Valorous Tier (21-25) Feats

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Feat Name Prerequisites Description
Abyssal Rage (Feat) Barbarian 21, Primal Mien class feature Gain immunity to bleeds, criticals, and precision damage while raging.
Agile Rage (Feat) Barbarian 21 While raging, gain a +2 dodge bonus to AC.
Ambient Cleanse (Feat) Paladin 21, Swift Cleanse (Feat) Your Paladin Cleanse ability can affect multiple allies at range.
Arcane Savant (Feat) Arcane Caster Level 21 Your caster level continues to improve even if you multi-class to a non-caster class.
Arterial Spray (Feat) Fighter 21, Bloody Mess epic tactic Your bleeding foes take bleed damage each time they attack
Augmented Alchemy (Feat) Level 21, Profession (Alchemist) 21 ranks Create more potent alchemical items
Aura of Courage, Improved (Feat) Paladin 21, Cha 25, Aura of Courage class feature Clear all fear-based statuses on allies within your aura as a swift action.
Banner of the White Blossom (Feat) Warlord 21 Your battle standard provides allies temporary hit points.
Blinding Speed (Feat) Level 21 Grants a bonus attack during a full attack action, and increases all your movement speeds
Bomb, Mighty (Feat) Alchemist 21, Bomb, Improved (Feat) Add +1 to each die of your bomb damage.
Creator, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Creator (Feat), any Bailiwick skill 21 ranks You are able to create epic magic items using your Bailiwick skill.
Critical, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Weapon Focus (Feat), Critical, Improved (Feat) Increase your threat range with your chosen weapons even further.
Damage Reduction (Feat) Level 21 Increases your Damage Reduction by 3/-.
Demolisher (Feat) <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31> Power Attack (Feat), Smash (Feat), heavy adamantine armor Your bull rushes deal massive damage to your foes
Demolishing Fist (Feat) Brawler 21 Your fists gain the Sunder weapon quality and you do double Siege Damage
Dimensional Dervish (Feat) Level 21, <Teleport move speed OR Ability to use Monk Inner Gate OR Prowler Uncanny Step OR Dimension Door (Sorcerer/Wizard Spell)>, AND Dimensional Agility (Feat), Dimensional Assault (Feat) During a full attack action, you may teleport between each attack
Discouraging Word (Feat) Warlord 21, Heedful Jeer (Feat) Inflict Startled and strip away a foe's fear immunities when you apply Heedful Jeer or Heedful Jibe
Dodge, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Dodge (Feat), Evasion class feature Once per encounter, automatically avoid all damage from an attack.
Dominating Press (Feat) Partisan 21 Deal bonus damage when you inflict forced movement on your enemies.
Endurance, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Endurance (Feat) Significantly increases your resistance to environmental damage.
Escape Route (Feat) Level 21 Provoke no attacks of opportunity when moving through squares threatened by your partner
Extraordinary Shot (Feat) Level 21, Weapon Focus (Feat): any ranged weapon Counter attacks with a readied action.
Flesh or Bones (Feat) Level 21, Channel Divinity class feature Affect living and undead with channeled energy at the same time.
Greater Multitarget (Feat) Caster Level 21, Multitarget (Feat), Improved Multitarget (Feat) Adds up to three additional targets to all spells that effect one creature or more, may allow a creature to be attacked twice.
Heighten Spell, Improved (Feat) Caster Level 21, Heighten Spell (Feat) Alter the way the save DC of a spell is calculated.
Impact Critical Shot (Feat) BAB +11, Weapon Focus (Feat) You can bull rush or trip on a ranged critical hit
Impeccable Pedigree (Feat) Level 21 You may select an additional major racial trait from your race's list of available traits.
Initiative, Superior (Feat) Level 21, Initiative, Improved (Feat) Gain a +4 training bonus on all initiative checks.
Iron Grip (Feat) BAB +16, Vice Grip (Feat) All penalties assessed on the Relative Weapon Sizes table are reduced by 4.
Ki Armor (Feat) Monk 21 Gain +1 to your AC during any round in which you spend ki points.
Leadership, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Leadership (Feat), Leadership score 25 You begin to attract more powerful followers.
Master Staff (Feat) Caster Level 21, Creator (Feat) Use spell slot instead of staff charge to cast spell from a staff.
Penetrate Damage Reduction (Feat) <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31>, Penetrating Strike (Feat) Automatically bypass damage reduction on one creature per day.
Penetrating Strike, Greater (Feat) <Fighter 11 -OR- level 21>, Penetrating Strike (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) Your attacks ignore a larger scaling amount of damage reduction
Perfect Strike (Feat) <Brawler Level 16 -OR- Monk Level 16 -OR- Level 21> Roll twice for certain attacks and take the better roll
Pinpoint Targeting (Feat) BAB +16, Precise Shot, Improved (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat), Precise Shot (Feat) As a standard action, make a single ranged touch attack against the target's AC, with +2 threat range.
Powerful Precision (Feat) BAB +21, Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat), Power Attack (Feat) Even your most powerful attacks are beautifully executed.
Purloined Talent, Epic (Feat) Prowler 21 Prowler may select an epic Rogue talent
Pushing Assault (Feat) <Fighter 11 -OR- level 21> Power Attack (Feat), proficient use of a Two-Handed weapon Push a foe back with a two-handed weapon
Quicken Spell, Automatic (Feat) Caster Level 21, Quicken Spell (Feat) Apply Quicken Spell metamagic feat for free to certain spells.
Silent Spell, Automatic (Feat) Caster Level 21, Silent Spell (Feat) Apply Silent Spell metamagic feat for free to certain spells.
Skill Prodigy (Feat) Level 21, Skill Expert (Feat), Skill Specialist (Feat), and at least 21 ranks in the chosen skill An additional +1 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill, and a new special ability based on that skill.
Snap Shot, Improved (Feat) Level 21, Weapon Focus (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Snap Shot (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) You threaten an additional 10 feet with Snap Shot, and gain a +2 bonus on opportunity attack crit confirmation rolls.
Sneak Attack, Improved (Feat) Rogue 21, Sneak Attack +11d6 Add +2d6 to your sneak attack damage.
Spear Dancer (Feat) Level 21, Weapon Focus (Feat): any two-handed reach or adaptive reach weapon from either the Polearms or Spears weapon groups Each time you hit a creature with a two-handed reach weapon that you have Weapon Focus (Feat) in, the creature is Dazzled for 1 round.
Speed, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Runner (Feat) Your speed increases by 30 feet.
Spell Focus, Epic (Feat) Caster Level 21, Spell Focus, Greater (Feat), Spell Focus (Feat) Gain a stacking +1 bonus to Save DC's, and once per round, force a creature who saved against a spell you cast to fail the save instead.
Spell Knowledge (Feat) Spontaneous Caster Level 21 Learn three new spells of any level.
Spell Opportunity (Feat) Caster Level 21, Combat Casting (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Quicken Spell (Feat) Cast any touch spell as an attack of opportunity.
Spell Penetration, Epic (Feat) Caster Level 21, Spell Penetration (Feat), Spell Penetration, Greater (Feat) +1 circumstance bonus to caster checks.
Spell Resistance, Greater (Feat) Level 21, Spell Resistance from any permanent source, Spell Resistance, Improved (Feat) Your Spell Resistance improves by +3.
Spell Shot (Feat) Level 26, Weapon Focus (Feat) with ranged weapon, Extraordinary Shot (Feat) Dispel spells with a readied action.
Steady Engagement (Feat) Level 21, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Stand Still (Feat) If you prevent an opponent from moving via Stand Still, may disarm or trip the target as an immediate action.
Still Spell, Automatic (Feat) Caster Level 21, Still Spell (Feat) Apply Still Spell metamagic feat for free to certain spells.
Summoning, Superior (Feat) Level 21, at least one Teamwork Feat Your summoned creature knows a teamwork feat that you know.
Summoning II, Incredible (Feat) Level 21, Summoning I, Incredible (Feat) Summon up to three monsters per casting.
Tamer of Nature (Feat) Ranger 21 You can critically hit your quarry, even if it is normally immune to crits.
Technicals, Epic (Feat) Brawler 21 You may select one Epic Fighter Tactic
The Cup Runs Over (Feat) Cleric 21 Healing you cast may become temporary hit points if it exceeds the target's maximum health.
Toughness, Epic (Feat) Level 21, Toughness (Feat) You gain +3 hit points per character level.
Truemagic Ordinate (Feat) Ability to cast Level 12 or higher Spells, Caster Level 21, Truemagic Scribe (Feat), Truemagic Supplicant (Feat) You learn six, 10th, 11th or 12th level, True Dweomers.
Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat) <Fighter 16 -OR- Level 21>, Weapon Focus (Feat) and Weapon Focus, Greater (Feat) in the chosen weapon Improves the to-hit bonus of Weapon Focus with your chosen weapons to +4 (instead of +2).
Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat) <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31>, Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Focus, Greater (Feat), Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat), Weapon Specialization (Feat), and Weapon Specialization, Greater (Feat) in the chosen weapon +2 base weapon damage with two chosen weapons.
Weapon Supremacy (Feat) <Fighter 21 -OR- level 31>, Weapon Focus (Feat), Weapon Focus, Greater (Feat), Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat), and, Weapon Specialization (Feat), Weapon Specialization, Greater (Feat), Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat), in the chosen weapon Gain +1 to hit and +2 to base weapon damage with two chosen weapons.