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A creature with a vaulting speed can bound or leap from place to place on the ground. This has several advantages and limitations over the normal jumping ability provided by the Acrobatics skill.

A creature with vaulting chooses a destination space within the range of their listed speed for vaulting. The destination space must be unblocked and unoccupied. If the destination space is considered difficult terrain, it costs an additional 5 feet of movement to land there. Once a legal destination space has been selected, no acrobatics skill check is required; the creature simply leaves their current space and lands in the destination space.

The vaulting creature does provoke, but only as though they have left the spaces adjacent to their starting space and the spaces adjacent to their destination space. No other spaces of their movement provoke attacks of opportunity. Each move action of a vault is always a straight line, and no turning or avoiding of obstacles can be performed mid-vault.

Vaulting creatures can also leap vertically, up to a maximum of half their vaulting speed. If they wish to exceed this value, they can either perform a double move (increasing their maximum vertical distance to their single-move vaulting speed), or make an acrobatics check to jump (as a move action), like anyone else.

When performing a double-move, a creature with vaulting can either make two distinct jumps, or a single jump up to double their listed speed.

Vaulting creatures which fail to end their turn on the ground will fall, suffering normal falling damage based on their height. Falling is resolved at the end of their turn, and vaulting does not provide any mitigation against falling damage.

  • Prone: A vaulting creature gains no bonuses or defenses against being knocked prone.
  • Difficult Terrain: Only the vaulting creature's destination space is considered when checking for difficult terrain. If it is difficult terrain (or contains difficult terrain, if the vaulting creature is larger than size medium), it costs an additional 5-feet of movement to choose it as the destination space.
  • Permitted Movement: Vaulting creatures are able to charge, and run. However, run cannot be used to move vertically more than a double move would permit (the creature's listed vaulting speed). Vaulting creatures can only make 5-foot steps, or withdraw if they also have a listed Walk speed, by combining the movement types.
  • Overland Travel: Outside of combat, a creature can use vaulting to travel overland at the same pace of a walking creature of the same speed.