Boreal Bloodline

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Your ancestors are a freedom-loving, wind-blown lot. The high airs, the sweet caress of warm breezes, the razor-slice of a wintry blast, and the hot breath of the desert sandstorm, are all aspects imprinted in the claret that fills you. Free, unfettered, unpredictable, gentle, and wild, all these descriptions and many more apply to your birthright. The power is within you, waiting to be used.

Bloodline Skill

A sorcerer with this bloodline gains a bonus Natural Talent in the Movement skill. Natural talent skills can have any ability modifier added to them, in place of the ability modifier they normally use. In addition, natural talent skills never suffer from an Armor Check Penalty, even if the assigned ability modifier is STR or DEX.

Bonus Spells

Upon gaining a 3rd level in the sorcerer class, and at every odd-numbered sorcerer class level thereafter, the sorcerer's bloodline provides them a bonus spell known, in addition to the spells known granted by the sorcerer class. These bonus bloodline spells do not increase the number of spells the sorcerer may cast per day.

Bonus Feats

Upon gaining a 4th level in the sorcerer class, the character may choose one bonus feat from the list below. The sorcerer's bloodline grants them additional bonus feats for every 5 sorcerer class levels beyond 4th (i.e. 9th level, 14th level, 19th level, 24th level, 29th level, and 34th level). In all cases, the sorcerer must meet the prerequisites of the feat in order to select it.

Bloodline Arcana

Sorcerers with the Boreal bloodline automatically Disperse any Obscuring effect in any square they pass through. This does not disperse the entire effect, only the portion of the effect they actually pass through. As a result of this ability, sorcerers with the Boreal bloodline cannot be directly affected by Obscuring effects (i.e. they would not take any damage or suffer any status conditions when starting in or walking through a Cloudkill), though their line of sight or line of effect can be hampered if they are trying to target through an Obscured area they have not already dispersed.

Bloodline Powers

Sorcerer bloodlines grant powers to the sorcerer at 1st, 6th, 11th, 16th, 21st, 26th, and 31st sorcerer class levels. These powers are:

  • 1st: Bluster (Su): Once per round as a swift action, you can inflict (Circle 2 damage): 1d6 points of damage per character level (max 6d6 at character level 6) damage as a 10-foot cone (a 2x2x2 square area that must share an edge or corner with your space), inflicting bludgeoning (physical, common) damage to all creatures in the area. Creatures caught in this effect may make a saving throw (DC of 10 + your Charisma Mod + half your Sorcerer level) to reduce this damage by half. Note that you may mana burn this effect! Note further that Selective (Feat) does not work with this effect. Approach with caution!
  • 6th: Fickle Winds (Su): Once per encounter, when you use a move action to move, you do not provoke attacks of opportunity during that move. You must announce your use of this ability before you leave your original square.
  • 16th: Volant (Su): You gain Lesser Flight equal to your walk speed. If you already have lesser flight from a racial trait (such as the Sylph's "Flight" trait, or the Tengu's "Soaring" trait), you gain Greater Flight equal to your walk speed, instead. If you already have greater flight from a racial trait, you gain a Hover speed equal to your walk speed, in addition to the greater flight.
  • 21st: Breath of the Desert (Sp): Once per day as a standard action, you can breathe out a hot wind in a 30-foot cone (a 6x6x6 cubic area that must share an edge or corner with your space). All creatures caught in the affected area must make a Fort save (DC of 12 + your Charisma Mod + half your Sorcerer level). If they fail this save they are Exhausted. If they succeed on this save they are Fatigued.
  • 26th: Derecho (Su): Once per encounter as a standard action, you transform yourself into a sudden blast of chill air and use Greater Flight to move. During this movement you are considered incorporeal, but that state ends as soon as you stop moving. You must move further away or equidistant from your origin square with every square you move, and you cannot pass through the same square more than once. You may move a number of squares up to your Charisma modifier, minimum 1, and this movement does not provoke attacks of opportunity. You may make a single melee touch attack against each foe you move adjacent to during this movement. If you hit them, they suffer a number of squares of Push equal to one third your Dexterity modifier, dropping fractions, minimum 1. This forced movement may be resisted as normal, and creatures are allowed to fall Prone to stop the movement at any time.
  • 31st: Foehn Wind (Su): Once per day as a standard action, you can emit a gust of hot, dry wind that induces madness. This has all the effects of a Gust of Wind spell, but in addition, all creatures caught within also suffer the effects of a Confusion spell, and it effects a 5-square wide area that stretches 5 squares away from you, plus one square per Sorcerer level you possess. The five-square wide base of the effect must share at least one edge with your space (it cannot share a corner, and cannot be directed diagonally). A Will saving throw is allowed (DC of 12 + your Charisma Mod + half your Sorcerer level). Making this save counts as making the save against both Gust of Wind and Confusion. This effect may be mana burned.