choose to become, your actual type becomes Protean for the duration of the extract's effect (and, as a result, you gain a vulnerability to silvered weapons, taking 50% extra damage from them).
This extract always makes you into a sized Medium or Large Elemental Creature. There are no size-based bonuses or penalties applied to sized-medium creatures.
If you choose an elemental form which is sized-large, the following rules apply: Size large creatures do not have to Squeeze to fit into a Large space (120 inches or greater, 2 squares), suffer a -1 size penalty to AC, and Stealth checks, and gain a +1 bonus to their Might skill and Maneuver Defense, and their Walk speed is increased by +10 feet. Size Large creatures cannot share a 5-foot-square with another creature, unless squeezing.
You gain the powers below, depending upon the type of element you choose. These powers are added to the base powers of the template you chose above, and never apply to your normal form.
  • +1 to-hit with melee attacks.
  • All damage is now Elemental. Refer to the form below for the type of damage you now inflict with all attacks.
  • Earth Elemental: If the form you take is that of Earth, you now inflict buffeting (physical, uncommon) with all attacks and you gain a +2 Natural Armor Bonus. You also gain Tremorsense 30 feet.
  • Fire Elemental: If the form you take is that of Fire, you now inflict fire (energy, common) with all attacks and once per round after a successful attack you may inflict the Singed condition. You gain hardened versus fire damage, and +20 feet Walk speed.
  • Water Elemental: If the form you take is that of Water, you now inflict cold (energy, common) with all attacks and you gain a +1 Natural Armor Bonus. You also gain Greater Swim 80 feet, Darkvision 60 feet, and the ability to breathe water.
While you are polymorphed, you do not gain access to any of your normal abilities, or any of the abilities of any creature type you are emulating, unless it is part of your ability to change your shape. You cannot use feats or skills based upon your normal self, you do not gain or lose any modifiers for any Stats, you gain no benefit or penalty for any normal magic item, you do not have your normal armor class, hit points, maneuver offense or defense, saving throw bonuses, class abilities, or anything else. For all intents and purposes, the polymorph has 'overwritten' your entire self, and the only abilities you have are those of your assumed form, and any abilities granted to you by the change into this new shape.
Any time you dismiss this spell and revert to your normal form (either because the encounter ends, you voluntarily dismiss it, or you are reduced to zero or fewer hit points in your polymorphed form), you temporarily gain the Secured status condition. Then, all damage your polymorphed form suffered prior to being dismissed is transferred over to your normal form's hit points (this is added to any damage your normal form had suffered prior to casting this spell). Because of the Secured condition, this transfer can never cause you to be reduced below zero hit points, but you can certainly be reduced to zero hit points. Once the damage from your polymorphed form has been transferred to your natural form's hit points, the Secured condition ends.
Because of this effect, it is impossible for the caster of this spell to be killed while in their polymorphed form, or by the act of exiting their polymorphed form. As a result, it can sometimes be useful to cast this spell purely to avoid being killed. Just be aware that, once unconscious, you have no protection against being Coup-de-graced (since the Secured condition wears off immediately after the hit points are moved over to your normal form).
If the caster is suffering from any status condition, poison, or disease, when they cast this spell, that condition is also present in the polymorphed form. Similarly, if your polymorphed form was suffering from any disease, poison, or any other condition of any sort when the spell ends (or is dismissed), then that condition transfers to your natural form as well.
While you are polymorphed, you may still be healed by your allies, and you still count as their ally for any abilities they possess.
This spell lays an arcane charge on its target(s). If the targets are something other than you or another creature (such as an object or area), the spell lays an arcane charge on you, the caster. Targets which already have an arcane charge present must choose which to keep if the new spell has the same charge type. Only one arcane charge can ever be present on a target at a time.
(see also: Elemental Body I, Elemental Body III)

Mana Burn Circle Damage

Spell Circle Burn Cost Req'd Char Level Base Dice Max Dice
0 N/A N/A 1d4 per 2 character levels max of 4d4 at character level 8
1 N/A 1st 1d6 per character level max of 4d6 at character level 4
2 +1 3rd 1d6 per character level max of 6d6 at character level 6
3 +1 5th 1d6 per character level max of 10d6 at character level 10
4 +1 7th 1d6+1 per character level max of 12d6+12 at character level 12
5 +1 9th 1d6+1 per character level max of 15d6+15 at character level 15
6 +1 11th 1d6+2 per character level max of 16d6+32 at character level 16
7 +1 13th 1d6+2 per character level max of 20d6+40 at character level 20
8 +1 15th 1d6+3 per character level max of 21d6+63 at character level 21
9 +1 17th 1d6+3 per character level max of 25d6+75 at character level 25
10 +1 19th 1d6+4 per character level max of 25d6+100 at character level 25
11 +1 21st 1d6+5 per character level max of 25d6+125 at character level 25
12 +1 23rd 1d6+6 per character level max of 27d6+162 at character level 27
13 +1 25th 1d6+7 per character level max of 27d6+189 at character level 27
14 +1 27th 1d6+8 per character level max of 29d6+232 at character level 29
15 +1 29th 1d6+9 per character level max of 29d6+261 at character level 29
16 +1 31st 1d6+10 per character level max of 30d6+300 at character level 30
17 +1 33rd 1d6+11 per character level max of 30d6+330 at character level 30
18 +1 35th 1d6+12 per character level max of 30d6+360 at character level 30