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Better kill it quick....

The Bestiary is intended as a GM resource! For the 'purest' gaming experience, players should not read, study, and make obsessive notes on the monsters listed here, and especially, should not memorize all the special powers, back story, and other details.

But come on, we know we ALL do it, at least a little.

Now, if you do decide to take a peek into the bestiary, this opens up discussions about role play, metagaming, and fog of war. In a nutshell, it is generally considered 'poor form' to act on information you got from peeking, while you are later playing at the gaming table. Now, once you have fought some monsters, and especially after you've made some lore checks, yes, you are usually allowed to look at the monster entries. You should ask the GM first, and don't be too surprised if the writeup doesn't exactly match the bad guys you just fought. The GM can and should change as much or as little as they want to make things fun, and Epic Path offers many mechanisms to allow GM's to do exactly that.

So, even if you've read all of these entries, don't think you have a handle on all the bad guys out there! Be wary, fight hard, and play fair, and everything will work out right in the end.

The Million Monster Machine

Now, below we present a link to an automated monster generator we call the Million Monster Machine. In truth, all the monsters presented here at the Bestiary are just blueprints. Rough outlines, with their basic power levels tuned carefully to the level they are assigned in the bestiary. But, if you look at the bottom of each monster blueprint page, you will note a list of all the CR's (levels) that monster is considered to be suitable for. Some monsters have a much wider range of levels than others!

Well, that's all well and good, but how do you get the actual stats for a level 20 kobold?

The answer is the Million Monster Machine webpage, linked for your pleasure below. Observe:

Using the MMM is deliberately very simple. If you want a CR4 monster, simply open the MMM page, use the drop-down list to pick the CR you want, and you will get a list of EVERY monster blueprint that can be used at that level. Pick your monster, click the button, and you will get a webpage URL with that exact monster, custom-tuned to match the exact level that you want.

But that's just the beginning! The Million Monster Machine has more drop-down fields, that allow you to also add Roles and up to two Patterns to every monster. If you need a custom monster, we strongly advise creative GM's to read and explore the 'Patterns and Roles' page, also linked below, to discover the literally millions of possible monsters YOU can build for YOUR game!

Watch This Space!

Epic Path is still under active development! One of the ways we're constantly expanding the game is the addition of new and exciting monsters. Below are some links we're using to guide that development, so keep an eye on this space!


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CR 1

Creature Name CR Role Type
Darkmantle Lore 1 Magical Beast
Debased Girallon Lore 1 Magical Beast
Decrepit Skeleton Lore 1 Undead
Falx Beast Lore 1 Aberration
Fevered Rat Lore 1 Swarm Animal
Fire Beetle Lore 1 Vermin
Giant Centipede Lore 1 Vermin
Goblin Lore 1 Fey
Goblin Cutthroat Lore 1 Fey
Grimlock Dweller Lore 1 Monstrous Humanoid
Hairy Spider Lore 1 Swarm Vermin
Human Goon Lore 1 Humanoid
Kobold Skirmisher Lore 1 Humanoid
Kobold Slinger Lore 1 Humanoid
Lemure Lore 1 Outsider
Mimic Lore 1 Legend Aberration
Sahuagin Cultist Lore 1 Monstrous Humanoid
Saw Beetle Nymph Lore 1 Vermin
Shrieker Lore 1 Plant
Small Air Elemental Lore 1 Outsider
Small Water Elemental Lore 1 Outsider
Starving Hyena Lore 1 Animal
Stirge Lore 1 Vermin
Tiny Animated Object Lore 1 Construct
Troglodyte Cave-Dweller Lore 1 Humanoid

CR 2

Creature Name CR Role Type
Boar Lore 2 Animal
Dire Bat Lore 2 Magical Beast
Dire Rat Lore 2 Vermin
Gargant Sifter Lore 2 Vermin
Giant Bombardier Beetle Lore 2 Vermin
Goblin Berserker Lore 2 Fey
Goblin Firetamer Lore 2 Fey
Guard Drake Lore 2 Magical Beast
Hyena Lore 2 Animal
Lanternmoss Lore 2 Plant
Least Dretch Lore 2 Outsider
Makeshift Junk Golem Lore 2 Threat Construct
Monstrous Woolly Centipede Lore 2 Vermin
Norker Vagabond Lore 2 Humanoid
Small Earth Elemental Lore 2 Outsider
Thought Eater Lore 2 Outsider
Zombie Lore 2 Undead
Zombie Parts Lore 2 Minion Undead

CR 3

Creature Name CR Role Type
Allip Lore 3 Undead
Blood Roses Lore 3 Plant
Constituent, Lowly Lore 3 Monstrous Humanoid
Crocodile Lore 3 Animal
Cruel Bandit Lore 3 Humanoid
Doppelganger Lore 3 Protean
Drow Daywalker Lore 3 Fey
Enormous Scorpion Lore 3 Vermin
Goblin Wolfrider Lore 3 Fey
Haint Lore 3 Undead
Imp Lore 3 Outsider
Intellect Devourer Deadener Lore 3 Aberration
Kobold Warrior Lore 3 Humanoid
Norker Skulk Lore 3 Humanoid
Ochre Jelly Lore 3 Ooze
Orc Raider Lore 3 Humanoid
Pirate Goon Lore 3 Humanoid
Pirate Summoner Lore 3 Humanoid
Saw Beetle Lore 3 Vermin
Skeleton Legionnaire Lore 3 Undead
Small Fire Elemental Lore 3 Killer Outsider

CR 4

Creature Name CR Role Type
Afflicted Zombie Parts Lore 4 Minion Undead
Clockwork Agent Lore 4 Swarm Construct
Corrupted Zombie Lore 4 Undead
Deathjump Spider Lore 4 Vermin
Gelatinous Cube Lore 4 Threat Ooze
Gelatinous Parasite Lore 4 Ooze
Grick Lore 4 Aberration
Hobgoblin Taker Lore 4 Fey
Kobold Draconian Lore 4 Humanoid
Maddened Scraps Lore 4 Vermin
Norker Lore 4 Humanoid
Wildling Assassin Lore 4 Humanoid
Xorn Stanchion Lore 4 Outsider

CR 5

Creature Name CR Role Type
Assassin Vine Lore 5 Plant
Briney Spawnling Lore 5 Monstrous Humanoid
Despicable Troll Lore 5 Humanoid
Dire Boar Lore 5 Animal
Doppelganger Enforcer Lore 5 Protean
Drow Blademaster Lore 5 Fey
Ghoul Lore 5 Undead
Gnoll Huntmaster Lore 5 Humanoid
Maddened Dabbler Lore 5 Humanoid
Medium Air Elemental Lore 5 Outsider
Medium Water Elemental Lore 5 Outsider
Owlbear Lore 5 Magical Beast
Soldier Crab Lore 5 Magical Beast
Will-O-Wisp Lore 5 Aberration
Wispy Shadow Mastiff Lore 5 Outsider
Wraith Lore 5 Undead
Zombie Beast Lore 5 Undead

CR 6

Creature Name CR Role Type
Ankheg Lore 6 Magical Beast
Axe Beak Lore 6 Animal
Bugbear Lore 6 Fey
Burning Skeleton Lore 6 Undead
Deadly Spider Lore 6 Swarm Vermin
Dire Wolf Lore 6 Animal
Dretch Lore 6 Outsider
Drow Consort Lore 6 Fey
Ghast Lore 6 Undead
Hill Giant Scrounger Lore 6 Humanoid
Leatherleaf Lore 6 Plant
Lemure Horror Lore 6 Killer Outsider
Lizardfolk Blood Savage Lore 6 Humanoid
Medium Earth Elemental Lore 6 Outsider
Maddened Thug Lore 6 Humanoid
Orc Warrior Lore 6 Humanoid
Spitting Drake Lore 6 Magical Beast

CR 7

Creature Name CR Role Type
Black Pudding Lore 7 Ooze
Bloody Bones Skeleton Lore 7 Undead
Cockatrice Lore 7 Magical Beast
Doppelganger Overseer Lore 7 Protean
Drider Prototype Lore 7 Heavy Aberration
Flesh Golem Lore 7 Construct
Gnoll Marauder Lore 7 Humanoid
Hellhound Lore 7 Outsider
Lizardfolk Blood Acolyte Lore 7 Humanoid
Medium Fire Elemental Lore 7 Killer Outsider
Otyugh Lore 7 Aberration
Rot Fly Breeder Lore 7 Vermin
Thought Eater Gourmet Lore 7 Outsider

CR 8

Creature Name CR Role Type
Bahairim Missionary Lore 8 Construct
Basilisk Lore 8 Magical Beast
Clockwork Analyst Lore 8 Construct
Constituent, Skilled Lore 8 Monstrous Humanoid
Ettin Exile Lore 8 Heavy Humanoid
Hobgoblin Torturer Lore 8 Fey
Intellect Devourer Confounder Lore 8 Aberration
Lizardfolk Coldblood Lore 8 Humanoid
Maddened Shreds Lore 8 Vermin
Ogre Lore 8 Humanoid
Orc Shaman Lore 8 Humanoid
Phase Spider Lore 8 Vermin
Skeleton Soldier Lore 8 Undead
Vampire Dilettante Lore 8 Undead
Violet Fungus Lore 8 Plant

CR 9

Creature Name CR Role Type
Briney Podlet Lore 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Bulette Lore 9 Threat Magical Beast
Bulette Pup Lore 9 Magical Beast
Cave Troll Lore 9 Monstrous Humanoid
Dire Bear Lore 9 Heavy Animal
Doppelganger Feeder Lore 9 Killer Protean
Dragloth Lore 9 Fey
Gargoyle Lore 9 Humanoid
Gnoll Claw Fighter Lore 9 Humanoid
Hill Giant Lore 9 Humanoid
Large Air Elemental Lore 9 Outsider
Large Water Elemental Lore 9 Outsider
Maddened Speaker Lore 9 Humanoid
Mohrg Lore 9 Undead
Razor Grass Lore 9 Swarm Plant
Vampire Thrall Lore 9 Heavy Humanoid
Velociraptor Lore 9 Animal
Wight Lore 9 Undead

CR 10

Creature Name CR Role Type
Aboleth Mite Lore 10 Aberration
Clay Golem Lore 10 Construct
Cunning Ogre Lore 10 Humanoid
Dire Tiger Lore 10 Animal
Drow Subjugator Lore 10 Fey
Elite Town Guard Lore 10 Swarm Humanoid
Frost Giant Scout Lore 10 Humanoid
Giant Constrictor Snake Lore 10 Magical Beast
Horned Drake Lore 10 Magical Beast
Large Earth Elemental Lore 10 Outsider
Maddened Assassin Lore 10 Humanoid
Moryo Oni Lore 10 Monstrous Humanoid
Orc Battle-Rager Lore 10 Humanoid

CR 11

Creature Name CR Role Type
Blade Spider Lore 11 Vermin
Common White Dragon Lore 11 Threat Dragon
Dretch Lord Lore 11 Outsider
Drow Aggressor Lore 11 Humanoid
Ettin Bonebreaker Lore 11 Heavy Monstrous Humanoid
Fetid Mound Lore 11 Plant
Gnoll War Fang Lore 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Janissary Skeleton Lore 11 Undead
Large Fire Elemental Lore 11 Killer Outsider
Legion Devil Lore 11 Outsider
Maddened Reaver Lore 11 Humanoid
Minotaur Lore 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Naga Malison Lore 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Snowy Dragonborn Lore 11 Monstrous Humanoid
Vampire Strigoi Lore 11 Undead

CR 12

Creature Name CR Role Type
Aranea Lore 12 Magical Beast
Chuul Lore 12 Aberration
Common Black Dragon Lore 12 Threat Dragon
Doppelganger Dictator Lore 12 Protean
Dragon Shadow Lore 12 Swarm Dragon
Frost Giant Lore 12 Humanoid
Hill Giant Warrior Lore 12 Humanoid
Hobgoblin Deceiver Lore 12 Fey
Horde Zombie Lore 12 Swarm Undead
Inferno Skeleton Lore 12 Undead
Maddened Gobbets Lore 12 Vermin
Shadow Mastiff Lore 12 Outsider
Stone Golem Lore 12 Heavy Construct
Tyrannosaurus Lore 12 Animal
Vampire Thrall Toady Lore 12 Heavy Humanoid

CR 13

Creature Name CR Role Type
Common Green Dragon Lore 13 Threat Dragon
Constituent, Powerful Lore 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Cruel Ogre Lore 13 Humanoid
Drider Husk Harvester Lore 13 Heavy Aberration
Fen Hydra Lore 13 Shooter Magical Beast
Fire Giant Picker Lore 13 Humanoid
Hannya Oni Lore 13 Monstrous Humanoid
Huge Air Elemental Lore 13 Outsider
Huge Water Elemental Lore 13 Outsider
Orc Wardrummer Lore 13 Leader Humanoid
Repulsive Ochre Jelly Lore 13 Ooze
Rot Fly Propagator Lore 13 Vermin
Savage Reaver Lore 13 Humanoid
Shadow Lore 13 Undead
Thought Eater Slayer Lore 13 Outsider

CR 14

Creature Name CR Role Type
Behir Lore 14 Magical Beast
Common Blue Dragon Lore 14 Threat Dragon
Drow Strategist Lore 14 Leader Fey
Frost Giant Reaver Lore 14 Humanoid
Gibbering Mouther Lore 14 Aberration
Huge Earth Elemental Lore 14 Outsider
Intellect Devourer Controller Lore 14 Aberration
Living Breath Weapon Lore 14 Outsider
Maddened Mage Lore 14 Humanoid
Purple Worm Lore 14 Heavy Magical Beast
Rage Drake Lore 14 Magical Beast
Suntermaw Lore 14 Aberration
Vampire Bruxa Lore 14 Undead
Vampire Thrall Sycophant Lore 14 Heavy Humanoid

CR 15

Creature Name CR Role Type
Armored Ogre Lore 15 Tank Humanoid
Blazespawn Dragonborn Lore 15 Monstrous Humanoid
Cawtrid Lore 15 Aberration
Common Red Dragon Lore 15 Villain Dragon
Doppelganger Harvester Lore 15 Protean
Fire Giant Lore 15 Humanoid
Goliath Stirge Lore 15 Vermin
Hill Giant Brute Lore 15 Humanoid
Huge Fire Elemental Lore 15 Killer Outsider
Iron Golem Lore 15 Heavy Construct
Maddened Reverend Lore 15 Humanoid
Polar Bear Lore 15 Heavy Animal
Pustulith Lore 15 Outsider
Souterraine Severer Lore 15 Magical Beast

CR 16

Creature Name CR Role Type
Astringent Green Slime Lore 16 Ooze
Drow Militant Lore 16 Fey
Duergar Quartermaster Lore 16 Humanoid
Flashing Astral Construct Lore 16 Construct
Hobgoblin Scourge Lore 16 Fey
Huge Gruesome Centipede Lore 16 Vermin
Jungle Renkir Lore 16 Magical Beast
Lich Lore 16 Tank Undead
Maddened Fanatic Lore 16 Heavy Humanoid
Orc Centurion Lore 16 Humanoid
Soothing Wasp Lore 16 Vermin
Troll Berserker Lore 16 Humanoid

CR 17

Creature Name CR Role Type
Aboleth Lasher Lore 17 Heavy Aberration
Bearded Devil Lore 17 Outsider
Chaos Beast Lore 17 Aberration
Colossal Spider Lore 17 Vermin
Deathknight Armsman Lore 17 Undead
Ebon Dragloth Lore 17 Fey
Fire Giant Soldier Lore 17 Monstrous Humanoid
Frost Giant Ursus Lore 17 Humanoid
Greater Air Elemental Lore 17 Outsider
Greater Water Elemental Lore 17 Outsider
Hill Giant Beast Tamer Lore 17 Humanoid
Jade Scarab Lore 17 Swarm Vermin
Maddened Slivers Lore 17 Vermin
Vampire Nosferatu Lore 17 Undead
Salt Zombie Lore 17 Undead
Scarab-Plague Mummy Lore 17 Villain Undead
Scattered Zombie Parts Lore 17 Minion Undead

CR 18

Creature Name CR Role Type
Aranea Silklord Lore 18 Magical Beast
Assassin Tree Lore 18 Heavy Plant
Bahairim Sadist Lore 18 Heavy Construct
Constituent, Undaunted Lore 18 Monstrous Humanoid
Doppelganger Consul Lore 18 Leader Protean
Drow Fencer Lore 18 Fey
Greater Earth Elemental Lore 18 Outsider
Greater Shadow Lore 18 Shooter Undead
Infested Treant Lore 18 Legend Plant
Ogre Brute Lore 18 Humanoid
Steel Golem Lore 18 Heavy Construct
Stone Giant Defender Lore 18 Tank Humanoid
Thunder Drake Lore 18 Magical Beast
Xeph Lore 18 Monstrous Humanoid

CR 19

Creature Name CR Role Type
Canker Beast Lore 19 Aberration
Fire Giant Forgemaster Lore 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Greater Fire Elemental Lore 19 Killer Outsider
Hill Giant Shaman Lore 19 Humanoid
Maddened Aberrant Lore 19 Humanoid
Rhapsody Wasp Lore 19 Vermin
Scree Troll Lore 19 Monstrous Humanoid
Volcanic Skeleton Lore 19 Undead
Xeph Swashbuckler Lore 19 Monstrous Humanoid

CR 20

Creature Name CR Role Type
Ellour Lore 20 Aberration
Frost Giant Berserker Lore 20 Killer Humanoid
Hobgoblin Agonizer Lore 20 Fey
Intellect Devourer Enslaver Lore 20 Aberration
Orc Warlord Lore 20 Heavy Humanoid
Sand Ooze Lore 20 Ooze
Thought Eater Hunter Lore 20 Outsider
Vicious Raider Lore 20 Humanoid

CR 21

Creature Name CR Role Type
Doppelganger Butcher Lore 21 Killer Protean
Drow Toxicant Lore 21 Fey
Hill Giant Chieftain Lore 21 Humanoid
Maddened Arcanist Lore 21 Humanoid
Mu Spore Lore 21 Legend Plant

CR 22

Creature Name CR Role Type
Frost Giant Glacierborn Lore 22 Heavy Humanoid
Ha-Naga Lore 22 Aberration
Stone Giant Ordinate Lore 22 Sneak Giant

CR 23

Creature Name CR Role Type
Constituent, Valorous Lore 23 Monstrous Humanoid
Fungal Zombie Lore 23 Undead
Maddened Travesty Lore 23 Heavy Aberration

CR 24

Creature Name CR Role Type
Doppelganger Eliminator Lore 24 Killer Protean
Maddened Fragments Lore 24 Vermin

CR 25

Creature Name CR Role Type
Drow Conspirator Lore 25 Humanoid
Intellect Devourer Insinuator Lore 25 Aberration
Maddened Maven Lore 25 Aberration

CR 26

Creature Name CR Role Type
Hobgoblin Scarifier Lore 26 Fey

CR 27

Creature Name CR Role Type
Murderous Marauder Lore 27 Humanoid

CR 28

Creature Name CR Role Type
Constituent, Mythic Lore 28 Monstrous Humanoid
Thought Eater Butcher Lore 28 Outsider

CR 29

Creature Name CR Role Type
Maddened Magnate Lore 29 Heavy Aberration

CR 30

Creature Name CR Role Type
Atropal Lore 30 Outsider
Hellknight Lore 30 Undead
Intellect Devourer Dominator Lore 30 Aberration

CR 31

Creature Name CR Role Type
Maddened Iota Lore 31 Vermin

CR 32

Creature Name CR Role Type
Hobgoblin Woebringer Lore 32 Fey
Maddened Dictat Lore 32 Threat Aberration
Puissant Fire Elemental Lore 32 Killer Outsider

CR 33

Creature Name CR Role Type
Constituent, Legendary Lore 33 Monstrous Humanoid

CR 34

Creature Name CR Role Type
Vicious Phaethon Lore 34 Threat Outsider

CR 35

Creature Name CR Role Type
Intellect Devourer Dictator Lore 35 Aberration

CR 36

Creature Name CR Role Type
Thought Eater Nullifier Lore 36 Outsider

CR 37

Creature Name CR Role Type
Starburned Zombie Lore 37 Undead

CR 38

Creature Name CR Role Type
Ossengral Lore 38 Aberration

CR 39

Creature Name CR Role Type
Invincible Fire Elemental Lore 39 Killer Outsider

CR 40

Creature Name CR Role Type
Garuda Bird Lore 40 Legend Magical Beast