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Welcome to Celegia

Below you will find all the information provided, and ongoing, by Todd in regards to his world of Celegia. The information is broken into the following sections:

NOTE: Only the text above is new. All other comments are original from original documents. Feel free to clean up the various sections to add comments that make sense or otherwise adjust it to make it more clear.

Living in Current Day Celegia

Life and Youth in Celegia

Oddly enough, as far as I can tell they removed Potions of Youth and Phylacteries of Life from AD&D 3.5: I certainly can't find them in the SRD. This strikes me as a fairly large oversight. Rather than complain about it, I fixed it. :)

Celegian Overview

Living in Celegia

Three Key Elements of Celegia

Imperial Edicts

Celegian Currency

Language in the Empire

Celegian Music and Instruments

Celegian Construction and Architecture

Merchants and Transactions


Historical Reference Material

A Celegian Timeline

Emperors Names

The Celegian Creation Myth

The Ancient Northern Provinces

Creating and Equipping a Celegian Character

Character Creation

Celegian Subraces

I also rewrote and updated the four most exotic Human subraces. There are no unhumans left alive in the Empire after the Desolation, but that doesn't mean there aren't interesting and fun human subraces. See what people think of this:

Standard Classes in Celegia

Here's a quick little blurb I wrote up of how the standard classes fit into the game world:

Celegian Prestige Classes

I'm working up Prestige Classes, now that I have a little dungeon time under my belt to knock the rust off. :)

Psionic Classes in Celegia

Here's the overview of Psionic classes in Celegia:

Epic Prestige Classes

Equipment and Magic

Celegian Exotic Weapons

First off, I've looked over the weapons in the SRD and a few supplements, and with a few shining exceptions (Long Axe!) they are pretty "meh." This is no big deal since they got rid of proficiencies per weapon (thank goodness!) but looking over the feats I came to realize that Exotic Weapon Proficiency is a whole feat just to use one stinking weapon!

Looking over the exotic weapons in the SRD I realized this list was utter crap. Most of it was just slobbering puff pieces aimed at making Monk's even more "keen" or those silly double weapons (that are admittedly cool) but have little to no thought or creativity to them. By far the best Exotic Weapons are the Spiked Chain, Bastard Sword, and Dwarven War Axe, and frankly, the Bastard Sword and Dwarven War Axe are still nothing to write home about.

If I have to burn an entire feat to use a weapon, and I'm not a precious little monk, I want something GOOD, something worth using up a whole feat for.

Well, rather than just complain, I did something about it. :D

See what folks think.

Celegian Exotic Ranged Weapons

I have not neglected the Ranged Weapon lovers out there either! See this for all the ranged goodness:

Celegian Magic Items

Here is a partial list of magic items that are common in the Empire. Not many of these are strictly combat oriented, but many of them are darn handy! :)

Adding Feats To Items

This is a first draft of rules for creating items that give the wearer/wielder the benefits of a feat.

Custom DnD Magic Items

Here is a section of pre-generated items that players have had crafted.

Celegian Armors

Well, lots of weapons, but what about living through all this nastiness? :) Finally, I wrote up Silkenmail! :)

Celegian Metals and Materials

There are many types of extraordinary materials in Celegia. If you're in the market for a suit of Armor or a fine weapon, look here for the first place to check, as the various materials have many interesting and useful properties. Here's where I write them up:

Magic and Religion within Celegia

The Celegian Pantheon

Magical Theory and Background

The Fundaments

The Physical World and the Glory of the Heavens

Celegian Grimoire

Warriors of Celegia


Military Ranks

The Art of Battles

Creatures, Maps and Exploration

Celegian Bestiary

The Imperial Provinces below the Ferrospinae Mountains

Campaign Specific Information

Campaign Notes

Official Fanfic

Other Stuff