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Jet is a form of swimming that can only move in straight lines. Movement performed with a jet move speed does not provoke attacks of opportunity, and is often a very high speed of movement. Creatures with jet cannot use their Movement skill to perform Acrobatics maneuvers in the water the way that creatures with lesser or greater swim can, unless they also have lesser or greater swim speeds.

  • Prone: Creatures with a jet speed cannot be made Prone, but any time they are subject to the Prone condition, they are instead Slowed for one move action, after which it automatically clears (even if they don't move).
  • Difficult Terrain: Creatures with a jet speed are not normally subject to ground-based difficult terrain, but they are subject to hazards like strong currents and vortexes which constitute difficult terrain in water.
  • Overland Travel: Outside of combat, creatures with jet can travel overland at the same pace as a walking creature with the same speed.