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{{FeatTableAid|Sap Adept}}
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{{FeatTableAid|Saving Shield}}

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Feat Name Level Increase Prerequisites Benefit
Sacred Enhancement Level 21, Channel Divinity class feature Your Channel Divinity gains +2d6 for positive energy but loses 1d6 for negative energy.
Sacred Summons Aura class feature, ability to cast summon spell Summon allies whose alignment matches yours as part of a move action.
Sap Adept Sneak attack +1d6 Gain a bonus to your sneak attack damage against Secured, Subdued, or Sapped opponents.
Saving Shield Shield Proficiency (Feat) Grant +2 shield bonus to an adjacent ally
Scholar None Gain a scaling bonus to two Knowledge skills
School Strike Wizard school class feature, Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) May deliver magic school effect as swift action after melee attack
Scirocco Level 29, Int 13, Dex 29, Whirlwind Attack, Improved (Feat), Whirlwind Attack (Feat), Combat Expertise (Feat), Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat), Spring Attack (Feat) Whirlwind Attack now includes movement.
Scorpion Style Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Reduce target's speed to 10ft.
Sea Legs Profession (Crewman) 5 ranks. Gain a scaling +1 feat bonus on Acrobatics, Might, and Movement checks
Second Chance BAB +6, Int 13, Combat Expertise (Feat) Reroll a miss during a full attack action
Second Chance, Improved BAB +11, Int 13, Combat Expertise (Feat), Second Chance (Feat) During a full attack action, you may reroll up to two misses
Secret Language Linguistics 5 ranks Communicate with your partner using a secret, gesture-based language
Secret Signs Int 13 You gain a scaling feat bonus to send secret messages with Bluff, and you can hide somatic components of spellcasting
Seize the Moment Level 10 When your partner confirms a critical, you gain an attack of opportunity
Selective Bomb Alchemist 1 Exclude one or more creatures from a bomb's radius, at the expense of weakening the bomb's effects.
Selective Channeling Cha 13, Channel Divinity class feature. Exclude one or more creatures from the effects of your channel, at the expense of damage or healing dealt.
Selective Spell - Exclude targets from an area-of-effect spell
Selective Symphony Bard 24, Perform 24 ranks, Symphony class feature You may exclude one or more creatures from your Symphony, at the expense of weakening the effects.
Self-Concealment Acrobatics 27 ranks, Stealth 27 ranks, Dex 30, Improved Evasion class feature Attacks against you gain a 10% miss chance. This feat can stack with itself up to five times.
Self-Sufficient None +1 scaling feat bonus on Heal and Survival checks
Serpent Lash Weapon Finesse (Feat), proficient with any whip with the trip and disarm qualities You can trip, disarm, or reposition a foe in your reach, and then another foe adjacent to that foe as long as they are also in your reach.
Shadow Dodge Dex 13, Dodge (Feat) Gain a +1 dodge bonus to armor class in Dim light
Shadow Gambit Spell Focus (Feat): Illusion, Caster Level 5 Cause an ongoing figment you control to deal damage as if it were real.
Shadow Strike BAB +1 Deal precision damage against targets with concealment
Shake It Off None Gain +1 to all saving throws per adjacent ally
Shapeshifter Foil Knowledge (Arcana) 5 ranks or Knowledge (Nature) 5 ranks, ability to use any polymorph effect. Knowledge of shapeshifting allows you to recognize shapeshifters upon attack, gaining +1 to-hit, DC's, and damage per die.
Share Spells Bonded Mind (Feat) Grant your partner the ability to cast some of your spells.
Shared Stash Sleight of Hand 5 ranks You can draw items from your adjacent partner's equipment as though it were your own equipment
Shatter Defenses BAB +6, Weapon Focus (Feat), Dazzling Display (Feat), Intimidating Prowess (Feat), Demoralize, Improved (Feat) Shaken, Frightened, or Panicked foes become flat-footed against you after you hit them.
Shatter Resolve Channel Divinity class feature Whenever a creature is damaged by your channel negative energy, and fails its Will save, it also becomes Shaken
Shattering Strike Monk 21, Weapon Focus (Feat): Unarmed Strike, Ki Pool (Adamantine) class feature, Sunder, Improved (Feat) Your fists gain the Sunder weapon quality, and you add a +3 feat bonus to Maneuver Offense and Maneuver Defense for Sunders.
Shatterspell Fighter 10, Disruptive (Feat), Spellbreaker (Feat) Sunder an ongoing spell effect as if you had the Spellbreaker rage power
Shield Bash, Improved None +2 bonus on shield bash attempts, no attack of opportunity
Shield Focus BAB +1, Shield Proficiency (Feat) Gain a +1 bonus to your AC when using a shield
Shield Focus, Greater Fighter 8, Shield Focus (Feat) Gain a +1 bonus to your AC when using a shield
Shield Master BAB +6, Shield Bash, Improved (Feat), Shield Proficiency (Feat) Enemies you shield bash provoke attacks of opportunity
Shield of Swings BAB +1, Str 13, Power Attack (Feat) Reduce damage with a two handed weapon to gain a +1 shield bonus to AC that scales with each +4 BAB
Shield Proficiency None No penalties on attack rolls when using a buckler, light, or heavy shield.
Shield Slam BAB +6, Shield Bash, Improved (Feat), Shield Proficiency (Feat) Once per round, push your target back after a successful shield bash.
Shield Specialization Fighter 4, Shield Focus (Feat) +4 to AC vs. critical confirmations, +1 to Maneuver Defense.
Shield Specialization, Greater Fighter 12, Shield Focus, Greater (Feat), Shield Focus (Feat), Shield Specialization (Feat) with selected shield +2 bonus to AC against criticals, and negate critical hit once per encounter
Shield Use: Tower Shield Proficient with light or heavy shields You are able to use a Tower Shield proficiently
Shield Use: War Shield Proficient with light or heavy shields You are able to use a War Shield proficiently
Shield Wall Shield Proficiency (Feat) Gain an AC bonus from an adjacent ally's shield, gain cover from an ally's Tower shield.
Shielded Approach Fighter 4, Shield Focus (Feat) Use your shield to gain improved cover (50% miss chance) against one target you are moving towards
Shielded Approach, Greater Fighter 8, Shield Focus, Greater (Feat), Shielded Approach (Feat) Your shield provides improved cover against all foes you are moving towards
Shinbreaker Proficient with Aklys (Weapon) Make trip attacks out to 100'
Shot on the Run BAB +4, Dex 13, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat), Point-Blank Shot (Feat) Make ranged attack at any point during movement
Shrewd Tactician Alertness (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat) Opponent's flanking bonus is reduced by 2, gain a +1 scaling feat bonus to Sense Motive checks to resist Bluff checks to Feint.
Shrugging Shoulder Level 21, Str 25, Bull Rush, Improved (Feat) A successful Bull Rushes Prone foes.
Sidestep Dex 13, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat) Make 5-foot step immediately after an opponent misses.
Sidestep, Improved Dex 15, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat), Sidestep (Feat) Sidestep a second time per round as long as you are missed by attacks
Siege Commander Profession (Siege Engineer) 7 ranks -or- Knowledge (Engineering) 7 ranks, Siege Engineer (Feat) Grant yourself and all allied weapon crews you can see increased range, and no Siege Weapon you can see suffers Mishaps.
Siege Engineer Knowledge (Engineering) 5 ranks -or- Profession (Siege Engineer) 5 ranks You are considered proficient with all siege weapons and with Rapid Reload (Feat) may reload a Hand Onager as a free action.
Siege Gunner Siege Engineer (Feat), Profession (Siege Engineer) 5 ranks Gain a +1 scaling bonus to Sunder checks with Siege Weapons
Silent Spell +1 Caster Level 3 Cast spell with verbal components without making any sound
Silent Spell, Automatic Caster Level 21, Silent Spell (Feat) Apply Silent Spell metamagic feat for free to certain spells.
Simple Weapon Proficiency None No penalty on attacks made with simple weapons.
Sin Seer Paladin 11, Detect Ethos class feature Gain the ability to detect undead.
Sinewy Grip Level 21, Strength 25, Iron Grip (Feat), Vice Grip (Feat) You do not take a handiness penalty when wielding an over-sized weapon.
Skeleton Summoner Character level 3 Summon skeletons instead of living creatures with summon spells.
Skill Expert None +2 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.
Skill Prodigy 21 ranks, Skill Expert (Feat), and Skill Specialist (Feat) in the chosen skill An additional +1 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.
Skill Specialist 11 ranks and Skill Expert (Feat) in the chosen skill An additional +2 feat bonus and improved crit range for one skill.
Skilled Driver Piloting 1 rank Gain a scaling bonus on Piloting checks
Sleeper Hold BAB +8, Grapple, Greater (Feat) You may make Grapple checks to knock a foe unconscious, with a Fort save of 10 +1/2CR +Str mod
Sliding Axe Throw BAB +1, Dex 13 Slide throwing axes to attempt to trip your opponent when you attack their flatfooted AC. Once per encounter, you may use this as an interrupt.
Sling Flail BAB +1, Weapon Focus (Feat): Sling Make melee attacks with a sling, using stats as a Light Hammer, and Flail feats apply to these attacks.
Sly Draw Quick Draw (Feat) As a free action, make a Sleight of Hand check to feint when drawing a light weapon with Quick Draw (Feat).
Small But Deadly Weapon Focus (Feat), Small size or smaller. You can add Str Mod x1.5 damage with a one-handed weapon in your main hand, or Str Mod x2 with a two-handed weapon.
Smash BAB +1, Str 13, Power Attack (Feat), Heavy Armor Add armor and shield bonuses to the distance your bull rushes push a foe.
Snap Shot BAB +6, Dex 13, Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) Threaten squares within 5 feet of you when wielding a ranged weapon, make attacks of opportunity, and do not provoke.
Snap Shot, Greater BAB +12, Dex 17, Snap Shot, Improved (Feat), Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Snap Shot (Feat) Gain a scaling +2 bonus on damage and critical confirmation rolls for attacks of opportunity made using ranged weapons
Snap Shot, Improved BAB +9, Dex 15, Point-Blank Shot (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Snap Shot (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) You threaten an additional 10 feet with Snap Shot, and gain a +2 bonus on opportunity attack crit confirmation rolls.
Snatch Arrows Dex 15, Deflect Arrows (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Catch and return one ranged attack per round
Sneak Attack of Opportunity Rogue 27, Sneak Attack +13d6, Opportunist talent Attacks of opportunity are automatically sneak attacks.
Sneak Attack, Improved Rogue 21, Sneak Attack +11d6 Add +2d6 to your sneak attack damage.
Sneaking Precision Rogue 13, Sneak attack +7d6 class feature, Critical Focus, any other critical feat On the second sneak attack in a round, you may apply a critical feat
Sneaky Vagabond None Get a +1 scaling feat bonus on Stealth, Diplomacy, and Knowledge (Local) checks.
Sorcerous Bloodstrike Cha 13, Sorcerer Bloodline class feature. Regain an expended use of a bloodline power when you reduce a creature to 0 or fewer hit points.
Sorcerous Strike Sorcerer Bloodline class feature, Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Apply a bloodline ability through unarmed strike, and add your Implement bonus to your unarmed attacks when doing so.
Sorcerous Strike, Improved BAB +6, Sorcerous Strike (Feat), Arcane Strike (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat), Sorcerer bloodline class feature Apply a bloodline ability as part of a melee touch attack, and add your Implement bonus to it.
Spear Dancer Weapon Focus (Feat): any two-handed reach or adaptive reach weapon from either the Polearms or Spears weapon groups Each time you hit a creature with a two-handed reach weapon that you have Weapon Focus (Feat) in, the creature is Dazzled for 1 round.
Spear of Wind Level 21, Dex 28, Weapon Focus, Epic (Feat) and Weapon Specialization, Epic (Feat) and Weapon Supremacy (Feat) and Piercing Thrust (Feat) with the chosen weapon Once per round, move five feet after striking a foe.
Special Delivery Bonded Mind (Feat) Deliver touch-ranged spells through your partner's hands
Spectral Strike Wis 21, Channel Divinity class ability Spend Channel Energy to gain Ghost Touch on your weapons.
Speed, Epic Level 21, Dex 21, Runner (Feat) Your speed increases by 30 feet.
Spell Capacity, Improved Caster Level 21 Increase your Spells per Day.
Spell Chain - When adjacent to your partner, roll twice to overcome a creature's SR, taking the better result
Spell Expertise, Major Ability to cast 9th-level spells, Spell Expertise, Minor (Feat) Cast 5th-level or lower spell as a supernatural ability 2/day
Spell Expertise, Minor Ability to cast 4th-level spells Cast 1st-level spell as a supernatural ability 2/day
Spell Focus - +1 bonus to save DCs for spells you cast from one school of magic
Spell Focus, Epic Caster Level 21, Spell Focus, Greater (Feat), Spell Focus (Feat) +1 to spell DCs in one school of magic.
Spell Focus, Greater Spell Focus (Feat) +1 bonus on save DCs for one school of magic
Spell Knowledge Spontaneous Caster Level 21 Learn three new spells of any level.
Spell Mastery Wizard 1 Prepare some spells without a spellbook
Spell Opportunity Caster Level 21, Combat Casting (Feat), Combat Reflexes (Feat), Quicken Spell (Feat) Cast any touch spell as an attack of opportunity. This provokes as normal unless you use other feats or abilities.
Spell Penetration None +1 insight bonus on caster checks
Spell Penetration, Epic Level 21, Spell Penetration, Greater (Feat) +1 insight bonus to caster checks.
Spell Penetration, Greater Spell Penetration (Feat) +1 insight bonus on caster checks
Spell Perfection Bailiwick skill 15 ranks, at least three Metamagic Feats Apply any metamagic feat to one spell without penalty, up to 9th level, and increase adders from other feats for that spell.
Spell Resistance, Greater Level 21, Spell Resistance from any permanent source, Spell Resistance, Improved (Feat) Your Spell Resistance improves by +3.
Spell Resistance, Improved Spell Resistance from any permanent source Your Spell Resistance increases by +1
Spell Shot Level 27, Dex 25, Weapon Focus (Feat) with ranged weapon, Extraordinary Shot (Feat) Counterspell spells with a readied action.
Spell Specialization Int 13, Spell Focus (Feat) Pick one spell, cast it as if you were higher level, and exceed the normal damage limits of the spell by a small amount.
Spell Specialization, Greater Int 15, Spell Focus (Feat), Spell Specialization (Feat), able to prepare 5th-level spells Sacrifice a spell to cast your specialized spell.
Spell Stowaway Bailiwick skill 21 ranks Gain the benefits of a chosen spell or spell-like ability when it is cast within 300 feet of you
Spellbreaker Fighter 10, Disruptive (Feat) Enemies provoke attacks if their spells fail
Spellcasting Harrier Level 21, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Disruptive (Feat) Spellcasters who cast defensively around you provoke attacks of opportunity.
Spellsong Spellsong (Feat) Spellsong (Feat) Spellsong (Feat)
Spider Step Monk 6, Acrobatics 6 ranks, Movement 6 ranks Walk on walls or ceilings for half your slow fall distance
Spiky Shield Dex 15, Weapon Focus (Feat): Spiked Chain Shield bonus to AC when wielding a spiked chain
Spiky Smash Intimidating Prowess (Feat), Demoralize, Improved (Feat), Power Attack (Feat) Make a free Intimidate check to demoralize when you Power Attack or attack with Rage bonuses.
Spinning Throw Bull Rush, Improved (Feat), Trip, Improved (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat), Ki Throw (Feat) Spend a swift action to bull rush opponent, move it, then knock it prone
Spirited Charge Ride 1 rank, Mounted Combat (Feat), Ride-By Attack (Feat) Double damage on a mounted charge, triple with a lance, criticals get +1 modifier.
Splash Weapon Mastery Point-Blank Shot (Feat) Gain a number of benefits when throwing a splash weapon.
Splintering Weapon BAB +1, proficient with Fragile weapon Break a weapon to deal 1d4 bleed damage, use a Broken weapon to inflict Bleed.
Spontaneous Domain Access Divine Caster 21, Divine Domain class feature, Wis 25 Spontaneously cast domain spells.
Spontaneous Metafocus Cha 13, one metamagic feat, able to spontaneously cast spells. Apply a specific metamagic feat to one spell and keep the standard casting time.
Spontaneous Metamagic Caster Level 21 Spontaneously cast a spell with one or more metamagic feats using only a standard action.
Spontaneous Spell Caster Level 21 Gain a spell you can cast spontaneously, in place of any prepared spell of sufficient level
Spring Attack BAB +4, Dex 13, Dodge (Feat), Mobility (Feat) Move before and after melee attack
Squash Flat Bull Rush, Improved (Feat), Merciless Rush (Feat) If your bull rush exceed target's Maneuver Defense by 5, attempt a trip, dropping the foe Prone instead of shoving them back more.
Stabbing Shot Point-Blank Shot (Feat) Use arrow as a melee attack to push enemies back
Stable Gallop Animal or magical beast Take fewer penalties when charging on a mount, or when attacking while mount runs
Stage Combatant BAB +1, Weapon Focus (Feat) Take no penalty to deal nonlethal damage
Stalwart BAB +4, Diehard (Feat), Endurance (Feat) Forgo dodge AC bonus for equivalent DR
Stalwart, Improved BAB +11, Diehard (Feat), Endurance (Feat), Stalwart (Feat) Double DR gained from Stalwart
Stance of the Xorn BAB +3, Wis 15 Flanking creatures do not gain a bonus to hit you.
Stand Still Combat Reflexes (Feat) Stop enemies from moving past you
Starlight Summons Character level 13 Summoned creatures ignore miss change, gain a bonus on Perception and Stealth checks, and do stellar (energy, rare) damage.
Steady Engagement Combat Reflexes (Feat), Stand Still (Feat) If you prevent an opponent from moving via Stand Still, may disarm or trip the target as an immediate action.
Steal, Greater BAB +6, Steal, Improved (Feat) +2 bonus on steal attempts, no attack of opportunity
Steal, Improved None +2 bonus on steal attempts, no attack of opportunity
Steal, Quick BAB +6, Improved Steal May steal in place of one of your melee attacks
Stealth Spell +3 Caster Level 21, Silent Spell (Feat), Still Spell (Feat) Magical effects of the spell are invisible.
Stealth Synergy Stealth 5 ranks While adjacent to your partner, roll twice for Stealth checks, taking the better result
Stealthy None +1 scaling feat bonus on Escape Artist and Stealth checks
Step Up BAB +1 Take a 5-foot step as an immediate action
Step Up and Strike BAB +6, Dex 13, Following Step (Feat), Step Up (Feat) Follow adjacent creature and attack as an immediate action
Stick Together Move as an immediate action when your partner moves.
Still Spell +1 Caster Level 3 Cast spell with somatic components without having to move.
Still Spell, Automatic Caster Level 23, Still Spell (Feat) Apply Still Spell metamagic feat for free to certain spells.
Stoic Iron Will (Feat) +1 scaling bonus on all saving throws against fear effects
Stone Read Knowledge (Dungeoneering) 4 ranks Gain a scaling +1 feat bonus on Perception checks while underground or in mountainous environment.
Storm of Throws Level 21, Dex 23, Quick Draw (Feat), Rapid Shot (Feat) Make one attack against each surrounding foe with thrown weapons.
Storm-Lashed Can only select at 1st level Only available at first level. Halves the penalties in strong weather. +1 scaling bonus on saves vs. electricity, +1 to-hit creatures with the Air keyword, resist one square of movement based on Air effects.
Strangler Dex 13, Sneak Attack +1d6, Grapple, Improved (Feat), Unarmed Strike, Improved (Feat) Deal sneak attack damage to grappled opponent, and use any precision damage (from Sneak Attack or any other source) with a Garrote
Strike Back BAB +11, Combat Reflexes (Feat), Mobility (Feat) Attack foes that strike you from outside your threatened area while using reach
Strong Comeback None Add a +2 bonus on all rerolls
Stunning Assault BAB +16, Str 13, Power Attack (Feat) Trade melee attack bonus to stun opponents
Summon Companion Character Level 15, Cha 23, Prolonged Summons (Feat) Once per day, summoned creature(s) remain much longer, unless killed.
Summon Good Monster Character Level 11, Good alignment You can summon creatures that have the Empyreal Creature pattern.
Summoning I, Incredible Character Level 11 Summon up to two monsters per casting.
Summoning II, Incredible Character Level 21, Summoning I, Incredible (Feat) Summon up to three monsters per casting.
Summoning III, Incredible Character Level 31, Cha 28,Summoning II, Incredible (Feat), Summoning I, Incredible (Feat) Summon up to four monsters per casting.
Summoning Perfection Character Level 3 Summoned creatures gain the Advanced Creature template.
Summoning, Chivalric Character Level 13 Summoned creatures gain the Coursing Creature pattern.
Summoning, Colossal Character Level 9 Summoned creatures gain the Giant Creature pattern.
Summoning, Superb Character Level 17, Cha 25, Summoning Perfection (Feat) Summoned creatures gain the Mighty Creature pattern.
Summoning, Superior Character Level 19 When summoning a creature, it may have an adjusted CR (challenge rating) higher than your own.
Sunder, Greater BAB +6, Sunder, Improved (Feat) Damage from sunder attempts transfers to your enemy
Sunder, Improved None +2 bonus on sunder attempts, no attack of opportunity
Sundering Strike BAB +9, Str 13, Sunder, Improved (Feat), Power Attack (Feat) Attempt a sunder attack on a successful critical hit
Sunlight Summons Character level 7 Summoned creatures glow, are immune to blinding and dazzling effects, and do radiant damage.
Sure Footed Quadruped animal or magical beast Animal or creature is more resistant to falling when traversing steep terrain
Sure Grasp Movement 1 rank When climbing, roll twice and take the highest result
Surprise Follow-Through BAB +1, Str 13, Cleave (Feat), Power Attack (Feat) Your cleave target is considered flat-footed.
Surprise Follow-Through, Improved BAB +8, Str 13, Cleave (Feat), Cleave, Great (Feat), Power Attack (Feat), Surprise Follow-Through (Feat) All of your Great Cleave targets are treated as flat-footed.
Surprise Lunge Rogue 9 Make an extra melee attack at full BAB during a full attack action
Survivor Con 13, Diehard (Feat), Endurance (Feat) You never fall unconscious from negative hit points unless you are dead, shrug aside the heaviest of blows.
Swap Places None Swap places with a willing adjacent ally who has this feat
Swarm of Arrows Level 21, Dex 23, Rapid Shot (Feat), Weapon Focus (Feat) with selected weapon Make one attack against each surrounding foe with projectile weapons.
Swift Cleanse Paladin 3 Using cleanse on yourself or an ally becomes an immediate action which can be used as an interrupt.
Swing About Escape Route (Feat) Move your adjacent partner to any other square you can reach as a swift action.
Sword Oath BAB +4, Weapon Focus (Feat): any Light Blade or Heavy Blade weapon You may select feats for your Light or Heavy Blade as if you were a fighter 4 levels lower.
Sylvan Summoning Character Level 15 When summoning a creature, they gain the Fey Creature pattern.