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Inferno (Ranged Weapon Magic Property)

Enchant Cost: +6 (epic)

You must be level 21 or higher to equip, wield or wear an item with this property.

The wielder of this weapon may activate this property with a swift action, causing the weapon to become sheathed in fire, dealing 3d6+15 points of bonus Fire (energy, common) damage on a successful hit. The fire does not harm the wielder. The property's effect remains active until another swift action is expended to turn it off, the weapon is sheathed, or until the wielder takes a full night's rest, whichever occurs first.

As an additional swift action, if the wielder wishes, they may declare that all of the weapon's damage is dealt as fire damage. This effect persists for as long as the fire effect is active, or until another swift action is spent to return the weapon's damage back to normal.

The fire damage granted by this property is bonus damage, which is not increased by a critical hit. However, upon any successful hit, the wielder inflicts the Burned condition on the target, in addition to the weapon's normal damage. The damage inflicted by Burned is based on the character level of the wielder.

While the property is active, all attacks made with this weapon can blast a 2x2 square area (10 feet x 10 feet), where the center of the blast touches some portion of the target's space.

The wielder rolls to hit all targets within the area of effect. All struck targets take the full weapon damage (including the bonus damage from this property). Damage is only rolled once, and that result is applied to all successfully struck targets. Successfully struck targets only take damage once, no matter how many of their squares are included in the area of the blast effect (i.e. you can't hit a large creature twice just because two squares of the effect fall within two squares of its 4-square space).

This blast effect is optional, and the wielder can decide whether they are using it or not with each attack. Note that this blast effect is indiscriminate — it will hit both friend and foe alike, and it cannot be used with selective effects such as the Selective Spell feat. Aim carefully!

If the blast effect is used with a single attack that targets multiple creatures as part of a single attack action (such as Cleave, Whirlwind Attack, or a Monk's Echoing Strike), the bonus damage applies to all creatures struck, but the blast effect can only be used once during the attack (not once for each target).

While the Inferno effect is active, the weapon gives off light as a torch (30 feet of bright light, 30 additional feet of dim light). Note that entering a stealth stance is impossible while carrying a light source.

Creation: Creator (Feat), Epic Creator (Feat), Bailiwick Check (DC 54), a intense remnant (tier 4), and an item symbolic of the enchantment.