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Where Lies The Golden Portal?

A campaign set in the Empire of Celegia, in the Year 99,991 CR.

Welcome to the Realm of Golinden, set in the Windward Marches, the eastern edge of Imperial expansion!

Golinden is a large Realm of many natural splendors. Golinden is not a Hinterland, but it was only a few years ago that Regent Hort Calix was appointed to rule here in The Emperor's Name. Vocat Halix has set about administering the Imperial Edicts and slowly but steadily, civilization is gaining a foothold in the Windward Marches.

The Realm of Golinden is bordered to the north by the hinterland Realm of Kag-Lagran. It is bordered to the south by the hinterland Realm of Durgankoo. Golinden's good neighbor Realms deeper inside the Empire are mighty Glacia-Victrix to the north-east and the wise Realm of XuUgg-Tokk to the south-east.

To the East of Golinden, beyond the new Eastern Veil, lies the Frontier, where there is trouble brewing. Massive convoys of the Imperial Legions have been seen moving through the Eastern Veil for the last few years.

The adventurers find themselves in Golinden, working at various odd jobs in the High Terminus Inn, one of the hundreds of adventurers taverns that have sprung up all over Golinden. Working at the High Terminus gives our intrepid party a free place to lay their weary heads.

Their official duties are light, given their status as heroes, and supervision at the High Terminus is lax, due to the lackadaisical attitude of Madame Gerinter, the fallen noblewoman who owns and runs the tavern. Madame Gerinter makes so much money from the steady flow of powerful adventurers who pass through the High Terminus Inn that she cares little for how well people do their work, she simply hires more staff until the place meets her admittedly easy-going standards.

Truthfully, Madame Gerinter simply likes having a ready supply of handsome young adventurers nearby. Pray you do not catch her eye....

The High Terminus Inn stands at the crossroads of two great Imperial Highways, the mighty Sunward Artery, possibly the largest leyline in the Empire, and the less grand but locally critical Hepanial Connector. In addition to these critical lines, the High Terminus sits astride a notable river headwater which flows east, into the Frontier, and is close to rich mineral deposits, verdant forests, and fruitful swamps.

In the Windward Marches the High Terminus Inn is one of the safest, most cozy spots, but adventure lies literally around every corner here.

And where there is adventure, there are riches! What will our heroes decide to do today?


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Player Characters

(Mark) - Brawler - Arrakanza
(Bob) - Prowler - Human
(Dave) - Bard - Human
(Reese) - Fighter - Half-elf
Ashe Bladestorm
(Rick) - Rogue (Dex) - Bru-kin
(Jen) - Sorcerer - Sylph
(Ed) - Cleric of Lyreth - Vanx
Naja Furanyl
(Jeff) - Alchemist - Vishkanya


Nerium Toth
(Jeff) - Ranger - Arborian

Campaign Information