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1st	Selective (Feat)
3rd	Point-Blank Shot (Feat) 
5th	Ammo Drop (Feat)
7th	Large Target (Feat)
9th	Splash Weapon Mastery (Feat)
11th	Bomb, Improved (Feat)
13th	Weapon Focus (Feat) - Sling
15th	Prone Slinger (Feat)
17th	Rod Whisperer (Feat)
19th	Dodge (Feat)
21st	Bomb, Mighty (Feat)
23rd	Mobility (Feat)
25th	Shot on the Run (Feat)
27th	Weapon Focus, Greater (Feat) - Sling
29th	Meta-Extract (Feat)
31st	Cataclysm in a Bottle (Feat)
33rd	Annus Mirabilis (Feat)
35th	Empowering Bomb (Feat)


2nd	directed bomb
4th	element bomb 
6th	dispelling bomb
8th	greater mutagen
10th	breath weapon bomb
12th	rudiment bomb
14th	fundament bomb
16th	demolition charge
18th	lesser infusion
20th	explosive bomb
22nd	greater infusion
24th	major infusion
26th	immolation bomb
28th	perfect infusion
30th	mutation mastery
32nd	delayed bomb
34th	vestigial arm

Grand Discoveries

3rd		Infinite Bombs
8th		Hyper Tweaking
13th		Mad Bomber
18th		Persistent Spark
23rd		Carpet Bomber
28th		Soulfire
33rd 		Flesh Warping
33rd		Unborn Horror