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CR 1

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 1 Blueprint 1
Ant, Giant Worker (Summoned) 1 Animal
Baboon 1 Animal
Badger 1 Animal
Bat 1 Animal
Beetle, Fire (Summoned) 1 Vermin
Camel 1 Animal
Cat 1 Animal
Centipede, Giant (Summoned) 1 Vermin
Darkmantle 1 Magical Beast
Dire Rat (Summoned) 1 Vermin
Dog (Summoned) 1 Animal
Dog, Riding 1 Animal
Dolphin (Summoned) 1 Animal
Donkey 1 Animal
Eagle (Summoned) 1 Animal
Elemental, Small Air (Summoned) 1 Outsider Air
Elemental, Small Earth (Summoned) 1 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Small Fire (Summoned) 1 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Small Water (Summoned) 1 Outsider Elemental
Falx Beast 1 Aberration
Formian Gatherer 1 Aberration Vermin
Frog, Giant (Summoned) 1 Animal
Girallon, Debased 1 Magical Beast
Goblin 1 Fey Goblinoid
Goblin Cutthroat 1 Fey Goblinoid
Goblin Dog (Summoned) 1 Animal
Grimlock Dweller 1 Monstrous Humanoid
Hawk 1 Animal
Horse, Light (Summoned) 1 Animal
Horse, Heavy (Summoned) 1 Animal
Human Goon 1 Humanoid Human
Hyena (Summoned) 1 Animal
Kobold Skirmisher 1 Humanoid Kobold
Kobold Slinger 1 Humanoid Kobold
Lemure (Summoned) 1 Outsider Devil
Lizard 1 Animal
Manta Ray 1 Animal
Mimic 1 Aberration
Monkey 1 Animal
Mule 1 Animal
Octopus (Summoned) 1 Animal
Owl 1 Animal
Poisonous Frog (Summoned) 1 Animal
Pony (Summoned) 1 Animal
Porpoise 1 Animal
Pseudodragon 1 Magical Beast
Rat 1 Animal
Raven 1 Animal
Sahuagin Cultist 1 Aberration
Shrieker 1 Plant
Skeleton, Decrepit 1 Undead
Snake, Viper (Summoned) 1 Animal
Spider, Giant (Summoned) 1 Vermin
Squid (Summoned) 1 Animal
Stirge 1 Vermin
Swarm, Rat 1 Swarm Animal
Swarm, Spider (Summoned) 1 Swarm Vermin
Toad 1 Animal
Troglodyte Cave-Dweller 1 Humanoid
Weasel 1 Animal
Wolf (Summoned) 1 Animal

CR 2

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 2 Blueprint 2
Animated Object, Tiny 2 Construct
Ant, Giant Soldier (Summoned) 2 Vermin
Ape (Summoned) 2 Animal
Aurochs (Summoned) 2 Animal
Beetle, Giant Bombardier 2 Vermin
Bear, Black 2 Animal
Boar (Summoned) 2 Animal
Centipede, Monstrous Woolly 2 Vermin
Cheetah (Summoned) 2 Animal
Common Bandit 2 Humanoid
Crawling Hand 2 Undead
Crocodile (Summoned) 2 Animal
Dire Bat (Summoned) 2 Magical Beast
Drake, Guard 2 Magical Beast
Dretch (Summoned) 2 Outsider Demon
Eel, Electric (Summoned) 2 Animal
Elf, Aquatic Brackish 2 Fey
Goblin Berserker 2 Fey Goblinoid
Goblin Firetamer 2 Fey Goblinoid
Hyena 2 Animal
Intellect Devourer Anesthetist 2 Aberration
Kobold Dragon-Touched 2 Humanoid
Krenshar 2 Magical Beast
Lantern Archon (Summoned) 2 Outsider
Lanternmoss 2 Plant
Leopard (Summoned) 2 Animal
Lizard, Monitor (Summoned) 2 Animal
Norker Vagabond 2 Humanoid Norker
Shark (Summoned) 2 Animal
Snake, Constrictor (Summoned) 2 Animal
Thought Eater 2 Outsider
Vargouille 2 Outsider
Wolverine (Summoned) 2 Animal
Zandrikar 2 Aberration
Zombie 2 Undead
Zombie Parts (Minion Role) 2 Minion Undead

CR 3

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 3 Blueprint 3
Allip 3 Undead
Ant, Giant Drone (Summoned) 3 Vermin
Arrowhawk, Juvenile 3 Outsider Air
Beetle, Saw 3 Vermin
Bison (Summoned) 3 Animal
Blink Dog 3 Magical Beast
Blood Roses 3 Plant
Crocodile 3 Animal
Dinosaur, Deinonychus (Summoned) 3 Animal
Dinosaur, Pteranodon (Summoned) 3 Animal
Dire Ape (Summoned) 3 Animal
Dire Boar (Summoned) 3 Animal
Dire Wolf (Summoned) 3 Animal
Drow Daywalker 3 Fey
Elemental, Medium Air (Summoned) 3 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Medium Earth (Summoned) 3 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Medium Fire (Summoned) 3 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Medium Water (Summoned) 3 Outsider Elemental
Goblin Wolfrider 3 Fey Goblinoid
Girallon Drudge Girallon Drudge Girallon Drudge Girallon Drudge Girallon Drudge
Grimlock Biter 3 Monstrous Humanoid
Grizzly Bear (Summoned) 3 Animal
Hellhound (Summoned) 3 Outsider
Homonculus 3 Construct
Hound Archon (Summoned) 3 Outsider
Imp 3 Outsider Devil
Kobold Warrior 3 Humanoid Kobold
Lion (Summoned) 3 Animal
Lycanthrope, Wererat 3 Protean
Mephit (Summoned) 3 Outsider
Ochre Jelly 3 Ooze
Orc Raider 3 Humanoid Orc
Plondour 3 Aberration
Puppeteer 3 Magical Beast
Quasit 3 Outsider Demon
Rhinoceros (Summoned) 3 Animal
Sahuagin Creeper 3 Aberration
Scorpion, Giant (Summoned) 3 Vermin
Skeleton Legionnaire 3 Undead
Stirge, Famished 3 Vermin
Swarm, Sanguine Alchemical Ooze 3 Swarm
Swarm, Spider 3 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Wasp (Summoned) 3 Swarm Vermin
Tojanida, Juvenile 3 Outsider
Town Guard Guardsman 3 Humanoid
Troglodyte, Slackjawed 3 Humanoid
Unicorn 3 Magical Beast
Wasp, Giant (Summoned) 3 Vermin
Xorn, Geotic 3 Outsider

CR 4

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 4 Blueprint 4
Azer, Fevered 4 Outsider Fire
Animated Object, Small 4 Construct
Bear, Brown 4 Animal
Bear, Polar 4 Animal
Centaur 4 Monstrous Humanoid
Centipede, Monstrous Painted 4 Vermin
Clockwork Agent 4 Construct Swarm
Crocodile, Giant (Summoned) 4 Animal
Dellert 4 Aberration
Derro Digger 4 Monstrous Humanoid
Doppelganger 4 Protean
Drake, Spitting 4 Magical Beast
Dryad, Vernal 4 Fey
Duergar 4 Humanoid
Ethereal Marauder, Pest 4 Aberration
Formian Worker 4 Aberration Vermin
Gelatinous Cube (Threat Role) 4 Threat Ooze
Gelatinous Parasite 4 Ooze
Grick 4 Aberration
Hag, Bog 4 Fey
Kobold Draconian 4 Humanoid Kobold
Norker 4 Humanoid Norker
Norker Skulk 4 Humanoid Norker
Orc Warrior 4 Humanoid Orc
Pegasus 4 Magical Beast
Rhinoceros 4 Animal
Shocker Lizard 4 Magical Beast
Spider, Deathjump 4 Vermin
Swarm, Melancholic Alchemical Ooze 4 Swarm
Tiger 4 Animal
Treant, Sapling 4 Plant
Worg 4 Magical Beast
Zombie, Corrupted 4 Undead
Zombie Parts, Afflicted (Minion Role) 4 Minion Undead

CR 5

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 5 Blueprint 5
Akata 5 Aberration
Arrowhawk, Adult 5 Outsider Air
Assassin Vine 5 Plant
Azer, Blistering 5 Outsider Fire
Brain Mole 5 Magical Beast
Centaur Vanguard 5 Monstrous Humanoid
Choker 5 Aberration
Crysmal 5 Outsider Earth
Derro Life-Slicer 5 Monstrous Humanoid
Dire Boar 5 Animal
Dromite, Migratory 5 Vermin
Eel, Giant Moray (Summoned) 5 Animal
Elemental, Large Air (Summoned) 5 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Large Earth (Summoned) 5 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Large Fire (Summoned) 5 Outsider Elemental
Elemental, Large Water (Summoned) 5 Outsider Elemental
Elf, Aquatic Estuarian 5 Fey
Ethereal Filcher 5 Aberration
Ghoul 5 Undead
Grimlock Hewer 5 Monstrous Humanoid
Hippogriff 5 Magical Beast
Intellect Devourer Deadener 5 Aberration
Maenad 5 Humanoid
Odefar 5 Aberration
Orc Shaman 5 Humanoid Orc
Orca (Summoned) 5 Animal
Owlbear 5 Magical Beast
Sahuagin Harbinger 5 Aberration
Shadow Mastiff (Summoned) 5 Outsider Shadow
Swarm, Army Ant (Summoned) 5 Swarm
Swarm, Phlegmatic Alchemical Ooze 5 Swarm
Troglodyte, Knapper 5 Humanoid
Troll, Despicable 5 Humanoid Giant
Will-O-Wisp 5 Aberration
Wraith 5 Undead
Zombie, Beast 5 Undead
Zombie Corpulent 5 Undead
Zombie Parts, Fleshy (Minion Role) 5 Minion Undead

CR 6

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 6 Blueprint 6
Animated Object, Medium 6 Construct
Ankheg 6 Magical Beast
Axe Beak 6 Animal
Azer, Scorching 6 Outsider Fire
Babau (Summoned) 6 Outsider Demon
Bearded Devil (Summoned) 6 Outsider Devil
Bralani Azata (Summoned) 6 Outsider
Bugbear 6 Fey Goblinoid
Centipede, Monstrous 6 Vermin
Derro Dreamhunter 6 Monstrous Humanoid
Dinosaur, Ankylosaurus (Summoned) 6 Animal
Dire Lion (Summoned) 6 Animal
Dire Wolf 6 Animal
Drake, Horned 6 Magical Beast
Dretch 6 Outsider Demon
Drow Poisoner 6 Fey
Ghast 6 Undead
Gnoll Huntmaster 6 Humanoid Gnoll
Chain Devil (Summoned) 6 Outsider Devil
Leatherleaf 6 Plant
Lemure 6 Outsider Devil
Lizardfolk Blood Savage 6 Humanoid Lizardfolk
Lycanthrope, Wererat Conspirator 6 Protean
Rust Monster 6 Magical Beast
Salamander (Summoned) 6 Outsider
Sathfaleon 6 Aberration
Scorpion, Giant 6 Vermin
Skeleton, Burning 6 Undead
Spider, Bristle 6 Vermin
Stirge, Tenacious 6 Vermin
Swarm, Borer Wasp 6 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Choleric Alchemical Ooze 6 Swarm
Swarm, Fly 6 Swarm
Tojanida, Adult 6 Outsider
Treant, Foliate 6 Plant
Whale, Baleen 6 Animal
Woolly Rhinoceros (Summoned) 6 Animal
Xill (Summoned) 6 Outsider
Xorn Pillar 6 Outsider

CR 7

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 7 Blueprint 7
Allip, Ranting 7 Outsider
Black Pudding 7 Ooze
Blink Dog Pack 7 Magical Beast Troop
Bugbear, Brawler 7 Fey
Centaur Highwayman 7 Monstrous Humanoid
Cockatrice 7 Magical Beast
Derro Deathforger 7 Monstrous Humanoid
Dinosaur, Elasmosaurus (Summoned) 7 Animal
Dire Bear (Summoned) 7 Animal
Duergar Miner 7 Humanoid
Elemental, Huge Air (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Elemental, Huge Earth (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Elemental, Huge Fire (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Elemental, Huge Water (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Elephant (Summoned) 7 Animal
Ghoul, Hungry 7 Undead
Gnoll Marauder 7 Humanoid
Golem, Flesh 7 Construct
Grimlock, Pale 7 Monstrous Humanoid
Hag, Bahktaq 7 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Hellhound 7 Outsider
Intellect Devourer Astonisher 7 Aberration
Invisible Stalker (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Ischille 7 Aberration
Lillend Azata (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Lizardfolk Blood Acolyte 7 Humanoid
Lycanthrope, Werebear (Heavy Role) 7 Heavy Protean
Nymph, Euterpean 7 Fey
Orc Battle-Rager 7 Humanoid
Otyugh 7 Aberration
Rot Fly Breeder 7 Vermin
Sahuagin High Priest 7 Aberration
Sea Cat, Breakwater 7 Magical Beast
Shadow Demon (Summoned) 7 Outsider
Shambling Mound Creeper 7 Plant
Shield Guardian 7 Construct
Shocker Lizard, Frilled 7 Magical Beast
Skeleton, Bloody Bones 7 Undead
Smoke Monster (Belker) 7 Outsider Air
Succubus (Summoned) 7 Outsider Demon
Talvedian 7 Aberration
Troglodyte, Skinclad 7 Humanoid
Troll, Fen 7 Monstrous Humanoid
Wasp, Droning 7 Vermin
Whale, Cachalot 7 Animal
Yeth Hound 7 Aberration
Zombie, Tainted 7 Undead
Zombie Parts, Vile (Minion Role) 7 Minion Undead

CR 8

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 8 Blueprint 8
Ankheg Soldier 8 Magical Beast
Arrowhawk, Elder 8 Outsider Air
Azer Pyromaniac 8 Outsider Fire
Basilisk 8 Magical Beast
Causen 8 Aberration
Centipede, Gruesome 8 Vermin
Cloaker 8 Aberration
Clockwork Analyst 8 Construct
Dinosaur, Pterodactyl 8 Animal
Dinosaur, Triceratops (Summoned) 8 Animal
Dire Tiger (Summoned) 8 Animal
Drake, Rage 8 Magical Beast
Dromite Cicada 8 Vermin
Drow Blademaster 8 Fey
Elf, Aquatic Riverine 8 Fey
Erinyes (Summoned) 8 Outsider Devil
Fulgorine 8 Aberration
Gnoll Claw Fighter 8 Humanoid
Harpy, Perchmother 8 Monstrous Humanoid
Hound, Howling (Howler) 8 Aberration
Lizardfolk Coldblood 8 Humanoid
Lycanthrope, Werewolf 8 Protean
Maenad, Ecstatic 8 Humanoid
Naga, Water 8 Aberration
Octopus, Giant (Summoned) 8 Animal
Ogre 8 Monstrous Humanoid
Orc Wardrummer (Leader Role) 8 Leader Humanoid
Owlbear, Screech 8 Magical Beast
Skeleton Soldier 8 Undead
Spider, Phase 8 Vermin
Swarm, Rot Grub 8 Swarm
Treant, Burgeoning 8 Plant
Violet Fungus 8 Plant
Worg, Shagmane 8 Magical Beast
Wraith, Murky 8 Undead
Xill, Rotting 8 Outsider
Yeti, Shaggy 8 Monstrous Humanoid
Zombie, Ripened 8 Undead
Zombie Parts, Repugnant (Minion Role) 8 Minion Undead

CR 9

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 9 Blueprint 9
Achaierai 9 Outsider
Barghest 9 Outsider Shapechanger
Beetle, Giant Stag 9 Vermin
Bone Devil (Summoned) 9 Outsider Devil
Bugbear Biter 9 Fey
Bulette (Threat Role) 9 Threat Magical Beast
Centaur Militant 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Delver, Shallow 9 Aberration
Dinosaur, Tyrannosaurus (Summoned) 9 Animal
Dinosaur, Velociprator 9 Animal
Dire Bear (Heavy Role) 9 Heavy Animal
Dire Crocodile (Summoned) 9 Animal
Dire Shark (Summoned) 9 Animal
Doppelganger Enforcer 9 Protean
Drow Consort 9 Fey
Elemental, Greater (Summoned) 9 Outsider
Elemental, Greater Air (Summoned) 9 Outsider
Elemental, Greater Earth (Summoned) 9 Outsider
Elemental, Greater Fire (Summoned) 9 Outsider
Elemental, Greater Water (Summoned) 9 Outsider
Gargoyle 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Gelatinous Cube, Huge (Threat Role) 9 Threat Ooze
Ghoul, Voracious 9 Undead
Girallon 9 Magical Beast
Gnoll War Fang 9 Humanoid
Grimlock Autarch 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Hobgoblin Torturer 9 Fey
Hydra, Mordant (Shooter Role) 9 Shooter Magical Beast
Illonquin 9 Aberration
Kilmaven 9 Aberration
Lycanthrope, Wererat Turncoat 9 Protean
Mastodon (Summoned) 9 Animal
Mohrg 9 Undead
Mummy, Decaying 9 Undead
Nymph, Meliad 9 Fey
Razor Grass 9 Plant
Roc (Summoned) 9 Animal
Sahuagin Zealot 9 Aberration
Salamander Flamebrother 9 Outsider
Scorpion, Monstrous 9 Vermin
Shield Guardian Parapet 9 Construct
Smoke Monster, Blustery (Belker) 9 Outsider Air
Squid, Giant (Summoned) 9 Animal
Souterraine Voyeur (Roper) 9 Magical Beast
Swarm, Agony Wasp 9 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Stirge 9 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Young Rust Monster 9 Swarm Magical Beast
Tojanida, Elder 9 Outsider
Troglodyte, Dull-Eyed 9 Humanoid
Troll, Cave 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Thrall (Heavy Role) 9 Heavy Humanoid
Vrock (Summoned) 9 Outsider Demon
Wight 9 Undead
Xorn, Maphic 9 Outsider
Zombie, Crawling 9 Undead
Zombie Parts, Stalking (Minion Role) 9 Minion Undead

CR 10

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 10 Blueprint 10
Aboleth Mite 10 Aberration
Animated Object, Large 10 Construct
Ankheg Queen 10 Magical Beast
Bebilith (Summoned) 10 Outsider Demon
Bugbear Bitcher 10 Fey
Centipede, Large Monstrous 10 Vermin
Cockatrice, Starveling 10 Magical Beast
Cyclops (Heavy Role) 10 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid
Dinosaur, Brachiosaurus (Summoned) 10 Animal
Dire Tiger 10 Animal
Doppelganger Overseer 10 Protean
Drake, Thunder 10 Magical Beast
Drow Subjugator 10 Fey
Duergar Digger 10 Humanoid
Elephant 10 Animal
Ettin Exile (Heavy Role) 10 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Hill Giant Scrounger 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Clay 10 Construct
Hag, Annis 10 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Hobgoblin Deceiver 10 Fey
Intellect Devourer Confounder 10 Aberration
Lycanthrope, Werebear Bruin (Heavy Role) 10 Heavy Protean
Medusa 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Naga Cultist 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Neglip 10 Aberration
Orc Centurion 10 Humanoid
Orc Warlord (Heavy Role) 10 Heavy Humanoid
Ogre, Cunning 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Oni, Moryo (Onmyoji) 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Rot Fly Implanter 10 Vermin
Satyr Pursuer 10 Fey
Scorpionfolk Nomad 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Scrank 10 Aberration
Sea Cat, Deep Reef 10 Magical Beast
Shocker Lizard, Spotted 10 Magical Beast
Snake, Giant Constrictor 10 Magical Beast
Swarm, Locust 10 Swarm
Town Guard Squadron 10 Swarm Troop
Treant, Pitch Scrub 10 Plant
Troll, Hunchbacked 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Dilettante 10 Undead
Wasp, Symphonic 10 Vermin
Yeti, Tundra 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Zombie Beast, Tau Strain 10 Undead

CR 11

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 11 Blueprint 11
Allip, Delirious 11 Outsider
Azer Flashfire 11 Outsider Troop
Babau 11 Outsider Demon
Barbed Devil (Summoned) 11 Outsider Devil
Berva 11 Aberration
Centaur Auspex 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Daghed 11 Aberration
Doppelganger Feeder (Killer Role) 11 Killer Protean
Dragon, Common White (Threat Role) 11 Threat Dragon
Dragonborn, Snowy 11 Monstrous Humanoid Dragon
Drider Prototype (Heavy Role) 11 Heavy Aberration
Dromite, Red 11 Vermin
Drow Aggressor 11 Fey
Elemental, Elder Air (Summoned) 11 Outsider
Elemental, Elder Earth (Summoned) 11 Outsider
Elemental, Elder Fire (Summoned) 11 Outsider
Elemental, Elder Water (Summoned) 11 Outsider
Elf, Aquatic Littoral 11 Fey
Ettin Bonebreaker (Heavy Role) 11 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid Giant
Fetid Mound 11 Plant Undead
Gargoyle, Abiding 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Ghoul, Secretive 11 Undead
Giant, Hill 11 Humanoid Giant
Green Slime 11 Ooze
Harpy, Screeching 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Hellhound, Nessian 11 Outsider
Hezrou (Summoned) 11 Outsider Demon
Hobgoblin Scourge 11 Fey
Lamia, Leonine 11 Aberration
Legion Devil 11 Outsider Devil
Lycanthrope, Werewolf Fenrir 11 Protean
Maenad, Frenzied 11 Humanoid
Minotaur 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Mummy, Scavenger of Nekbhet 11 Undead
Naga Malison 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Nymph, Uranian 11 Fey
Ogre, Cruel 11 Humanoid Giant
Owlbear, Horned 11 Magical Beast
Sahuagin Officiant 11 Aberration
Scorpion, Odious 11 Vermin
Shambling Mound Highbough 11 Plant
Shield Guardian Bulwark 11 Construct
Skeleton, Janissary 11 Undead
Smoke Monster, Turbulent (Belker) 11 Outsider Air
Souterraine Sanguine (Roper) 11 Magical Beast
Spider, Blade 11 Vermin
Stirge, Anopheles 11 Vermin
Troglodyte, Hirsute 11 Humanoid
Wight, Silent 11 Undead
Wraith, Sable 11 Undead
Xill, Decaying 11 Outsider
Zombie, Bile 11 Undead
Zombie Parts, Gory (Minion Role) 11 Undead

CR 12

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 12 Blueprint 12
Aranea 12 Magical Beast
Barghest, Greater 12 Outsider Shapechanger
Bugbear Bastard (Sneak Role) 12 Fey
Caustic Walker (digester) 12 Magical Beast
Centaur, Khan 12 Magical Beast
Centipede, Large Gruesome 12 Vermin
Chimera, Divergent 12 Magical Beast
Chuul 12 Aberration
Clockwork Auditor 12 Construct
Der Brock 12 Animal
Devourer 12 Undead Outsider
Dragon, Common Black (Threat Role) 12 Threat Dragon
Dragon Henchman, Swarm of Darkness 12 Swarm
Drow Militant 12 Fey
Elf, Wild Visitor 12 Fey
Ethereal Marauder 12 Aberration Outsider
Ghost of the Crossroads 12 Undead
Golem, Stone (Heavy Role) 12 Heavy Construct
Gorgon 12 Magical Beast
Griffon 12 Magical Beast
Intellect Devourer Controller 12 Aberration
Karchor 12 Aberration
Naga, Guardian 12 Magical Beast
Ogre, Armored (Tank Role) 12 Tank Humanoid Giant
Otyugh, Odiferous 12 Aberration
Salamander Accelerant 12 Outsider
Satyr Horn-Herald 12 Fey
Scorpionfolk Hunter 12 Monstrous Humanoid
Shadow Mastiff 12 Outsider
Skeleton, Inferno 12 Undead
Swarm, Famished Stirge 12 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Lash Wasp 12 Swarm Vermin
Treant, Blackgrove 12 Plant
Troll, Bog 12 Monstrous Humanoid
Tyrannosaurus 12 Killer Animal
Urbrill 12 Aberration
Vampire Thrall Toady (Heavy Role) 12 Humanoid
Worg, Riptooth 12 Magical Beast
Wyvern 12 Magical Beast
Xorn Monument 12 Outsider
Yeti, Alabaster 12 Monstrous Humanoid
Zombie, Sodden 12 Undead
Zombie Horde 12 Troop
Zombie Parts, Leaking (Minion Role) 12 Undead

CR 13

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 13 Blueprint 13
Astral Construct, Sparkling 13 Construct Outsider
Azer Bedlamite 13 Outsider Fire
Beetle, Giant Rhinoceros 13 Vermin
Cockatrice, Haggard 13 Magical Beast
Destrachan 13 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Dictator 13 Protean
Dragon, Common Green (Threat Role) 13 Threat Dragon
Dragon, Greater White (Threat Role) 13 Dragon
Dragon, Turtle (Tank Role) 13 Dragon
Drider Husk Harvester (Heavy Role) 13 Heavy Aberration
Duergar Prospector 13 Humanoid
Elemental, Exalted 13 Outsider
Ettin Rockcaller (Heavy Role) 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Formian Warrior 13 Aberration Vermin
Gargoyle, Unending 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Ghaele Azata (Summoned) 13 Outsider
Ghoul, Ravenous 13 Undead
Giant, Hill Giant Warrior 13 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Stone Giant Surveyor 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Glabrezu (Summoned) 13 Outsider Demon
Hag, Sea 13 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Hydra, Fen (Shooter Role) 13 Shooter Magical Beast
Ice Devil (Summoned) 13 Outsider Devil
Lycanthrope, Werebear Ursa (Heavy Role) 13 Protean
Manticore 13 Magical Beast
Medusa, Regal 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Minotaur, Domesticated 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Mummy, Astrologer of Isis 13 Undead
Nymph, Melpomenean 13 Fey
Ochre Jelly, Repulsive 13 Ooze
Ogre Brute 13 Humanoid Giant
Oni, Hannya 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Puppeteer Flesh Harrower 13 Magical Beast
Remorhaz 13 Magical Beast
Renkir, Plains (Grey Render) 13 Magical Beast
Rot Fly Propagator 13 Vermin
Sahuagin Chanter 13 Aberration
Salamander 13 Outsider
Scorpion, Needle 13 Vermin
Sea Cat, Viridian 13 Magical Beast
Shadow 13 Undead Incorporeal
Shocker Lizard, Banded 13 Magical Beast
Skeleton Myrmidon 13 Undead
Skum 13 Aberration
Smoke Monster, Drafty (Belker) 13 Outsider Air
Snake, Giant Venomous 13 Magical Beast
Souterraine Garrotte (Roper) 13 Magical Beast
Spider, Tomb 13 Vermin
Sulk 13 Aberration
Thought Slayer 13 Outsider
Troglodyte, Firebrother 13 Humanoid
Udoroot 13 Plant
Unicorn, Celestial Charger 13 Magical Beast
Vampire Nosferatu 13 Undead
Wasp, Harmonic 13 Vermin
Winter Wolf 13 Outsider
Zarr Observer 13 Aberration
Zombie, Putrid 13 Undead
Zombie Parts, Maimed (Minion Role) 13 Undead

CR 14

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 14 Blueprint 14
Aranea Slavetaker 14 Magical Beast Shapechanger
Astral Construct, Glimmering 14 Construct Outsider
Astral Deva (Summoned) 14 Outsider
Behir 14 Magical Beast
Bugbear Butcher 14 Fey
Caustic Walker, Acrid (digester) 14 Magical Beast
Centipede, Huge Monstrous 14 Vermin
Chimera, Evolved 14 Magical Beast
Dragon, Common Blue (Threat Role) 14 Threat Dragon
Dragon, Greater Black (Threat Role) 14 Dragon
Dragonne 14 Dragon
Drow Strategist (Leader Role) 14 Leader Fey
Duergar Vicar 14 Humanoid
Elf, Aquatic Pelagic 14 Fey
Elf, Wild Intruder 14 Fey
Erinyes 14 Outsider Devil
Formian Taskmaster (Leader Role) 14 Aberration Vermin
Gallow Tree 14 Plant
Gelatinous Cube, Gargantuan (Threat Role) 14 Ooze
Giant, Athach Heaver (Heavy Role) 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Gatherer 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Hill Giant Brute 14 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Stone 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Gibbering Mouther 14 Aberration
Harpy, Cliff 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Hellhound, Ember-Eyed 14 Outsider
Hound, Baying 14 Aberration
Intellect Devourer Befuddler 14 Aberration
Living Breath Weapon 14 Outsider Electricity
Lycanthrope, Werewolf Alpha 14 Protean
Maenad, Furious 14 Humanoid
Nalfeshnee (Summoned) 14 Outsider Demon
Ogre Chieftain (Heavy Role) 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Owlbear, Kodiak 14 Magical Beast
Rakshasa Kilic 14 Outsider Native
Satyr Huntsman 14 Fey
Scorpionfolk Dunerunner 14 Monstrous Humanoid
Succubus 14 Outsider Demon
Suntermaw 14 Aberration
Treant, Deepthorn 14 Plant
Tresdri 14 Aberration
Troll, Berserker 14 Humanoid Giant
Trumpet Archon (Summoned) 14 Outsider
Vampire Bruxa 14 Undead
Vampire Thrall Sycophant (Heavy Role) 14 Heavy Humanoid
Wight, Barrow 14 Undead
Worm, Purple 14 Heavy Magical Beast
Wraith, Ebon 14 Undead
Xill, Eroding 14 Outsider
Yeti, Storm 14 Monstrous Humanoid

CR 15

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 15 Blueprint 15
Aboleth Progeny 15 Aberration
Allip, Frenetic 15 Outsider
Animated Object, Huge 15 Construct
Azer Psycho 15 Outsider Fire
Boar, Razor 15 Magical Beast
Bugbear Bomber 15 Fey
Cawtrid 15 Aberration
Doppelganger Harvester 15 Protean
Dragloth 15 Fey Dragon
Dragon, Common Red (Villain Role) 15 Villain Dragon
Dragonborn, Blazespawn 15 Monstrous Humanoid Dragon
Dragonborn, Blazespawn Minion 15 Minion Monstrous Humanoid Dragon
Dragon, Greater Green (Threat Role) 15 Dragon
Dragon, Fearsome White (Threat Role) 15 Dragon
Drider Embodiment (Heavy Role) 15 Aberration
Dromite Devourer 15 Vermin
Drow Fencer 15 Fey Drow
Dryad, Sommartid 15 Fey
Elemental, Potent 15 Outsider
Ettin Landshaker (Heavy Role) 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Gargoyle, Observing 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Gaw 15 Aberration
Ghost 15 Undead
Ghoul, Cryptic 15 Undead
Giant, Forest Giant 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Scout 15 Humanoid Giant, Cold
Giant, Hill Giant Beast Tamer 15 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Stone Giant Herder 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Iron (Heavy Role) 15 Construct
Gorgon Patriarch 15 Magical Beast
Griffon, Regal 15 Magical Beast
Jann, Loess 15 Outsider
Memory Moss 15 Plant
Minotaur Gladiator 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Mummy, Shield of Wadjet (Tank Role) 15 Undead
Naga, Bone 15 Magical Beast
Nymph, Creusan 15 Fey
Pustulith 15 Outsider Demon
Rakshasa 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Sahuagin Haruspex 15 Aberration
Salamander Noble 15 Outsider
Scorpion, Serrated 15 Vermin
Shambling Mound Germinator 15 Plant
Shield Guardian Bastion 15 Construct
Skeleton, Deathknight Squire 15 Undead
Smoke Monster, Exhuding (Belker) 15 Outsider Air
Souterraine Severer 15 Magical Beast
Spider, Hermit 15 Vermin
Stirge, Goliath 15 Vermin
Swarm, Frenzy Wasp 15 Swarm Vermin
Troglodyte Primitive 15 Humanoid
Vampire Strigoi 15 Undead
Xorn Pylon 15 Outsider
Zombie, Drowned 15 Undead
Zombie Parts, Mangled (Minion Role) 15 Undead
Zombie Beast, Sigma Strain 15 Undead

CR 16

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 16 Blueprint 16
Aboleth Augur 16 Aberration
Aranea Skintrader 16 Magical Beast Shapechanger
Astral Construct, Flashing 16 Construct Outsider
Bugbear Big Boss 16 Fey
Caustic Walker, Corrosive (digester) 16 Magical Beast
Centipede, Huge Gruesome 16 Vermin
Chimera, Warped 16 Magical Beast
Cockatrice, Insatiable 16 Magical Beast
Coronach 16 Aberration
Destrachan, Keening 16 Magical Beast
Dragon, Greater Blue (Threat Role) 16 Dragon
Dragon, Fearsome Black (Threat Role) 16 Dragon
Drow Toxicant 16 Fey Drow
Duergar Quartermaster 16 Humanoid Duergar
Elf, Wild Interloper 16 Fey
Giant, Athach Smasher (Heavy Role) 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Raider 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant 16 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Hill Giant Shaman 16 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Stone Giant Bear Handler 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Flesh Parody (Heavy Role) 16 Construct
Green Slime, Astringent 16 Ooze
Hag, Green 16 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Hellcat 16 Outsider Devil
Hezrou 16 Outsider Demon
Hindrell 16 Aberration
Lich (Tank Role) 16 Tank Undead
Medusa, Corona 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Minotaur, Performing 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Oni, Anmo 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Rakshasa Mushir 16 Outsider Native
Remorhaz, Blazing 16 Magical Beast
Renkir, Jungle 16 Magical Beast
Rot Fly Piercer 16 Vermin
Satyr Diviner 16 Fey
Scorpionfolk Stormcaller 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Scythe Tree 16 Plant
Shocker Lizard, Mottled 16 Magical Beast
Swarm, Tenacious Stirge 16 Swarm Vermin
Temporal Filcher 16 Aberration
Treant, Thistle Sage 16 Plant
Troll, Ash 16 Monstrous Humanoid
Wasp, Soothing 16 Vermin
Wraith, Dread 16 Undead
Yeti Albino 16 Monstrous Humanoid

CR 17

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 17 Blueprint 17
Aboleth Lasher 17 Aberration
Astral Construct, Glinting 17 Construct Outsider
Azer Lunatic 17 Outsider Fire
Banshee 17 Undead
Bearded Devil 17 Outsider Devil
Behir, Electric 17 Magical Beast
Black Pudding, Corpulent 17 Ooze
Chaos Beast (Tank Role) 17 Outsider
Dragon, Greater Red (Threat Role) 17 Dragon
Dragon, Fearsome Green (Threat Role) 17 Dragon
Dragon, Savage White (Threat Role) 17 Dragon
Drider Freak (Heavy Role) 17 Aberration
Dromite Plague-Singer 17 Vermin
Elemental, Puissant 17 Outsider
Elf, Aquatic Abyssal 17 Fey
Ephagis Soul-Eater 17 Aberration
Ettin Stonefather (Heavy Role) 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Gargoyle, Ageless 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Picker 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Bear Guide 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Reaver 17 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Hill Giant Chieftain 17 Humanoid Giant
Giant, Stone Giant Warrior 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Girallon, Silverback 17 Magical Beast
Harpy, Raptor 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Hellhound, Incandescent 17 Outsider
Hydra, Sylvan (Shooter Role) 17 Magical Beast
Intellect Devourer Enslaver 17 Aberration
Jann, Coquina 17 Outsider
Leonal (Sneak Role) (Giant Lion) 17 Animal
Maenad, Rabid 17 Humanoid
Manticore, Barbed 17 Magical Beast
Minotaur, Feral (Heavy Role) 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Mummy, Pestilence of Khepri 17 Undead
Nymph, Arethusan 17 Fey
Otyugh, Squalid 17 Aberration
Owlbear, Cave 17 Magical Beast
Sahuagin Fanatic 17 Aberration
Scorpion, Ragged 17 Vermin can walk around like people
Skeleton, Deathknight Armsman 17 Undead
Smoke Monster, Venting (Belker) 17 Outsider Air
Souterraine Killer (Roper) 17 Magical Beast
Spider, Colossal 17 Vermin
Troglodyte, Mouthbreather (Heavy Role) 17 Humanoid
Vrock 17 Outsider Demon
Wight, Dire 17 Undead
Worm, Violet 17 Magical Beast
Wyvern, Leatherwing 17 Magical Beast
Xill, Despoiler 17 Outsider
Zombie, Salt 17 Undead
Zombie Parts, Scattered (Minion Role) 17 Undead

CR 18

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 18 Blueprint 18
Aboleth Diviner 18 Aberration
Aranea Silklord 18 Magical Beast Protean
Assassin Tree 18 Plant
Basilisk, Greater Abyssal 18 Outsider Magical Beast
Beetle, Giant Hercules 18 Vermin
Caustic Walker, Pungent (Digester) 18 Magical Beast
Centipede, Gargantuan Monstrous 18 Vermin
Chain Devil 18 Outsider Devil
Doppelganger Consul (Leader Role) 18 Protean
Dragloth, Ebon 18 Aberration Dragon
Dragon, Fearsome Blue (Threat Role) 18 Dragon
Dragon, Savage Black (Threat Role) 18 Dragon
Drow Conspirator 18 Fey
Elf, Wild Invader 18 Fey
Formian Myrmarch 18 Aberration Vermin
Giant, Athach Brother (Heavy Role) 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Savage 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Ursus 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Stone Giant Defender 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Steel (Heavy Role) 18 Construct
Lamia, Ophidian 18 Aberration
Locathah, Argent 18 Outsider
Marilith 18 Outsider Demon
Naga, Dark 18 Magical Beast
Naphrogor 18 Aberration
Ogre, Sage 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Rakshasa Ferik 18 Outsider Native
Scorpionfolk Impaler 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Shadow, Greater 18 Undead
Shield Guardian Towerwarden 18 Construct
Skeleton Champion 18 Undead
Swarm, Impaler Wasp 18 Swarm Vermin
Treant, Infested 18 Plant
Vampire Thrall Attendant (Heavy Role) 18 Humanoid
Vermiurge (Heavy Role) 18 Construct
Wendigo, Hungered 18 Protean
Winter Wolf, Rimejaw 18 Outsider
Xeph 18 Outsider
Xorn Monolith 18 Outsider
Zombie Horde, Tainted Mob 18 Troop Undead

CR 19

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 19 Blueprint 19
Aboleth Slimer 19 Aberration
Allip, Unhinged 19 Outsider
Barbed Devil 19 Outsider Devil
Bebilith 19 Outsider Demon
Canker Beast 19 Aberration
Chaos Beast, Aimless (Tank Role) 19 Outsider
Cockatrice, Rattleboned 19 Magical Beast
Couatl 19 Outsider Native
Delver, Basalt 19 Aberration
Destrachan, Wailing 19 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Butcher (Killer Role) 19 Protean
Dragon, Fearsome Red (Threat Role) 19 Dragon
Dragon, Savage Green (Threat Role) 19 Dragon
Dragon, Terrible White (Threat Role) 19 Dragon
Drider Grotesque (Heavy Role) 19 Aberration
Duergar Collier 19 Humanoid
Eagle, Giant 19 Magical Beast
Gargoyle, Persisting 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Ghost, Headless 19 Undead
Giant, Cloud Giant Scudder 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Soldier 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Artisan 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Berserker 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Stone Giant Sorceror 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Clay Kiln (Heavy Role) 19 Construct
Grey Ooze 19 Ooze
Hag, Night 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Hellhound, Fevered 19 Outsider
Hound, Timbre 19 Aberration
Jann, Bahada 19 Outsider
Lich Soul Collector (Tank Role) 19 Undead
Mummy, Lurker of Sobek (Sneak Role) 19 Undead
Nymph, Syrinx 19 Fey
Oni, Raiju 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Remoraz, Scorching 19 Magical Beast
Renkir, Fen (Grey Render) 19 Magical Beast
Rot Fly Perpetrator 19 Vermin
Sahuagin Corrupter 19 Aberration
Scorpion, Blacktail 19 Vermin
Shambling Mound Darkweald 19 Plant
Shocker Lizard, Patched 19 Magical Beast
Skeleton, Volcanic 19 Undead
Smoke Monster, Expelling (Belker) 19 Outsider Air
Souterraine Ripper (Roper) 19 Magical Beast
Spider, Plummeting 19 Vermin
Troll, Scree 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Patron 19 Undead
Wasp, Rhapsody 19 Vermin
Worm That Walks (Killer Role) 19 Construct
Xeph Swashbuckler 19 Outsider
Zombie, Cavernous 19 Undead
Zombie Parts, Chopped (Minion Role) 19 Undead

CR 20

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 20 Blueprint 20
Aboleth Ooze Lord 20 Aberration
Astral Construct, Lustrous 20 Construct Outsider
Behir, Shocking 20 Magical Beast
Bone Devil 20 Outsider Devil
Caustic Walker, Mordant (Digester) 20 Magical Beast
Centipede, Gargantuan Gruesome 20 Vermin
Dragon, Savage Blue (Threat Role) 20 Dragon
Dragon, Terrible Black (Threat Role) 20 Dragon
Dromite Precursor 20 Vermin
Drow Matriarch (Leader Role) 20 Fey
Elemental, Terrible 20 Outsider
Elf, Aquatic Hadal 20 Fey
Elf, Wild Stranger 20 Fey
Ellour 20 Aberration
Ettin Mastermind (Heavy Role) 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Athach Shitkicker (Threat Role) 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Cloud 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Bruinmaster 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Tree Tamer 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Scald 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Stone Giant Ordinate 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Mithril (Heavy Role) 20 Construct
Intellect Devourer Insinuator 20 Aberration
Maenad, Delirious 20 Humanoid
Medusa, Colossal 20 Monstrous Humanoid
Nalfeshnee 20 Outsider Demon
Phthisic 20 Protean
Rakshasa Agha 20 Outsider Native
Shadow, Manifestation 20 Undead
Skeleton, Deathknight 20 Undead
Spectre 20 Undead
Swarm, Anopheles Stirge 20 Swarm Vermin
Treant, Lofty Crown 20 Plant
Vampire Trueblood 20 Undead
Wight, Brute 20 Undead
Winter Wolf, Boreal 20 Outsider
Worm, Tyrian 20 Magical Beast
Wraith, Stygian 20 Undead
Xeph Holdfast 20 Outsider
Xill, Atrophying 20 Outsider
Zombie Beast, Sigma Strain 20 Undead
Zombie, Twitching 20 Undead
Zombie Parts, Fast (Minion Role) 20 Undead

CR 21

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 21 Blueprint 21
Anaxim, Rusted 21 Construct Outsider
Animated Object, Gargantuan 21 Construct
Chaos Beast, Capricious (Tank Role) 21 Outsider
Dragloth, Sable 21 Aberration Dragon
Dragon, Common Force (Threat Role) 21 Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Imperious White Wyrm (Threat Role) 21 Dragon
Dragon, Savage Red (Threat Role) 21 Dragon
Dragon, Terrible Green (Threat Role) 21 Dragon
Drider Epitome (Heavy Role) 21 Aberration
Dromite Ranger 21 Vermin
Drow Duelist 21 Fey
Gargoyle, Enduring 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Cloud Giant Tornado 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Champion 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Forest Giant Matriarch 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Glacierborn 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Squall 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Glabrezu 21 Outsider Demon
Golem, Stone Chimney (Heavy Role) 21 Construct
Green Slime, Caustic 21 Ooze
Gromp 21 Aberration
Hydra, Pyrophoric (Shooter Role) 21 Magical Beast
Ice Devil 21 Outsider Devil
Jann, Caliche 21 Outsider
Legendary Monster: Great Cat Plains-Ghost 21 Magical Beast
Locathah, Fulgid 21 Outsider
Mu Spore 21 Plant
Mummy, Seer of Khonsu 21 Undead
Nymph, Calliopid 21 Fey
Phasm 21 Aberration
Sahuagin Visionary 21 Aberration
Scorpion, Stiletto 21 Vermin
Skeleton Conqueror 21 Undead
Somber Crool Neophyte 21 Humanoid
Souterraine Strangler (Roper) 21 Magical Beast
Swarm, Torment Wasp 21 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Undead Raven 21 Swarm Undead
Titan, Hill 21 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Thaumaturge 21 Undead
Vampire Thrall Courtier (Heavy Role) 21 Humanoid
Vermiurge, Incomplete (Heavy Role) 21 Construct
Wendigo, Frostblight 21 Protean
Winter Wolf, Hybernal 21 Outsider
Xeph Privateer 21 Outsider
Xorn Trigon 21 Outsider
Zombie, Bloat 21 Undead
Zombie Parts, Engorged (Minion Role) 21 Undead

CR 22

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 22 Blueprint 22
Aboleth Oracle 22 Aberration
Caustic Walker, Vitriolic (Digester) 22 Magical Beast
Centipede, Colossal Monstrous 22 Vermin
Chichimec, Plumaged 22 Outsider Air
Couatl, Stately 22 Outsider Native
Delg 22 Aberration
Destrachan, Shrieking 22 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Eliminator (Killer Role) 22 Protean
Dragon, Imperious Black Wyrm (Threat Role) 22 Dragon
Dragon, Terrible Blue (Threat Role) 22 Dragon
Drow Deepbane 22 Fey
Duergar Cardinal 22 Humanoid
Efreet Fireblade 22 Outsider
Ghost, Poltergeist 22 Undead
Giant, Fire Giant Flametamer 22 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Frost Giant Despot 22 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm 22 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Adamantine (Heavy Role) 22 Construct
Ha-Naga 22 Aberration
Hellhound, Infernal 22 Outsider
Hemorrhagic Pudding 22 Ooze
Horned Devil 22 Outsider Devil
Hound, Thorn 22 Aberration
Intellect Devourer Dominator 22 Aberration
Jourvow 22 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Ursus Mighty Black Bear (Heavy Role) 22 Magical Beast
Lich King (Tank Role) 22 Undead
Manticore, Stormstrike 22 Magical Beast
Oni, Yokai 22 Monstrous Humanoid
Otyugh, Feculent 22 Aberration
Rakshasa Kizlar 22 Outsider Native
Remorhaz, Radiant 22 Magical Beast
Retriever 22 Outsider Demon
Rot Fly Impregnator 22 Vermin
Shadow, Vortex 22 Magical Beast
Shocker Lizard, Striped 22 Magical Beast
Somber Crool Gallant 22 Humanoid
Spider, Crystal 22 Vermin
Thoraxian (Thorciasid) 22 Vermin
Treant, Verdant Copse 22 Plant
Vampire Dread Lord 22 Undead
Wasp, Sonorous 22 Vermin
Witch, Wild 22 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Worm, Frost 22 Magical Beast
Worm That Walks, Helleskrieg Cultist (Killer Role) 22 Construct
Wyvern, Stingtail 22 Magical Beast
Xeph Mariner 22 Outsider

CR 23

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 23 Blueprint 23
Allip, Hysteric 23 Outsider
Anaxim, Broken 23 Construct Outsider
Astral Construct, Glistening 23 Construct Outsider
Behir, Dynamic 23 Magical Beast
Cerebrilith 23 Outsider Demon
Chaos Beast, Feckless (Tank Role) 23 Outsider
Creave 23 Aberration
Dragon, Imperious Green Wyrm (Threat Role) 23 Dragon
Dragon, Greater Force (Threat Role) 23 Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Terrible Red (Threat Role) 23 Dragon
Drider Brute (Heavy Role) 23 Aberration
Droone 23 Aberration
Ettercap Deceiver 23 Aberration
Formian Khan 23 Aberration Vermin
Gargoyle, Timeless 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Cloud Giant Thunderhead 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Fulgurant 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Hurricane 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Kraken, Primal (Threat Role) 23 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Cat Ridge-Leaper 23 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Saw-Backed Thunder Lizard 23 Magical Beast
Maenad, Agitated 23 Humanoid
Magmin, Swiftscorch 23 Outsider
Mummy, Poisoner of Apophis 23 Undead
Nymph, Polyhymnian 23 Fey
Ogre, Forest (Heavy Role) 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Puppeteer Mind Worm 23 Magical Beast
Ravid 23 Outsider
Roc, Hookbeak 23 Magical Beast
Sahuagin Highborn 23 Aberration
Scorpion, Mirror 23 Vermin
Shambling Mound Worldtree 23 Plant
Skeleton, Deathknight Marshall 23 Undead
Somber Crool Serf (Heavy Role) 23 Humanoid
Spectre, Livid 23 Undead
Spider, Hookspine 23 Vermin
Tembrimast 23 Aberration
Titan, Stone 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Vitreolic Slime 23 Ooze
Wight, Winter 23 Undead
Worm, Mauvine 23 Magical Beast
Wraith, Onyx 23 Undead
Xeph Buccaneer 23 Outsider
Xill, Decomposing 23 Outsider
Zombie, Darkened 23 Undead
Zombie Parts, Sundered (Minion Role) 23 Undead

CR 24

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 24 Blueprint 24
Actinick Silverlance 24 Aberration
Balor 24 Outsider Demon
Caustic Walker, Withering (digester) 24 Magical Beast
Centipede, Colossal Gruesome 24 Vermin
Dragloth, Onyx 24 Aberration Dragon
Dragon, Imperious Blue Wyrm (Threat Role) 24 Dragon
Doppelganger Contender 24 Protean
Drow Contriver 24 Fey
Efreet Cinderlord 24 Outsider
Elemental, Supreme 24 Outsider
Formian Brood Mother (Killer Role) 24 Aberration Vermin
Ghost, White Lady 24 Undead
Giant, Cloud Giant Lightstruck 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Death Giant Precursor 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fire Giant Thane 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Iron Grate (Heavy Role) 24 Construct
Grey Ooze, Umbrous 24 Ooze
Hellhound, Sulphurjaw 24 Outsider
Intellect Devourer Tyrant 24 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Brachyurus 24 Magical Beast
Locathah, Relucent 24 Outsider
Malsotrian 24 Aberration
Medusa, Crowned 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Phane, Anachronistic 24 Outsider
Phantom Fungus 24 Plant
Pit Fiend 24 Outsider Devil
Rakshasa Abaza 24 Outsider Native
Ruskinvor Horror 24 Aberration
Shadow, Orb 24 Undead
Skeleton Deathbringer 24 Undead
Somber Crool Hoodlum (Killer Role) 24 Humanoid
Stone Colossus 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Swarm, Goliath Stirge 24 Swarm Vermin
Swarm, Lancer Wasp 24 Swarm Vermin
Thoraxian Flogger (Thorciasid) 24 Vermin
Treant, Arcane Weald 24 Plant
Troll, Badland 24 Monstrous Humanoid
Vermiurge Supplicant (Heavy Role) 24 Construct
Xeph Sky Pirate 24 Outsider
Xorn Spire 24 Outsider
Zombie Horde, Crawling Throng 24 Troop Undead

CR 25

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 25 Blueprint 25
Aboleth Soothsayer 25 Aberration
Anaxim, Battle-Scarred 25 Construct Outsider
Anluin Rictus 25 Aberration
Bonestorm 25 Undead
Chaos Beast, Meaningless (Tank Role) 25 Tank Outsider
Chichimec, Blustered 25 Outsider Air
Couatl, Ornate 25 Outsider Native
Destrachan, Howling 25 Magical Beast
Dragon, Common Prismatic (Threat Role) 25 Threat Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Imperious Red Wyrm (Threat Role) 25 Threat Dragon
Dragon, Fearsome Force (Threat Role) 25 Threat Dragon Outsider
Drider Paragon (Heavy Role) 25 Heavy Aberration
Dromite Colonist 25 Vermin
Drow Regent (Leader Role) 25 Leader Fey
Duergar Dredger 25 Humanoid
Efreet Flamestrider 25 Outsider
Gargoyle, Obdurate 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Cloud Giant Aerialist 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Death 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Wracker 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Gloom, Ebon 25 Humanoid
Golem, Flesh Incarnate (Heavy Role) 25 Heavy Construct
Green Slime, Dessicating 25 Ooze
Hound, Spike 25 Aberration
Hydra, Prismatic (Shooter Role) 25 Shooter Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ape Terrible Mandrill 25 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Cat Jungle-Strider 25 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Ursus Northern Bruin (Heavy Role) 25 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Vorpal Boar 25 Magical Beast
Le Shay, Melancholy 25 Fey
Lich, Arch (Tank Role) 25 Tank Undead
Magmin, Brightfire 25 Outsider
Mummy, Fabler of Bast 25 Undead
Naga, Spirit 25 Aberration
Nymph, Clionean 25 Fey
Ogre, Mountain (Heavy Role) 25 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid
Oni, Byakko 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Remorhaz, Ardent 25 Magical Beast
Rot Fly Procreator 25 Vermin
Sahuagin Chosen 25 Aberration
Scorpion, Moonhunter 25 Vermin
Spider, Death-Head 25 Vermin
Titan, Frost 25 Monstrous Humanoid
Wasp, Dissonance 25 Vermin
Wight, Lava 25 Undead
Witch, Graeae 25 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Worm That Walks, Planes Seeker (Killer Role) 25 Killer Construct
Xeph Rigger 25 Outsider
Zombie Beast, Zeta Strain 25 Undead
Zombie, Void 25 Undead
Zombie Parts, Dismantled (Minion Role) 25 Minion Undead

CR 26

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 26 Blueprint 26
Arch-Fiend, Subordinate 26 Outsider Devil
Astral Construct, Flickering 26 Construct Outsider
Behir, Voltaic 26 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Gleaner 26 Protean
Drow Warden 26 Fey
Dryad, Autumnal 26 Fey
Efreet Pyresinger 26 Outsider
Ettercap Entangler 26 Aberration
Friggyn 26 Aberration
Ghost, Forgotten 26 Undead
Giant, Cloud Giant Parhelion 26 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Death Giant Measurer 26 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Destroyer 26 Monstrous Humanoid
Helleskrieg Flockling 26 Outsider Aberration
Hemorrhagic Pudding, Sanguinary 26 Ooze
Jalk 26 Aberration
Keekoroy 26 Aberration
Kraken, Fey (Threat Role) 26 Threat Magical Beast Fey
Legendary Monster: Deep-Reach Crocodilian 26 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sirrush Smoke-Eater 26 Magical Beast
Maenad, Hysterical 26 Humanoid
Phane, Stasis 26 Outsider
Rakshasa Emin 26 Outsider Native
Roc, Red-Breasted 26 Magical Beast
Shadow, Nightcrawler 26 Undead
Skeleton, Smoky Apocalypse 26 Undead
Somber Crool Coquette 26 Humanoid
Spectre, Vengeance 26 Undead
Thoraxian Thrasher (Thorciasid) 26 Vermin
Treant, Curse Orchard 26 Plant
Wendigo, Skinslough 26 Protean
Winter Wolf, Frostwind 26 Outsider
Worm, Purple Greater 26 Magical Beast
Worm, Royal Purple 26 Magical Beast
Wraith, Starless 26 Undead
Xeph Cutthroat 26 Outsider
Xill, Degrading 26 Outsider

CR 27

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 27 Blueprint 27
Allip, Raving 27 Outsider
Anaxim, Worn 27 Construct Outsider
Azruulian Fiend 27 Aberration
Bodak 27 Undead
Bunjow 27 Aberration
Chaos Beast, Vacuous (Tank Role) 27 Tank Outsider
Doppelganger Athanais 27 Protean
Dragloth, Obsidian 27 Aberration Dragon
Dragon, Greater Prismatic (Threat Role) 27 Threat Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Savage Force (Threat Role) 27 Threat Dragon Outsider
Drider Enormity (Heavy Role) 27 Heavy Aberration
Faerie Ring 27 Plant
Gargoyle, Everlasting 27 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian 27 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Stormcaller 27 Monstrous Humanoid
Gibbering Orb 27 Aberration
Gloom, Atramentous 27 Humanoid
Golem, Steel Furnace (Heavy Role) 27 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg, Superior Flockling 27 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Separator 27 Outsider Aberration
Lamia, Scarabic 27 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Bludgeon-Tailed Thunder Lizard 27 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Cerberus Sentinel 27 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Cat Death-Shadow 27 Magical Beast
Locathah, Auroral 27 Outsider
Magmin, Scorian 27 Outsider
Mummy, Soul-Bearer of Anubis 27 Undead
Muntroc 27 Aberration
Nymph, Terpsichorean 27 Fey
Otyugh, Sloppy 27 Aberration
Scorpion, Soul-Stinger 27 Vermin
Shambling Mound Genesis Germ 27 Plant
Skeleton Desecrator 27 Undead
Somber Crool Rake 27 Humanoid
Spider, Assailant 27 Vermin
Swarm, Skiver Wasp 27 Swarm Vermin
Titan, Fire 27 Monstrous Humanoid
Vermiurge Vessal (Heavy Role) 27 Heavy Construct
Vitreolic Slime, Viscous 27 Ooze
Worm, Volcano 27 Magical Beast
Xeph Corsair 27 Outsider
Xorn Pyramid 27 Outsider
Zombie, Wretched 27 Undead
Zombie Parts, Virulent (Minion Role) 27 Minion Undead

CR 28

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 28 Blueprint 28
Aboleth Prophesier 28 Aberration
Animated Object, Colossal 28 Construct
Arch-Fiend, Ordinate 28 Outsider Devil
Chichimec, Simurgh 28 Outsider Air
Couatl, Gilded 28 Outsider Native
Destrachan, Screaming 28 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Meliton 28 Protean
Dreamtree Scion 28 Plant
Drow Deceiver 28 Fey
Duergar Overseer 28 Humanoid
Efreet Karadjin 28 Outsider
Elemental, Invincible 28 Outsider
Ghost, Forlorn 28 Undead
Giant, Death Giant Quieter 28 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Slaver 28 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Storm Giant Khan 28 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Clay Ziggurat (Heavy Role) 28 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg Manipulator 28 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Flockling 28 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Separator 28 Outsider Aberration
Hellhound, Brimstone 28 Outsider
Hound, Quill 28 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Karkaradon Hammerhead 28 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Salt-Maw Crocodilian 28 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Tearing Devilsaur (Threat Role) 28 Threat Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Ursus Long-Faced Bear (Heavy Role) 28 Heavy Magical Beast
Le Shay, Doleful 28 Fey
Mecrin 28 Aberration
Medusa, Queenly 28 Monstrous Humanoid
Naga Abomination (Heavy Role) 28 Heavy Aberration
Neh-Thalggu 28 Aberration
Nihilian Unmaker 28 Aberration
Ordinial Exalted 28 Aberration
Phane Annalist 28 Outsider
Rakshasa Hajji 28 Outsider Native
Remorhaz, Fervent 28 Magical Beast
Rot Fly Penetrator 28 Vermin
Shadow, Nightshade 28 Undead
Somber Crool Nihilist (Tank Role) 28 Tank Humanoid
Thoraxian Flayer (Thorciasid) 28 Vermin
Treant, Last Stand 28 Plant
Vampire Thrall Faithful (Heavy Role) 28 Heavy Humanoid
Wasp, Cacophony 28 Vermin
Wight, Doom 28 Undead
Witch, Morai 28 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Worm, Frost Greater 28 Magical Beast
Worm That Walks, Powermonger (Killer Role) 28 Killer Construct
Xeph Navigator 28 Outsider

CR 29

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 29 Blueprint 29
Anaxim, Wrecked 29 Construct Outsider
Apocalypse Slime, Bellicose 29 Ooze
Astral Construct, Glossy 29 Construct Outsider
Behir, Energetic 29 Magical Beast
Chaos Beast, Fickle (Tank Role) 29 Tank Outsider
Delver, Deep 29 Aberration
Demi-Lich (Tank Role) 29 Tank Undead
Doppelganger Hagunemnon (Killer Role) 29 Killer Protean
Dragon, Fearsome Prismatic (Threat Role) 29 Threat Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Terrible Force (Threat Role) 29 Threat Dragon Outsider
Drider Exemplar (Heavy Role) 29 Heavy Aberration
Drow Malignant 29 Fey
Ettercap Stalker 29 Aberration
Gargoyle, Perpetual 29 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Death Giant Peacegiver 29 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Skindancer 29 Monstrous Humanoid
Gloom, Caliginous 29 Humanoid
Golem, Mithril Hearth (Heavy Role) 29 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg, Majestic Flockling 29 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Separator 29 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Manipulator 29 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Taiga 29 Outsider Aberration
Hydra, Celestial (Shooter Role) 29 Shooter Magical Beast
Kraken, Abyssal (Threat Role) 29 Threat Magical Beast Demon
Legendary Monster: Great Ape White Gorilla 29 Magical Beast
Maenad, Maniacal 29 Humanoid
Magmin, Smolderash 29 Outsider
Marid, Tempered 29 Outsider
Mummy, Ataxian of Set 29 Undead
Nymph, Eratonean 29 Fey
Pyndrig 29 Aberration
Roc, Great Snowy 29 Magical Beast
Scorpion, Blight 29 Vermin
Somber Crool Looter (Sneak Role) 29 Sneak Humanoid
Spectre, Enraged 29 Undead
Spider, Bloodweb 29 Vermin
Titan, Cloud 29 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Immortal 29 Undead
Wendigo, Winterscarred 29 Protean
Worm, Phlox 29 Magical Beast
Wraith, Void-Walker 29 Undead
Xeph Bosun 29 Outsider
Xill, Vandal 29 Outsider
Xixecal, Glacial (Threat Role) 29 Threat Outsider
Zombie, Lumbering 29 Undead
Zombie Parts, Angered (Minion Role) 29 Minion Undead

CR 30

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 30 Blueprint 30
Arch-Fiend, Superior 30 Outsider Devil
Astral Construct, Scintillating 30 Construct Outsider
Atropal 30 Outsider Undead
Dragloth, Sombre 30 Aberration Dragon
Drow Sovereign (Leader Role) 30 Leader Fey
Gavalian Taskmaster 30 Aberration
Giant, Death Giant Gravedigger 30 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Flenser 30 Monstrous Humanoid
Golem, Stone Ballast (Heavy Role) 30 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg, Majestic Separator 30 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Manipulator 30 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Taiga 30 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Verdant 30 Outsider Aberration
Hellhound, World-Burner 30 Outsider
Infernal 30 Outsider
Legendary Monster: Brine-Gullet Crocodilian 30 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ophidian Javelin Viper 30 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Karkaradon Pikejaw 30 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sirrush Fire-Eye 30 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sky Tyrant Great Hawk (Heavy Role) 30 Heavy Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Swollen Great Toad 30 Magical Beast
Locathah, Limpid 30 Outsider
Medusa, Titanic 30 Monstrous Humanoid
Neh-Thalggu, Horrible 30 Aberration
Neothelid 30 Aberration
Phane Historian 30 Outsider
Rakshasa Pasha 30 Outsider Native
Shadow, Nightwing 30 Undead
Skeleton, Hellknight 30 Outsider Undead
Somber Crool Belle 30 Humanoid
Swarm, Auger Wasp 30 Swarm Vermin
Thoraxian Flenser (Thorciasid) 30 Vermin
Thunderbird 30 Magical Beast
Treant, Fel Thicket 30 Plant
Uvuudaum 30 Outsider
Vermiurge, Vacant (Heavy Role) 30 Heavy Construct
Xeph Captain 30 Outsider
Xorn Cairn 30 Outsider
Wight, Catastrophe 30 Undead
Winter Wolf, Glacierfang 30 Outsider
Zombie Beast, Epsilon Strain 30 Undead
Zombie Horde, Emaciated Host 30 Troop Undead

CR 31

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 31 Blueprint 31
Aboleth Predictor 31 Aberration
Anaxim, Ruined 31 Construct Outsider
Atropal Annihilator 31 Outsider Undead
Bonefield 31 Undead
Chaos Beast, Drifting (Threat Role) 31 Threat Outsider
Chichimec, Windswept 31 Outsider Air
Couatl, Resplendent 31 Outsider Native
Cyzrix, Runemarked 31 Aberration
Doppelganger Realmwalker 31 Protean
Dragon, Imperious Force Wyrm (Threat Role) 31 Threat Dragon Outsider
Dragon, Savage Prismatic (Threat Role) 31 Threat Dragon Outsider
Drashnar 31 Aberration
Dreamtree 31 Plant
Drider Immaculate (Heavy Role) 31 Heavy Aberration
Drow Champion 31 Fey
Duergar Sapper 31 Humanoid
Flesh Colossus (Heavy Role) 31 Heavy Construct
Gargoyle, Endless 31 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Death Giant Noble 31 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Whisperer 31 Monstrous Humanoid
Gloom, Sable 31 Humanoid
Golem, Adamantine Forge (Heavy Role) 31 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg, Majestic Manipulator 31 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Taiga 31 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Verdant 31 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Frostbound 31 Outsider Aberration
Hemorrhagic Pudding, Engorged 31 Ooze
Hound, Spine 31 Aberration
K'thol 31 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Brachyurus Fenris-Kin 31 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Cerberus Legion-Head 31 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Spear-Faced Thunder Lizard 31 Magical Beast
Le Shay, Woebegone 31 Fey
Magmin, Ebon 31 Outsider
Marid, Galvanic 31 Outsider
Mummy, Judge of Ma'at 31 Undead
Nymph, Aegeirus 31 Fey
Rot Fly Insinuator 31 Vermin
Skeleton, Smoky Annihilation 31 Undead
Somber Crool Lothario 31 Humanoid
Spider, Delirium 31 Vermin
Swarm, Shadow 31 Swarm Troop
Vampire Thrall Disciple (Heavy Role) 31 Heavy Humanoid
Witch, Fate 31 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Worm That Walks, Appointed (Killer Role) 31 Killer Construct
Xixecal, Arctic (Threat Role) 31 Threat Outsider
Zombie, Leaping 31 Undead
Zombie Parts, Floating (Minion Role) 31 Minion Undead

CR 32

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 32 Blueprint 32
Astral Construct, Gleaming 32 Construct Outsider
Atropal Enervator 32 Outsider Undead
Behir, Intense 32 Magical Beast
Demi-Lich Soul Collector (Tank Role) 32 Tank Undead
Doppelganger Imperatrix (Leader Role) 32 Leader Protean
Dragloth, Stygian 32 Aberration Dragon
Elemental, Overlord 32 Outsider
Giant, Fomaorian Jailer 32 Monstrous Humanoid
Helleskrieg, Majestic Taiga 32 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Verdant 32 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Frostbound 32 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Inferno 32 Outsider Aberration
Kraken, Hadean (Threat Role) 32 Threat Magical Beast Devil
Legendary Monster: Gorge-Belly Crocodilian 32 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Karkaradon Great White 32 Magical Beast
Maenad, Corybantic 32 Humanoid
Maugdra 32 Aberration
Medusa, Empress 32 Monstrous Humanoid
Neh-Thalggu, Grotesque 32 Aberration
Otyugh, Reeking 32 Aberration
Phaethon, Hateful (Threat Role) 32 Threat Outsider Fire
Phane, Untouched 32 Outsider
Rakshasa Mehmed 32 Outsider Native
Shadow, Nightwalker 32 Magical Beast
Skeleton, Hellknight Charioteer 32 Outsider Undead
Solarian Waspine Dancer 32 Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Prospectarch (Sneak Role) 32 Sneak Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Vandal (Heavy Role) 32 Heavy Humanoid
Spectre, Grudge 32 Undead
Thoraxian Scourge (Thorciasid) 32 Vermin
Titan, Storm 32 Monstrous Humanoid
Treant, Dusk Bracken 32 Plant
Vampire, Primeval 32 Undead
Wight, Quiescent 32 Undead
Worm, Starblind 32 Magical Beast
Xill, Vitiate 32 Outsider

CR 33

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 33 Blueprint 33
Anaxim, Junked 33 Construct Outsider
Apocalypse Slime, Ravenous 33 Ooze
Atropal, Ravenous 33 Outsider Undead
Chaos Beast, Vagrant (Threat Role) 33 Threat Outsider
Dragon, Terrible Prismatic (Threat Role) 33 Threat Dragon Outsider
Drider Monstrosity (Heavy Role) 33 Heavy Aberration
Gambrian Bog Fiend 33 Aberration
Gargoyle, Eternal 33 Monstrous Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Excruciator 33 Monstrous Humanoid
Gloom, Tenebrous 33 Humanoid
Golem, Iron Chain (Heavy Role) 33 Heavy Construct
Hawmord Phasm 33 Aberration
Helleskrieg, Majestic Verdant 33 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Frostbound 33 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Inferno 33 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Juggernaut 33 Outsider Aberration
Hydra, Void (Shooter Role) 33 Shooter Magical Beast
Infernal General 33 Outsider
Legendary Monster: Buboed Great Toad 33 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Eel Thunder-Lance 33 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ophidian Dune-Span Sidewinder 33 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Lunging Devilsaur (Threat Role) 33 Threat Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sky Tyrant Gaze Owl (Heavy Role) 33 Heavy Magical Beast
Locathah, Illumined 33 Outsider
Magmin, Anthracite 33 Outsider
Marid, Annealed 33 Outsider
Mummy, Radiant of Ra 33 Undead
Nymph, Thalian 33 Fey
Ogre, Giant (Heavy Role) 33 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid Aberration
Solarian Waspine Internuncio 33 Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Ordinariate (Sneak Role) 33 Sneak Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Gangster (Leader Role) 33 Leader Humanoid
Spider, Timeslip 33 Vermin
Swarm, Riveter Wasp 33 Swarm Vermin
Thunderbird, Yrthak 33 Magical Beast
Twilight Mushrooms 33 Plant
Vermiurge, Prepared (Heavy Role) 33 Heavy Construct
Xixecal, Rimed (Threat Role) 33 Threat Outsider
Xorn Cenotaph 33 Outsider
Zombie, Starlight 33 Undead
Zombie Parts, Disintegrating (Minion Role) 33 Minion Undead

CR 34

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 34 Blueprint 34
Aboleth Seer 34 Aberration
Astral Construct, Radiating 34 Construct Outsider
Atropal Malcontent 34 Outsider Undead
Chichimec, Tussocked 34 Outsider Air
Couatl, August 34 Outsider Native
Doppelganger Spasmodic (Killer Role) 34 Killer Protean
Dragloth, Starless 34 Aberration Dragon
Dreamtree Grove 34 Plant
Duergar Black Priest 34 Humanoid
Giant, Fomaorian Headsman 34 Monstrous Humanoid
Helleskrieg, Majestic Frostbound 34 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Inferno 34 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Juggernaut 34 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Denizen 34 Outsider Aberration
Krast 34 Aberration
Legendary Monster: Great Ape Sapient Baboon 34 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Karkaradon Megalodon 34 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sirrush Silvercrown 34 Magical Beast
Le Shay, Tragic 34 Fey
Marid, Forged 34 Outsider
Neh-Thalggu, Dreadful 34 Aberration
Phaethon, Vicious (Threat Role) 34 Threat Outsider Fire
Phane Observer 34 Outsider
Rakshasa Riyad 34 Outsider Native
Rot Fly Conceiver 34 Vermin
Solarian Waspine Theocrat (Leader Role) 34 Leader Aberration Outsider
Thoqqua 34 Outsider
Treant, Orphic Hedge 34 Plant
Troll, Mountain 34 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Thrall Witness (Heavy Role) 34 Heavy Humanoid
Wendigo, Croatoan 34 Protean
Wight, Star Stricken 34 Undead Outsider
Witch, Cailleach 34 Monstrous Humanoid Fey
Worm That Walks, Narcissist (Killer Role) 34 Killer Construct

CR 35

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 35 Blueprint 35
Anaxim, Demolished 35 Construct Outsider
Atropal Drifter 35 Outsider Undead
Behir, Amperic 35 Magical Beast
Chaos Beast, Lawless (Threat Role) 35 Threat Outsider
Demi-Lich Magus (Tank Role) 35 Tank Undead
Djinn, Lustrous 35 Outsider
Dragon, Imperious Prismatic Wyrm (Threat Role) 35 Threat Dragon Outsider
Dyschordian 35 Aberration
Giant, Fomaorian Sightless 35 Monstrous Humanoid
Gloom, Fuligin 35 Humanoid
Helleskrieg, Majestic Inferno 35 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Juggernaut 35 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Denizen 35 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Pinioned 35 Outsider Aberration
Kraken, Madness (Threat Role) 35 Threat Magical Beast Aberration
Legendary Monster: Cerberus Curse-Maw 35 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ophidian Avalanche Rattler 35 Magical Beast
Lurchat Mauler 35 Aberration
Maenad Raving One 35 Humanoid
Mummy, Sword of Horus (Killer Role) 35 Killer Undead
Rast 35 Aberration
Rendoril 35 Aberration
Skeleton, Hellknight Vanquisher 35 Outsider Undead
Solarian Waspine Initiate 35 Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Ordinariarch (Killer Role) 35 Killer Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Siren 35 Humanoid
Spectre, Omen 35 Undead
Spider, Shattermind 35 Vermin
Titan, Death 35 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire, Apotheotic 35 Undead
Worm, Volcano Greater 35 Magical Beast
Xill, Warper 35 Outsider
Xixecal, Gelid (Threat Role) 35 Threat Outsider
Zombie Beast, Gamma Strain 35 Undead
Zombie, Tenebrous 35 Undead
Zombie Parts, Umbral (Minion Role) 35 Minion Undead

CR 36

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 36 Blueprint 36
Apocalypse Slime, Pestilential 36 Ooze
Atropal Stygian 36 Outsider Undead
Dragloth, Midnight 36 Aberration Dragon
Dream Larva 36 Vermin
Golem, Steel Strand (Heavy Role) 36 Heavy Construct
Gundriss 36 Aberration
Helleskrieg, Majestic Juggernaut 36 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Denizen 36 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Pinioned 36 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Slumberer 36 Outsider Aberration
Infernal Overlord 36 Outsider
Legendary Monster: Great Eel Ship-Breaker 36 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Prismasaurus 36 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sky Tyrant Whale-Fisher (Heavy Role) 36 Heavy Magical Beast
Lyopur 36 Aberration
Medusa, Goddess 36 Monstrous Humanoid
Neh-Thalggu, Atrocious 36 Aberration
Phaethon, Wicked (Threat Role) 36 Threat Outsider Fire
Phane Witness 36 Outsider
Rakshasa Nizari 36 Outsider Native
Roust Beast 36 Aberration
Scorrel 36 Aberration
Shape of Fire 36 Undead
Shadow of the Void 36 Undead
Skeleton, Smoky Hecatomb 36 Undead
Solarian Waspine Maestro (Leader Role) 36 Leader Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Nunciarch (Shooter Role) 36 Shooter Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Libertine 36 Humanoid
Swarm, Gimlet Wasp 36 Swarm Vermin
Thunderbird, Crested 36 Magical Beast
Treant, Stonewood 36 Plant
Vermiurge, Embryonic (Heavy Role) 36 Heavy Construct
Xorn Pinnacle 36 Outsider

CR 37

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 37 Blueprint 37
Anaxim, Ruptured 37 Construct Outsider
Astral Construct, Coruscating 37 Construct Outsider
Chaos Beast, Erratic (Threat Role) 37 Threat Outsider
Chichimec, Tempestuous 37 Outsider Air
Djinn, Scintillating 37 Outsider
Dryad, Kaltergrift 37 Fey
Elemental, Absolute 37 Outsider
Gloom, Stygian 37 Humanoid
Grost 37 Aberration
Helleskrieg, Majestic Denizen 37 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Pinioned 37 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Slumberer 37 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Wormking 37 Outsider Aberration
Hydra, Primordial (Shooter Role) 37 Shooter Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Mountain Turtle (Threat Role) 37 Threat Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Mountaintop Great Toad 37 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sprinting Devilsaur (Threat Role) 37 Threat Magical Beast
Moungean 37 Aberration
Otyugh, Giant Foul 37 Aberration
Solarian Waspine Slayer (Heavy Role) 37 Heavy Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Ruffian (Heavy Role) 37 Heavy Humanoid
Spider, Marionette 37 Vermin
Worm, Heliotrope 37 Magical Beast
Xixecal, Boreal (Threat Role) 37 Threat Outsider
Zombie, Starburned 37 Undead
Zombie Parts, Aberrant (Minion Role) 37 Minion Undead

CR 38

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 38 Blueprint 38
Atropal Dominator 38 Outsider Undead
Demi-Lich Despot (Tank Role) 38 Tank Undead
Devastation Vermin: Gorge Fly (Heavy Role) 38 Heavy Vermin
Devastation Vermin: Havok Grub (Shooter Role) 38 Shooter Vermin
Gibbering Sea 38 Aberration
Golem, Mithril Manacle (Heavy Role) 38 Heavy Construct
Helleskrieg, Majestic Pinioned 38 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Slumberer 38 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Wormking 38 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Worldshadow 38 Outsider Aberration
Kraken, Leviathan 38 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ape King Silverback 38 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Ophidian Juggernaught Python 38 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sirrush Stone-Ripper 38 Magical Beast
Neh-Thalggu, Terrible 38 Aberration
Orphari 38 Aberration
Ossangral 38 Aberration
Phaethon, Spiteful (Threat Role) 38 Threat Outsider Fire
Phane, Invariant 38 Outsider
Skeleton, Hellknight Lord 38 Outsider Undead
Solarian Waspine Sage (Tank Role) 38 Tank Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Thesauriarch (Shooter Role) 38 Shooter Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Agitator (Killer Role) 38 Killer Humanoid
Treant, Ironbark 38 Plant

CR 39

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 39 Blueprint 39
Anaxim, Smashed 39 Construct Outsider
Apocalypse Slime, Mortiferous 39 Ooze
Devastation Vermin: Moonsting Scorpion (Killer Role) 39 Killer Vermin
Devastation Vermin: Plane-Creeper Centipede (Sneak Role) 39 Sneak Vermin
Devastation Vermin: Titan Beetle (Tank Role) 39 Tank Vermin
Djinn, Faceted 39 Outsider
Gloom, Aphotic 39 Humanoid
Helleskrieg, Majestic Slumberer 39 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Wormking 39 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Worldshadow 39 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg Lord 39 Outsider Aberration
Infernal Master 39 Outsider
Legendary Monster: Cerberus Wall-Crusher 39 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Great Eel Tide-Bringer 39 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Leviathan (Threat Role) 39 Threat Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Sky Tyrant Wyrm-Killer (Heavy Role) 39 Heavy Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Three Crowned Beast (Threat Role) 39 Threat Magical Beast
Septiloc 39 Aberration
Solarian Waspine Champion (Heavy Role) 39 Heavy Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Initiarch (Leader Role) 39 Leader Aberration Outsider
Somber Crool Dignitary (Leader Role) 39 Leader Humanoid
Spider, Sun-Eater 39 Vermin
Umbral Blot 39 Construct
Worm, Starblind Greater 39 Magical Beast
Xixecal, Hyperboreal 39 Outsider
Zombie, Frostburned 39 Undead
Zombie Parts, Chilled (Minion Role) 39 Minion Undead

CR 40

Creature Name CR Role Type Subtype
*CR 40 Blueprint 40
Atropal Mentor 40 Outsider Undead
Caller in the Darkness 40 Protean
Chichimec, Pinioned 40 Outsider Air
Devastation Vermin: Dawn Wasp (Killer Role) 40 Killer Vermin
Devastation Vermin: Lunar Moth (Threat Role) 40 Threat Vermin
Devastation Vermin: Vortex Spider (Heavy Role) 40 Heavy Vermin
Djinn, Crowned 40 Outsider
Garuda Bird 40 Magical Beast
Genius Loci (Threat Role) 40 Threat Ooze
Golem, Adamantine Hook (Heavy Role) 40 Heavy Construct
Hecatoncheires (Threat Role) 40 Threat Outsider
Helleskrieg, Majestic Wormking 40 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, True Worldshadow 40 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Superior Lord 40 Outsider Aberration
Helleskrieg, Tyrant 40 Outsider Aberration
Legendary Monster: Great Ophidian Sun-Shade Cobra 40 Magical Beast
Legendary Monster: Terrasque (Threat Role) 40 Threat Magical Beast
Medusa, Stonemaiden 40 Monstrous Humanoid
Phaethon, Malignant (Threat Role) 40 Threat Outsider Fire
Phane Chronicler 40 Outsider
Primordial Phage 40 Undead
Ruin Swarm 40 Swarm
Solarian Waspine Prince (Killer Role) 40 Killer Aberration Outsider
Solarian Waspine Andromach (Threat Role) 40 Threat Aberration Outsider
Sphinx (Threat Role) 40 Threat Magical Beast
Treant, Petrified 40 Plant
Tynde 40 Aberration
Zombie Beast, Alpha Strain 40 Undead
Zombie Horde, Pestilential Legion 40 Troop Undead