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Feat Name Level Increase Prerequisites Benefit
Immortalization  1 Level 40, Ascension (Feat) Character leaves mortality behind.
Impact Critical Shot BAB +11, Point-Blank Shot (Feat) You can bull rush or trip on a ranged critical hit
Impaling Critical  1 Level 16, Critical Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat) with selected piercing melee weapon May impale and deal extra damage to opponent with a critical hit
Impaling Critical, Improved Level 26, Impaling Critical (Feat), Critical Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat) with selected piercing melee weapon Impaled opponent must succeed at a grapple maneuver to pull your weapon out
Impeccable Pedigree  1 Level 21 You may select an additional major racial trait from your race's list of available traits.
Improved Combat Maneuvers  1 Level 1 +2 feat bonus to Maneuver Offense and Maneuver Defense, inflict extra damage.
Improvised Weapon Mastery BAB +6, <Catch Off-Guard (Feat) -OR- Throw Anything (Feat)> Bonus base weapon damage and improved crit range with improvised weapons.
In Harm's Way Level 16, Bodyguard (Feat) Take the damage of a successful attack upon an adjacent ally
Indomitable Challenge  1 Fighter 26 Immune to some status effects while challenging.
Infinite Deflection  1 Level 26, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Deflect Arrows (Feat), Deflection, Exceptional (Feat) Spend attacks of opportunity from Combat Reflexes to deflect ranged attacks.
Initiative, Improved  1 Level 1 Gain a scaling bonus on initiative checks
Initiative, Superior  1 Level 21, Initiative, Improved (Feat) Gain a +4 training bonus on all initiative checks.
Inspiration, Group Bard Level 1, Bardic Performance class feature Increase the number of creatures affected by your bardic performances by one.
Inspiration, Improved Warlord 1 Warlord adds their class level to the number of temp hit points granted by inspiration
Inspiring Plan Warlord 1, Inspiration class feature Warlord may use their Inspiration class feature out of combat
Intercept Charge Level 1 Intercept a charge made against your partner as an immediate action.
Invincible Warrior  1 Fighter 26, Vivisector tactic Calculate feats like Power Attack (Feat) as though your BAB includes your Combat Edge
Invisible Summons Level 16 Summoned creatures begin the next encounter stealthed and under the effects of Greater Invisibility.
Iron Grip  1 BAB +16, Vice Grip (Feat) All penalties assessed on the Relative Weapon Sizes table are reduced by 4.
Iron Will BAB +1 Grants a scaling bonus (+1 to +4) on Will saves