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Skill feats grant bonuses, or additional ways to use, one or more skills. Characters who feel that skills are a major part of their contribution to their party should consider picking up one or more of these feats. If you wish to specialize in one skill, you may wish to look at the Skill Expert feat, in particular.

Courageous Tier (1-5)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Antagonize (Feat) Level 1, <Diplomacy 1 rank OR Intimidate 1 rank> Use Diplomacy or Intimidate to goad creatures.
Black Marketeer (Feat) Level 1, Barter 1 rank, Diplomacy 1 rank, Knowledge (Local) 1 rank Use black market connections to gather illegal/illicit items.
Runner (Feat) Level 1 Faster walk speed, do not become flat-footed when running, and gain a bonus to running jumps.
Death from Above (Feat) Level 1, Acrobatics 1 rank Gain +2 bonus on attack rolls when attacking from above
Creator (Feat) Level 1, Any <Profession 1 rank, OR, any Bailiwick 3 ranks>. You are able to create magic items using your Bailiwick skill.
Cosmopolitan (Feat) Level 1 Read and speak two additional languages, gain one new natural talent skill
Cypher Script (Feat) Level 1, Knowledge (Arcana) 1 rank, Linguistics 1 rank, spellbook class feature You are more efficient at using your spellbook.
Dilettante (Feat) Level 1 +1 scaling bonus in Knowledge skills with at least one rank.
Eagle Eyes (Feat) Level 1 See much more keenly at distance on visual Perception checks
Prone Shooter (Feat) BAB +1, Stealth 1 rank Gain +2 AC while Prone.
Skilled Driver (Feat) Level 1, Piloting 1 rank Gain a scaling bonus on Piloting checks
Aspect of the Beast (Feat) Druid 1 Gain one of several bestial manifestations, and grow into the rest as you level up.
Quick Draw (Feat) BAB +1 Draw weapon as a free action, sheathe weapon as a swift action
Sure Grasp (Feat) Level 1, Movement 1 rank When climbing, roll twice and take the highest result
Enforcer (Feat) Level 1, Intimidate 1 rank Demoralize (Intimidate) an opponent to inflict Cringing rather than Shaken.
Worldly (Feat) Barbarian 1, Urban Mien Use one additional skill while raging, and gain a scaling +1 feat bonus to that skill.
Skill Expert (Feat) Level 1 +2 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.

Intrepid Tier (6-10)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Babble-Peddler (Feat) Level 6, Barter 6 ranks, Bluff 6 ranks Trick creatures into exchanging valuables for junk, or for Steal and Dirty Trick attempts.
Advanced Ranger Trap (Feat) Ranger 6, Trapper class feature Add +2 to the Disable Device and Perception check DCs for your ranger traps.
Arcane Vendetta (Feat) Level 6, <Divinity 6 ranks, -OR- Naturalism 6 ranks, -OR- Spellcraft 6 ranks> +1 bonus base weapon damage vs. spellcasters
Underfoot (Feat) Level 6, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat), Small size or smaller +1 feat bonus to Acrobatics to move past larger foes, and +2 dodge bonus to AC while doing so
Combat Medic (Feat) Level 6, Heal 5 ranks May take 10 and not provoke attacks of opportunity when using Heal Skill
Cypher Magic (Feat) <Level 11 OR Caster Level 6>, Creator (Feat) Gain bonuses to caster level when using scrolls.
Field Repair (Feat) Level 6, Profession 6 ranks You can repair broken items
Spider Step (Feat) Monk 6, Acrobatics 6 ranks, Movement 6 ranks Walk on walls or ceilings for half your slow fall distance
Jawbreaker (Feat) BAB 6+, Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat), Rattling Fist (Feat), Heal 6 ranks With successful Rattling Fist, you may cripple opponent's mouth
Eclectic (Feat) Level 6, at least two character classes Gain the favored class feature of a second character class you possess
Urban Forager (Feat) Level 6, Knowledge (Local) 4 ranks, Survival 4 ranks. You may use the Survival skill to forage and track in urban locations

Heroic Tier (11-15)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Altitude Affinity (Feat) Level 11, Endurance (Feat) Become unaffected by problems with high altitude and gain a scaling bonus to Survival and Movement at high altitudes.
Cypher Magic (Feat) <Level 11 OR Caster Level 6>, Creator (Feat) Gain bonuses to caster level when using scrolls.
Exploit Lore (Feat) Level 11 Gain a +1 bonus to attack and damage when you fully identify a creature
Monkey Lunge (Feat) Level 11, Lunge (Feat), Acrobatics 11 ranks Use Lunge without suffering a penalty to AC.
Tenacious Survivor (Feat) Level 11, Diehard (Feat), Endurance (Feat) When you are killed by hit point damage, you can be brought back to life by normal healing magic.
Skill Specialist (Feat) Level 11, Skill Expert (Feat), and at least 11 ranks in the chosen skill An additional +2 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.
Pin Down (Feat) Level 11, Combat Reflexes, <Fighter's Challenge class feature, -OR- Goading Ki (Feat), -OR- Censuring Smite (Feat), -OR- Heedful Jeer (Feat)> Halt an opponent's movement if they attempt to take 5-foot step or withdraw action within your reach.

Undaunted Tier (16-20)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Starlight Summons (Feat) Level 16 Summoned creatures ignore miss change, gain a bonus on Perception and Stealth checks, and do stellar (energy, rare) damage.
Fearsome Barricade (Feat) Level 16, Intimidate 15 ranks Intimidate those who attack your allies.
Planar Wild Shape (Feat) Level 16, Wild Shape class feature, Knowledge (Planes) 5 ranks May add the celestial or fiendish pattern to your animal form

Valorous Tier (21-25)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Creator, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Creator (Feat), Profession 21 ranks, any Bailiwick skill 21 ranks You are able to create epic magic items using your Bailiwick skill.
Augmented Alchemy (Feat) Level 21, Profession (Alchemist) 21 ranks Create more potent alchemical items
Skill Prodigy (Feat) Level 21, Skill Expert (Feat), Skill Specialist (Feat), and at least 21 ranks in the chosen skill An additional +1 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.

Mythic Tier (26-30)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Bloody Assault (Feat) Level 26, Deadly Aim (Feat), or, Power Attack (Feat), or, Piranha Strike (Feat) Trade melee attack bonus for rupture damage
Deafening Song (Feat) Level 26, Perform 21 ranks, Bardic Performance Song of Mayhem class feature Deafen foes (without save) you choose to affect with Song of Mayhem.
Legendary Commander (Feat) Level 26, Leadership Ability 30, Leadership (Feat), Leadership, Epic (Feat), Diplomacy 26 ranks Multiply number of followers and allow Epic Cohorts.
Reactive Countersong (Feat) Bard 26, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Perform 26 ranks You can begin a Song of Bracing (Performance) at any time.

Legendary Tier (31-35)

Skill Feats Prerequisites Description
Skill Virtuoso (Feat) Level 31, Skill Specialist (Feat), Skill Prodigy (Feat), Skill Expert (Feat), at least 21 ranks in all chosen skills Apply the bonuses of Skill Specialist (Feat), Skill Prodigy (Feat), and Skill Expert (Feat) to two new skills.